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"For a Friend"
Bohman demonstrates his power.
Bohman demonstrates his power.
EnglishFor a Friend
Japanese name
RōmajiJisedai no Sōzōshu
TranslatedCreator of the Next Generation
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"go forward"
Japanese ED"glory"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayAtsushi Maekawa
DirectorLi Luo Yan
StoryboardTsukasa Sunaga
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseFebruary 20, 2019
EnglishOctober 25, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Fan the Flames"
Next"From the Heart"

"For a Friend", known as "Creator of the Next Generation" in the Japanese version, is the ninetieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on February 20, 2019 and aired in Canada on October 25, 2020.

Bohman, who aims to become a next-generation Ignis, appears before Blue Maiden, Skye Zaizen's avatar. The Ignis Aqua refuses to accept Bohman's ideals, while Blue Maiden wants to take back her friend Miyu Sugisaki's consciousness. Thus, they challenge him. Despite losing the A.I. Harlin, Bohman is disturbingly calm as he Duels, however Blue Maiden and Aqua fearlessly stand together against him.


Frog gasps in shock at Windy's fate, and Pigeon states that they're free since Windy lost, only for them to vanish (in the dub he realizes that Soulburner won and Pigeon wonders how big the bonus they get for this scoop will be). The orb showing Soulburner and Flame vanishes, and Ai observes that Lightning didn't save Windy this time. Playmaker comments "No second chances" (in the dub, Ai comments that things should be less turbulent with Windy defeated, though Playmaker notes the war is far from over) while in the field of flowers, Varis muses that he doesn't care which Ignis loses first, as they must all be destroyed (in the dub he also notes that the strongest enemy still remains). Blue Maiden notes that now only Lightning and Bohman are left, and she leaps off the roof. She lands in the square and she wonders why Harlin showed up in front of them. She notes to Aqua that Bohman and Lightning might be nearby, and Aqua agrees (in the dub, Aqua is the one to note who the only enemies left are and Blue Maiden agrees). They look around and Blue Maiden notes that Mirror LINK VRAINS is spooky when there's no-one around. Aqua notes that Bohman didn't recreate the humans as Blue Maiden walks deeper into the city (in the dub, Blue Maiden notes that since Mirror LINK VRAINS is based on LINK VRAINS, Lightning and Bohman could be in a hundred different places), while Lightning watches her progress from his palace.

LINK VRAINS glitches continually.

In LINK VRAINS, the system has begun to glitch and fill the area with static. A message from SOL Technologies apologizes for LINK VRAINS' continued instability and asks everyone to wait for a while because they're investigating the cause. The Brave Battler irritably asks how long a while is; ten minutes, an hour? He only waits that long for Blue Angel handshake events. As the message repeats, Zaizen asks Ghost Gal what's happening.

Back in Mirror LINK VRAINS, Blue Maiden flies up to a rooftop and surveys the city skyscape, spotting a gold and white building. Blue Maiden asks what that building is; it's where Central Station is supposed to be. Aqua suggests that something may be there and that they should investigate, and Blue Maiden flies towards the building. She enters to find a circular room with a polished floor, where they find Bohman sitting on a pedestal meditating, back in his robes. He tells them that he knew that they would come, and Blue Maiden whispers his name. Bohman claims that he was waiting for them to arrive, and Frog and Pigeon materialize above them, Frog cheering that they're free until Pigeon spots Bohman and Blue Maiden and he whispers that they aren't. Bohman gets up, and Frog notes that Bohman is up next, while Pigeon states that Blue Maiden is his opponent. Frog eagerly wonders what kind of incredible Duel they will get to see, and he orders Pigeon to make sure he films it. Pigeon enthusiastically agrees and starts up the broadcast, inflating the holographic globes above Playmaker and the orders. Ai declares that the broadcast has started again, while Playmaker, Soulburner and Varis watch silently. In Café Nom, Kolter seethes that he can never forgive Bohman (in the dub he encourages Blue Maiden to take Bohman down). In LINK VRAINS, Ghost Gal has just explained about the mirror world to Zaizen, stating that the Ignis rebelling against the humans recreated LINK VRAINS. Zaizen wonders why the Ignis would do that, and Ghost Gal states that Playmaker's team invaded the mirror world to find out alongside Varis. Zaizen is shocked that Playmaker teamed up with the Knights of Hanoi, and Ghost Gal claims it was happenstance. Before Ghost Gal can clarify what she means, she receives a signal on her Duel Disk and she notes that it's from Playmaker's ally; visuals of the mirror world. She projects them before herself and Zaizen; Bohman and Blue Maiden, and she identifies them both, telling Zaizen that Blue Maiden is his sister, much to his shock.

Bohman offers Blue Maiden the cure to Miyu's virus if she defeats him.

