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"The Hunt Is On"
Lightning welcomes The Shepherd to his palace.
Lightning welcomes The Shepherd to his palace.
EnglishThe Hunt Is On
Japanese name
RōmajiKōsoku no Raitoningu
TranslatedSpeed of Light - Lightning
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"go forward"
Japanese ED"glory"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayJunki Takegami
DirectorRyuta Yamamoto
StoryboardShunsuke Machitani
Animation directorGill Bo No
Air dates
JapaneseNovember 28, 2018
EnglishMay 31, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 2)
Previous"From One Hunter To Another"
Next"Lightning Strikes"

"The Hunt Is On", known as "Speed of Light - Lightning" in the Japanese version, is the seventy-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on November 28, 2018, and aired in Canada on May 31, 2020.

Wary about Varis and The Shepherd teaming up, Lightning decides to challenge The Shepherd to a Duel. The Shepherd uses some new "Drone" tactics to overwhelm Lightning!


Lightning talks with the healing Windy.

In Lightning's castle, he and Jin, now with his collar masking his mouth, watch the Duel between Varis and The Shepherd. Before he can see the match however, the spheres containing the images of the two Duelists explode and Lightning muses that Varis doesn't slip up, having erased all traces of the Duel itself (in the dub, Lightning does not take note of this). He notes that Varis and The Shepherd are both excellent Duelists and hackers, and that it won't be good for the Ignis if Varis and Shepherd were to team up. He asks Jin if he agrees, but receives no reaction and thoughtfully remembers that Jin can't answer him. Having considered the risk, he decides to act while he can (in the dub, he notes that Jin is in no state for conversation, then wonders what state Windy is in). In another room, Windy floats in a fountain of green liquid, with black data encrusting his body and his face in a cast as he curses continuously. He remembers being dissolved by the Knights of Hanoi's virus and calling for Lightning, and he curses the humans for doing this to him. Lightning tells Windy that he looks horrible, and Windy rights himself in the pool, snarling "What?" Lightning tells him that there's no "what" about it; he just said what he saw (in the dub, Lightning praises Windy's spirit, and Windy agrees; as soon as he's back to 100% he'll reduce the human population to 0%). Windy snarls at him not to look at him like he's a bug that can't be fixed, and Lightning muses that Windy does understand; a program destroyed by that virus can't be completely fixed. Windy curses that he can't forgive those humans for doing this to him, and he asks how the fight against them is going. Lightning reveals that SOL Technologies' bounty hunter captured and destroyed Earth, but Windy isn't bothered by that and he giggles, claiming that Earth would never have joined them, so it saved them the trouble of ending him. Lightning adds that Aqua fled and joined Playmaker's side, and Windy snorts that she joined them like he expected, claiming that he could have crushed her if only he'd been restored (in the dub, Windy is already aware of their fate). Lightning and Jin turn to leave, Lightning telling Wind to go to the designated location, as Bohman's task is almost complete. Windy asks what Lightning is going to do, and Lightning replies that he still has something to do here. Windy asks what that is, and Lightning declares that he will turn this place into a grave as he and Jin leave the room (in the dub, he state that he has some permanent business to attend to).

In Café Nom, Kolter works tirelessly at his keyboard, asking where Jin is (in the dub, he is in contact with Ghost Gal). He monitors the situation in LINK VRAINS; Ghost Gal retrieves her data fireflies as Playmaker, Soulburner, and Blue Maiden approach on their Duel Boards. As they leap off and land on nearby rubble, Ghost Gal asks them if they've found nay leads on Lightning. Playmaker, Blue Maiden, and Soulburner all admit that they've found nothing, and neither has Ghost Gal. Soulburner suggests that the Ignis already fled, and Flame emerges from Soulburner's Duel Disk, telling him not to kid himself. Aqua emerges as well, agreeing that their foes are the type who will erase anything that worries them, and Ai agrees (in the dub, Aqua states that Lightning never gives up). Soulburner muses that it's the calm before the storm, and Blue Maiden notes that LINK VRAINS is large. Ghost Gal laments that they don't have enough people to search. A final firefly nuzzles up to her, and Ghost Gal plays with it nonchalantly, suggesting that she could enhance the programs of her fireflies, but it wouldn't be enough. Ai agrees that they need more allies, and Ghost Gal whispers "Allies..." before looking up at the sky and remembering when The Shepherd saved her from the hacker (in the dub, she suggests someone, but states that it's complicated).

