Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 066

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Ai drags Earth in out of nowhere to describe him to Playmaker.
Ai drags Earth in out of nowhere to describe him to Playmaker.
Japanese name
RōmajiChi no Igunisu "Āsu"
TranslatedEarth Ignis "Earth"
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"go forward"
Japanese ED"BOY"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Theme"
ScreenplayAtsushi Maekawa
DirectorLi Luo Yan
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 29, 2018
EnglishJanuary 19, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Pieces of the Puzzle"
Next"Choosing Sides"

"Contact", known as "Earth Ignis "Earth"" in the Japanese version, is the sixty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 29, 2018, and aired in Canada January 19, 2020.

Ai browses through the internet, and discovers some mysterious messages relating to the Ignises. In order to confirm whether they are true or not, Playmaker and Ai head into LINK VRAINS. They then run into the Earth Ignis.

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Earth[edit]

Playmaker VS Earth.png

The Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: Playmaker
Playmaker Normal Summons "Poisoning Blocker" (0/1400). Playmaker activates the effect of "Poisoning Blocker", changing it from Attack Position to Defense Position, then increasing its ATK and DEF by 800 ("Poisoning Blocker": 0/1400 → 800/2200). Playmaker Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Earth
Earth activates the Spell Card "Cost Down", discarding a card to reduce the Levels of all monsters in his hand by 2, even after they are Summoned. He discards "G Golem Rock Hammer". Earth Normal Summons the now Level 4 "G Golem Rock Hammer" (1800/2400). Earth activates the effect of "Rock Hammer", Tributing it to Special Summon three "G Golem Tokens" (0/0) in Defense Position. Earth uses the three "G Golem Tokens" to Link Summon "G Golem Invalid Dolmen" (2800/←↑→) to the Extra Monster Zone. "Invalid Dolmen" attacks "Poisoning Blocker". If "Invalid Dolmen" attacks a Defense Position monster, its effect allows it to inflict piercing battle damage to Playmaker. The attack continues and "Poisoning Blocker" is destroyed (Playmaker: 4000 → 3400 LP).

Turn 3: Playmaker
Playmaker draws and subsequently Normal Summons "Bitron" (200/2000). Playmaker uses "Bitron" to Link Summon "Zombie Prosaber" (1600/↑) to the zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Invalid Dolmen" points to. "Zombie Prosaber" attacks "Invalid Dolmen". During damage calculation, a Link Monster that was Link Summoned this turn battles a monster, Playmaker activates his face-down Trap Card "Link Rush", destroying the monster that is battling that Link Monster. "Invalid Dolmen" is destroyed. As a monster Earth controlled that "Zombie Prosaber" pointed to was destroyed by battle or card effect, Playmaker activates its effect, Special Summoning that monster, but as "Invalid Dolmen" was destroyed, Earth activates its effect, negating the effects of all face-up cards Playmaker controls. The effect of "Zombie Prosaber" does not resolve.

Turn 4: Earth
Earth draws and subsequently activates the Spell Card "Gravity Balance", Special Summoning two EARTH monsters from his GY of the same name in Defense Position with their effects negated and ATK and DEF reduced to 0. He Special Summons two copies of "Rock Hammer" (both "Rock Hammer": 1800/2400 → 0/0). Earth uses both copies of "Rock Hammer" to Link Summon "G Golem Crystal Heart" (0/←↓) to the Extra Monster Zone.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Erde-Ignis: „Earth“
Brazil Portuguese Ignis da Terra: "Earth"
Mexico Spanish Earth, el Ignis de tierra

Differences in adaptions[edit]

  • In the original version, Earth is named by Ai. In the dub, Earth names himself and names Aqua after musing on the term "awkward".
  • In the original version, Hayami doesn't tell Zaizen about Earth's forum post. In the dub, she claims that the only lead on the Ignis they found was from an Internet troll.
  • In the original version, Playmaker waits until after the Duel has begun to directly state that Earth is likely Spectre's partner, though he was clearly thinking it. In the dub, he states his thoughts straight away when he observes Earth manipulating the tree to form his Avatar.


  • The ciphered message sent by Ai is the English text of the card "Evilswarm Heliotrope".
  • In the dub, this episode shares the same title as Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 0033: "Contact". Consequently, initial TV listings accidentally listed the description for episode 3 for this episode.
  • In the dub, the forum posts are replaced with various images of Playmaker, including a shot of his head photoshopped onto a horse. This head shot was taken from fanart of Playmaker and used without the artist's permission.[1] This was corrected in subsequent airings of the series.


  1. This card can be seen in Earth's hand.