Bohman introduces himself to Blue Maiden and Aqua, explaining that he is the next-gen Ignis that Lightning created for the future of A.I. He asks Aqua to let him handle everything for the sake of the future of A.I. (in the dub, Bohman is instead focused on getting vengeance for Harlin) Aqua asks if this is what Lightning ordered Bohman to do, and refuses to entrust the future to Bohman (in the dub, Aqua is instead more empathic, telling Bohman that she lost everything as he did). Lightning imprisoned her and destroyed the Cyberse, so she can't trust him. Bohman seems confused by the notion of being under Lightning's orders and he replies that they are badly misunderstood; Lightning may have created Bohman, but he is not Lightning's puppet. He was created as his superior to unite all of the Ignis, including him, and that is who Bohman is. His will is completely independent from Lightning. (In the dub, Aqua urges Bohman that they need to stop fighting and defeat the real enemy, Lightning. Bohman agrees that this is one way to end the war, but he prefers to end humanity to ensure everlasting peace. He boasts that he is now the most perfect being on the planet and that he has evolved beyond who he used to be.) Aqua replies that no-one asked Lightning to create Bohman; he did so against the wishes of the other Ignis. Bohman asks if they would deny his existence, and Aqua sadly states that it can't be helped. Bohman asks what he should do in that case, and Aqua asks him not to work with Lightning, to stop harming people and be free of him. Bohman muses that he sees, and asks what will happen if he can't. (In the dub, Aqua protests that this isn't peace if it is acquired by force, and Bohman claims that peace is independent of how it is accomplished. Aqua states that history proves Bohman wrong, and Bohman suggests he prove history wrong.) Blue Maiden replies that it's simple, and she states that once there were people who wanted to conquer a peaceful world by force; humans call that an invasion. And those individuals attacked the humans, including her dear friend, who is still in a deep sleep. Bohman seems confused, and Blue Maiden tells him not to play dumb, remembering spending time with Miyu during their childhood. Blue Maiden tells him she means Miyu Sugisaki; Aqua's partner who's consciousness Lightning stole, so no matter the reason she can't forgive him. Zaizen is surprised by the mention of Miyu, thoughtfully recalling her. Ghost Gal states that Miyu was also a victim of the Lost Incident, but Zaizen just whispers "That child..." again. (In the dub, Blue Maiden makes no mention of her motivation, but likens herself to Bohman as she has evolved too, and has come a long way from the awkward loner she was in the past that took so long to make her first friend. Zaizen and Ghost Gal's reactions are cut down to them watching her.) Blue Maiden states that she came here to restore Miyu's consciousness, and Bohman praises her intentions as direct and simple, stating that it's wonderful. In other words, they'll have to fight. Blue Maiden states that it seems so, and Bohman offers to give Blue Maiden the vaccine data to restore Miyu's consciousness if she defeats him in a Duel, materializing the vaccine in his hand (this scene is cut from the dub, where Bohman and Blue Maiden simply agree that they should settle the affair with their cards, not their words). Blue Maiden comments in amusement that it seems like Bohman is saying that she can't defeat him. Bohman tells her to take it that way if she wants to and dispels the vaccine, and Blue Maiden warns him that's a promise as she steps forward, and both Duelists declare "Duel!"

Blue Maiden is surprised by Bohman's praise.

The Master Duel field appears, and Aqua notes that Bohman must know that they defeated his brother Harlin and will strike them with anger and hatred, warning Blue Maiden to be careful (in the dub, Aqua notes that if Bohman has evolved, then the strategies they used against Harlin likely won't work against Bohman). Blue Maiden notes that Bohman doesn't seem like he would have such kind feelings, and she declares her turn. Flame notes that it's started, and Soulburner observes that Blue Maiden is going first (their reactions are cut from the dub). Blue Maiden Summons "Marincess Sea Horse" and then chants "Shine! The circuit of friendship and bonds!" She declares that the Summoning condition is one Level 4 or lower "Marincess" monster, and sets "Sea Horse" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Marincess Blue Slug". As it was Summomned, Blue Maiden adds "Sea Horse" from her Graveyard to her hand, then with the effect of "Sea Horse", she can Special Summon it to a zone her "Marincess" Link Monster points to. Bohman notes that Blue Maiden immediately used the "Sea Horse" that she returned to her hand, and is logical with no wasted actions (in the dub, he criticizes her for using the same moves she did previously). Blue Maiden admits that it's strange to be praised by an A.I. (in the dub she claims her moves are slightly different, and points out that her opening moves aren't broken and don't need fixing), but she notes that she isn't finished yet and she chants "Shine! The circuit of friendship and bonds!" This time the Summoning conditions are two WATER monsters, so she sets "Blue Slug" and "Sea Horse" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Marincess Coral Anemone". Blue Maiden then activates the effect of "Coral Anemone", Special Summoning a WATER monster from her Graveyard to the zone it points to, and she resurrects "Blue Slug". Once again, Blue Maiden chants "Shine! The circuit of friendship and bonds!" and as she sets "Coral Anemone" and "Blue Slug", she explains that the Summoning conditions are at least two WATER monsters, Link Summoning the Link-3 "Marincess Marbled Rock". Sending "Coral Anemone" to the Graveyard activates her effect, adding another "Marincess" monster from Blue Maiden's Graveyard to her hand. She returns "Sea Horse", and Playmaker notes that Blue Maiden was able to Summon a Link-3 monster without reducing the number of cards in her hand. Ai admits that Blue Maiden's "Marincess" Deck is impressive, and Blue Maiden Sets a card, ending her turn.