Emma finds Kenneth kneeling at their father's grave.

At the cemetery, Kenneth walks up to his father's grave with flowers in his hand, thinking that he always hated his father for abandoning him and his mother (in the dub he thinks that while his father wasn't much of one to him, he was to Emma, but now that's he's gone, they'll never know if he could have been one for Kenneth). He lays the flowers down as Emma approaches him with her own armful, surprised that Kenneth came here and asking if he's forgiven their father. Kenneth gets to his feet, claiming that Emma is wrong and that he came here to break up with his past (in the dub, Kenneth abrasively tells her to forget she saw him here despite Emma's suggestions that they could have gotten along, noting that she isn't here by coincidence). Emma muses that she sees, and she tells Kenneth that something terrible is about to happen to LINK VRAINS as a butterfly lands on his flowers. Kenneth asks if she means the Ignis rebellion, and Emma is surprised that Kenneth knows about it, but decides that this won't take long and she asks him to help them. Kenneth replies that he's a lone wolf bounty hunter and doesn't team up with anyone, and besides, there's something new that he has to do. Emma repeats his words, and Kenneth walks away and tells Emma not to get involved this time, as this opponent is far too dangerous. Emma watches him go, whispering "Brother..." (in the dub she asks if Kenneth will survive.)

A portal appears before The Shepherd.

The Shepherd flies through LINK VRAINS, promising to track the Ignis down. He fires a green blast of energy from his artificial arm that expands into a massive mote of light, telling the Ignis that they can't hide. Lightning observes The Shepherd from his palace, noting that he's on the move (in the dub he's impressed that Shepherd is actually narrowing down his location). On Roken's speedboat that night, Spectre observes that someone is scanning for the Ignis with a high-quality program as the green spheres appear on his schematic of LINK VRAINS. He tells Roken that their surveillance program has identified the person responsible, and an image of The Shepherd appears on his screen, much to Spectre's surprise. Roken realizes that Spectre has decided to fight on his own rather than join them (in the dub he also comments that he's be impressed by Shepherd's courage if it weren't so foolish). The Shepherd continues his scans, and finally he finds a signal and wonders what it is. Lightning's voice then declares "Through me you pass into the sparkle of woe", and Shepherd stops in surprise. He looks around as Lightning reads "Through me you pass into anguishing brilliance. Through me among the light lost for aye." A portal of light appears in the side of a nearby building, and Lightning declares "All hope abandon ye who enter here." Shepherd asks if Lightning is challenging him, and he decides that's fine and flies towards the portal. (in the dub, Lightning does not quote Inferno. Instead, he congratulates Shepherd on finding him and wonders why he calls himself "The Shepherd" given how different he is from the definition of the word, since he destroys everyone he encounters rather than protecting them.) Kolter gets an alert on his monitors, and he contacts Playmaker, almost calling him by his real name as he informs him of the signal nearby and telling him to check it out. Playmaker agrees, and Ai immediately begins looking around.

The Shepherd confronts Lightning and Jin.

The Shepherd flies through the portal corridor and emerges in Lightning's palace, leaping off and dispelling his Duel Board and landing. He straightens up and he asks who Lightning is. Lightning sits on Jin's shoulder, reading from Dante Aligehieri's Inferno, asks The Shepherd what he sees beyond despair (in the dub, Shepherd declares that he found Lightning, and Lightning claims that he allowed Shepherd to find him). He closes Inferno and dispels the book, welcoming Shepherd to his palace and introducing himself as the Light Ignis. Shepherd asks Lightning if he is the one who declared war on humanity, and Lightning confirms that he did. Shepherd calls Lightning a fool, as A.I. are less perfect than humanity and thus can't conquer them (in the dub, Shepherd instead notes that there are billions of humans, and only six - now five - Ignis). Lightning asks if Shepherd is sure, claiming that he believes humans to be less perfect than A.I. They have limited life spans, and don't even try to avoid that. Humanity has already ended. Shepherd snaps at Lightning to be quiet, claiming that an A.I. can't lecture him (in the dub, Shepherd points out that he can still delete Lightning with a single keystroke). Lightning chuckles and he leaps onto Jin's wrist, commenting that it's pointless to talk to The Shepherd if he thinks that humans are superior, but tells Shepherd that he wants him to remember this; the idea of human supremacy won't accept that others can be superior to you, and that is the root of all evil. Shepherd snaps that he's had enough of Lightning's speeches and he challenges him to a Duel. Lightning agrees, but warns Shepherd that when he Duels him, he has t bet everything. Shepherd asks "Everything?" and Lightning confirms that he will be betting his existence on this Duel; the loser will have all of their data taken, including their consciousness data like with Jin. "And if I win?" The Shepherd asks as he tips his hat. Lightning replies that Shepherd will be able to treat him however he likes, and Shepherd warns him not to forget that he said that (in the dub, Shepherd sets the terms that he will erase Lightning). He declares that he's a bounty hunter, and he's always had to risk everything. Lightning praises Shepherd's moving response (in the dub he thanks him for the warning), and they both declare "Duel!"

Roken prepares to go to LINK VRAINS to watch the Duel.

Ghost Gal, Blue Maiden, and Soulburner join Playmaker, Soulburner asking him if he learned something. Playmaker explains that there's something up ahead, and according to Kolter's map it should be around here. Soulburner asks what that is, and Playmaker looks up from Kolter's map to see the portal. Kolter tells him that it leads to a different area (in the dub he comments that they won't be surprised to learn that a certain Ignis's fingerprints are all over the portal's code), and Playmaker agrees; he can sense it. He, Ai, and Flame state that Lightning is definitely up ahead. Blue Maiden declares that they've finally found him, and Ghost Gal notes that it doesn't seem to be a trap. Blue Maiden replies that they've finally found a lead and they can't let it slip by, and Aqua suggests that they go. Soulburner praises Blue Maiden's bravery, and Flame vows that Lightning will pay for destroying the Cyberse. Playmaker calls "Let's go!" and everyone agrees, flying into the portal as Roken and Spectre watch. Spectre notes that Playmaker's team have found the Ignis (in the dub he sarcastically comments that Playmaker and his pals are butting in again), and Roken picks up his Duel Disk as he agrees that it seems so. Spectre asks if he's going, and Roken claims that it's his responsibility to see this Duel. Spectre rises form his chair, telling Roken that he'll go with him. They both declare "It's time to link into the VRAINS!" and they log in.

Ghost Gal, Playmaker, Soulburner, and Blue Maiden confront The Shepherd.

As The Shepherd and Lightning face off, the portal opens in the palace and Playmaker, Ai, Blue Maiden, Aqua, Soulburner, Flame, and Ghost Gal all emerge. Soulburner asks where they are, and Blue Maiden asks if it's a palace. Ghost Gal spots The Shepherd and she flies past Playmaker and gasps The Shepherd's name before heading down to the ground. Ai yelps to Playmaker that the one over there is... They spot Lightning and Jin, and Kolter cries his little brother's name. Ai realizes what Shepherd battling Lightning means, and Playmaker confirms that Shepherd is also Dueling Kolter's brother. Ghost Gal and Playmaker land, and Ghost Gal asks The Shepherd what he's doing here. Soulburner and Blue Maiden land, the latter asking what's going on. The Shepherd declares that he has no business with them, and he asks them not to interfere, as this is his Duel (in the dub, Shepherd asks what they're doing here, pointing out that he told Ghost Gal not to get involved with him). Ai snaps that it's not like they have business with Shepherd either, and Soulburner asks Shepherd why he's Dueling. Lightning states that he invited Shepherd and intended to invite them as spectators too. Ai angrily asks why Lightning invited The Shepherd, and Lightning claims that he only has Bohman and Windy on his side in this fight, but their side has many people who want to kill him, so he's at a numerical disadvantage. He walks up Jin's arm to his shoulder as Ai admits that's true, and Lightning states that if they were to team up with The Shepherd it would make matters more difficult, so he decided to chop the unnecessary weeds before the real battle could begin. "Unnecessary?" Shepherd asks (in the dub, he's not happy at being called a weed), and Lightning confirms it; he'll defeat their enemies, starting with the weakest.

The Shepherd vows to end Lightning.

The Shepherd clenches his fist and he angrily vows to end the Light Ignis (in the dub, he states that it will be humiliating if the so-called weakest Duelist eliminates Lightning). He takes the first turn, Summoning "Drone XL" and immediately setting it in the Link Arrow to Link Summon the Link-1 "Battledrone Sergeant. He activates the effect of "Drone XL" from the Graveyard as it was used as Link Material, Special Summoning a "Drone Token". "Drone XL" ejects the "Drone Token" from its tail, which emerges from a Graveyard portal. Then since The Shepherd controls a "Drone" monster, he Special Summons "Scud Drone" from his hand. He sets "Sergeant" and "Scud Drone" in the Link Arrows, Link Summoning the Link-2 "Battledrone Warrant", then promptly chants "Come out again! The circuit that leads to victory!" He explains that the Summoning conditions are at least two "Drone" monsters, setting "Warrant" and the "Drone Token" to Link Summon the Link-3 "Battledrone General". Lightning chuckles, noting that The Shepherd has already Summoned his ace monster. The Shepherd then explains that the effect of "General" will Special Summon a "Drone" monster from his Graveyard to a zone that it points to, and he revives "Battledrone Warrant", then Sets a card and ends his turn. Soulburner comments that The Shepherd was able to bring out the Link-3 "General" in a single turn, and as Ghost Gal thinks "brother..." Playmaker wonders what kind of Duel Lightning will demonstrate.

"Armatos Colosseum" rises into the clouds.

Lightning declares his turn and draws. He activates the Field Spell Card "Armatos Colosseum", causing the palace around them to shake and crumble. Soulburner gasps "What?" and Playmaker recognizes their current location as the walls of the palace dissipate into yellow particles. A mighty colosseum encloses them, with a small city around it all held within a bowl of stone held on the backs of two massive statues, within the yellow clouds of the wind field where Playmaker Dueled Bohman. Lightning asks Shepherd what he thinks; does he like it? (In the dub, he suggests that if they fight, they should fight as gladiators.) Shepherd scoffs, and Lightning explains that when "Armatos Colosseum" is activated, he can add an "Armatos Legio" monster from his Deck to his hand. Up above them, Varis and Spectre log in atop a building, and Spectre muses on the interesting match-up between The Shepherd and the Light Ignis. Varis notes that he gave The Shepherd a hint, so he must be prepared and he wonders if it will work. Lightning Summons "Armatos Legio Sica" (in the dub, he claims that it is the one he added to his hand with the effect of "Colosseum"), then he chants "Appear! The circuit that guides the light!" ("I illuminate my circuit!" in the dub.) He sets "Sica" in the Link Arrow, Link Summoning the Link-1 "Armatos Legio Decurion". Then he activates the effect of "Armatos Colosseum", sending "Armatos Legio Gladius" from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Sica" from his Graveyard in Defense Position to the zone that "Decurion" points to. Next he sends another "Armatos Legio" monster (another copy of "Sica") from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Armatos Legio Speculata" from his hand, and again he chants "Appear! The circuit that guides the light!" He declares that the Summoning conditions are two "Armatos Legio" monsters and he sets "Sica" and "Speculata" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Armatos Legio Centurion". Lightning activates the effect of "Armatos Colosseum" again, sending "Armatos Legio Scutum" from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Sica" and "Speculata" to the zones that "Centurion" points to. Again, he chants "Appear! The circuit that guides the light!" and sets "Speculata" in the Link Arrow to Link Summon another Link-1 "Decurion".

Lightning tells The Shepherd to abandon hope.

Then Lightning activates the Link Spell Card "Judgment Arrows", and The Shepherd narrows his eyes as the card appears, Lightning explaining that it can only be activated in a Spell & Trap Zone that a Link Monster points to and that it will double the ATK of a Link Monster that it points to during damage calculation, though when it leaves the field all monsters it points to will be destroyed. The Shepherd muses that this is "Judgment Arrows"; the card that Varis warned him about (in the dub, he thinks that Lightning doesn't have a clue that Shepherd knows all about it). Once again, Lightning chants "Come forth! The circuit that guides the light!" and he sets both "Decurion" to Link Summon another Link-2 "Centurion". Spectre muses that the Light Ignis used "Judgment Arrows", and Varis notes that it was as expected and he wonders what The Shepherd will do. Lightning declares battle, and "Centurion" attacks "Warrant", telling Shepherd to abandon all hope as "Centurion" draw back its spear and begins to glow. Ai notes that Lightning has the 1000 ATK "Decurion" and the two 1700 ATK "Centurion", and Soulburner adds that their ATK are all doubled due to the effect of "Judgment Arrows". Playmaker adds that the attacks will deplete The Shepherd's LP if they all succeed (in the dub, Soulburner says this, but Playmaker doubts that The Shepherd will be defeated so easily), and Lightning comments that it's an abrupt ending.

Varis and Spectre watch as The Shepherd destroys "Judgment Arrows".

But The Shepherd declares that he's figured out Lightning's attack, and he activates the Continuous Trap Card "Snatch Drone", negating and destroying a card in Lightning's Spell & Trap Zone. He destroys "Judgment Arrows", and Lightning gasps "What?" in shock as flames engulf the Link Spell. Varis notes that The Shepherd was able to destroy the Link Spell, and Spectre adds that since "Judgment Arrows" has left the field, it destroys all the monsters that it pointed to. Lightning scowls, and Shepherd declares that now all of his monsters will be destroyed. Lightning admits that it wasn't a bad move, but it won't happen. The Shepherd asks "What?" as the flames die down and Lightning activates the effect of "Decurion" as an effect would destroy an "Armatos Legio" monster he controls, destroying "Decurion" instead. "Decurion" transforms into yellow particles that surround both "Centurions", and Lightning continues his attack, destroying "Warrant" with the "Fortis Lux" attack of "Centurion" and reducing The Shepherd to 3500 LP. Lightning ends his turn, and Soulburner notes that The Shepherd planned to use the effect of "Judgment Arrows" to destroy all of Lightning's monsters. Playmaker confirms that he did, as Shepherd didn't activate "Snatch Drone" when Lightning activated "Judgment Arrows", but waited until "Centurion" was summoned to the zone it pointed to (in the dub, Soulburner admits he thought Shepherd had Lightning on the ropes, and Playmaker notes that even then Lightning was still one step ahead of Shepherd). Ai admits that it wasn't bad, and Shepherd still has "General" on his field. Ghost Gal watches nervously as The Shepherd tips his hat to Lightning and he tells him that it's time to abandon all hope (in the dub, Shepherd declares that it's his turn, and now that it is he'll end Lightning once and for all).

Featured Duel: The Shepherd vs. Lightning[edit]

Blood Shepherd VS Lightning.png

The Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: The Shepherd
Shepherd Normal Summons "Drone XL" (400/???). Shepherd sets "XL" in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Battledrone Sergeant" (800/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "XL" that was Normal Summoned this turn was sent to the GY as Link Material, Shepherd activates its effect, Special Summoning a "Drone Token" (0/0). As Shepherd controls a "Drone" monster, he Special Summons "Scud Drone" (800/1100) from his hand by its own effect. Shepherd sets "Sergeant" and "Scud" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Battledrone Warrant" (1200/←↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. Shepherd sets a "Drone Token" and the Link-2 "Warrant" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Battledrone General" (2400/←↓→) to the Extra Monster Zone. Shepherd activates the effect of "General", targeting a "Drone" monster in his GY and Special Summoning it to his zone "General" points to. He targets and Special Summons "Warrant" (1200/←↓) to the zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "General" points to. Shepherd Sets a card.

Turn 2: Lightning
Lightning activates the Field Spell "Armatos Colosseum", adding an "Armatos Legio" card from his Deck to his hand. He adds an unknown card. Lightning Normal Summons "Armatos Legio Sica" (0/400). Lightning sets "Sica" in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Armatos Legio Decurion" (1000/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. Lightning activates the effect of "Colosseum", sending a Level 4 or lower "Armatos Legio" monster from his hand to the GY, then targeting an "Armatos Legio" Link Monster he controls to Special Summon as many "Armatos Legio" monsters as possible with different names from each other and the monster sent to the GY to activate this effect in Defense Position to his zones that Link Monster points to. He sends the Level 2 "Armatos Legio Gladius" and targets "Decurion" to Special Summon "Sica" (0/400) to the zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Decurion" points to. Lightning activates the effect of "Armatos Legio Speculata" in his hand, sending one other "Armatos Legio" card from his hand to the GY to Special Summon "Speculata". He sends "Sica", then Special Summons "Speculata" (0/1800). Lightning sets "Sica" and "Speculata" to Link Summon "Armatos Legio Centurion" (1700/←→) to the zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Decurion" points to. Lightning activates the effect of "Colosseum", sending a Level 4 or lower "Armatos Legio" monster from his hand to the GY, then targeting an "Armatos Legio" Link Monster he controls to Special Summon as many "Armatos Legio" monsters as possible with different names from each other and the monster sent to the GY to activate this effect in Defense Position to his zones that Link Monster points to. He sends the Level 3 "Armatos Legio Scutum" and targets "Centurion" to Special Summons "Speculata" (0/1800) and "Sica" (0/400) to the zones the middle-left and middle-right Link Arrows of "Centurion" points to respectively. Lightning sets "Speculata" in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Decurion" (1000/↓) to the zone the middle-left Link Arrow of "Centurion" points to.[Error 1]

Lightning activates the Link Spell "Judgment Arrows" (↖↑↗) at the Spell & Trap Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Decurion" points to. Lightning sets "Sica" and "Decurion" at the Extra Monster Zone in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Centurion" to the zone the top-left Link Arrow of "Judgment Arrows" points to. "Centurion" attacks "Warrant". Shepherd activates his face-down Continuous Trap "Snatch Drone", targeting a face-up card in Lightning's Spell & Trap Zone and negating its effects, then destroying it. He targets "Judgment Arrows", negating its effects and destroying it. As "Judgment Arrows" left the field while it pointed to monsters, its effect destroys all those monsters. After "Decurion" is Link Summoned, the first time it would be destroyed by a card effect that turn, its effect prevents it from being destroyed. As other "Armatos Legio" monsters Lightning controls would be destroyed by a card effect, the effect of "Decurion" allows Lightning to send it to the GY instead. "Decurion" is sent to the GY and the two copies of "Centurion" are not destroyed. The attack continues and "Warrant" is destroyed (Shepherd: 4000 → 3500 LP).

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Lichtgeschwindigkeit-Lightning
Brazil Portuguese Lightning na Velocidade da Luz
Mexico Spanish El veloz Lightning


  • When Lightning creates the portal to allow The Shepherd to meet him, he reads the last four lines of Dante Aligehieri's Inferno, specifically using the original Cary translation of the final line "All hope abandon ye who enter here", as opposed to the more commonly used "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here".
  • Mr. Bessho's gravestone is seen in this episode, though the characters written on it are not his name; rather they are the word "Beloved". These characters are cut from the dub.


  1. The summoning condition of "Decurion" is a Level 4 or lower "Armatos Legio" monster, but "Speculata" is a Level 5 monster.