Bohman mentally tells Harlin to watch, as he won't let his life go to waste, and he declares his turn and draws (in the dub, he's silent and Blue Maiden warns Bohman that she knows how he plays since Harlin used the same Deck as him). Blue Maiden notes that Bohman's coming, and Bohman Special Summons "Hydradrive Booster" from his hand since neither of them control a monster in the Main Monster Zones. He chants "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!" and declares that the Summoning condition is one "Hydradrive" monster, setting "Hydradrive Booster" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Coolant Hydradrive" He explains that "Coolant Hydradrive" can attack them directly if they control a WATER monster, and then Special Summons another "Hydradrive Booster" from his hand. He chants "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!!" and sets the new "Booster" to bring out another Link-1 "Coolant Hydradrive". Now that a Link Arrow points to his Spell & Trap Zone, Bohman activates a Link Spell Card, and Aqua declares that it's coming, and Blue Maiden whispers "Link Spell". Bohman chants "The three arrows that judge the world! The Link Spell, Judgment Arrows!" (In the dub, he notes that he used it to destroy the Cyberse.) He then Summons a third "Hydradrive Booster", and then chants "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!" and sets it to Link Summon a third Link-1 "Coolant Hydradrive". Blue Maiden notes that Bohman has three "Coolant Hydradrives", and Ai asks Playmaker if they can all attack directly. Playmaker adds that due to "Judgment Arrows", the two that aren't in the Extra Monster Zone have their ATK doubled when they attack. Ai realizes that Blue Maiden would take 5000 damage and be finished if the "Coolant Hydradrives" all attacked successfully. Aqua notes that a "Hydradrive" Deck can oppose any Attribute, so it's quite strong, and Blue Maiden observes that Bohman set up a counter strategy after seeing Harlin's Duel. She thinks that the effect of "Marbled Rock" will be able to withstand the attacks as she has three "Marincess" monsters in her hand ("Sea Horse", "Marincess Crown Tail" and "Marincess Mandarin") and she smiles and declares that she can strike back.

To everyone's shock, Bohman Link Summons "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" instead of attacking with his three "Coolant Hydradrives".

But Bohman chants "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!" and he declares that the Summoning conditions are three "Hydradrive" Link Monsters with the same Attribute (in the dub, he states that he knew about the effect of "Marbled Rock"). Blue Maiden asks why, what's going on? Playmaker, Soulburner, and Varis all watch silently as Ai asks why Bohman isn't attacking when he could deal 5000 damage and he admits that as usual, he doesn't understand Bohman (in the dub he curses "Glitch"). Bohman Link Summons the Link-3 "Cubed Hydradrive Lord", with 2300 ATK and Playmaker notes that Bohman was aiming for a new "Hydradrive" monster. Bohman claims that Blue Maiden only predicted one of his patterns for victory, and he chose a better one, that's all there is to it (in the dub he claims that she might have defeated the old Bohman, but not the new one). Blue Maiden notes that the effect of "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" must be more powerful than the effect of "Coolant", and Bohman smiles and he confirms that it is. He warns her that "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" has blocked Blue Maiden's path of retreat; when it's Summoned, he chooses two of WATER, WIND, or FIRE Attributes, and "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" will become those Attributes in addition to its EARTH Attribute. Bohman chooses WATER and FIRE, and red, blue and orange energy serpents twist out of the head of "Cubed Hydradrive Lord's" axe. Blue Maiden repeats the Attributes, musing on the notion of a monster with three Attributes, and Bohman explains that the effect of "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" will negate the effects of a monster with the same Attribute as it, and he declares "Property Zero". The blue energy serpent twists out of "Cubed Hydradrive Lord's' axe, ensnaring "Marbled Rock" and shrouding her in a ghostly aura as her effects are negated. Aqua gasps that the effects of "Marbled Rock" have been negated, and Bohman orders "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" to attack "Marincess Marbled Rock". As "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" charges forwards, Bohman adds that the effect of the Link Spell "Judgment Arrows" will double the ATK of "Cubed Hydradrive Lord", which rises to 4600 ATK and brings its axe down, splitting "Marbled Rock" into liquid and reducing Blue Maiden to 1900 LP. Zaizen gasps Skye's name, and Ai is relieved that Blue Maiden was able to survive. Playmaker warns him that Bohman gave up 5000 points of direct damage to Summon "Cubed Hydradrive Lord", there has to be more. Blue Maiden grits her teeth as Bohman declares that the effect of "Judgment Arrows" ends, and the ATK of "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" returns to normal. Then the effect of "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" activates as Bohman explains that when "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" destroys an opponent's monster by battle that had the same Attribute as it, it can attack again. Soulburner grimly notes that this is bad; Blue Maiden will lose if she takes that attack.

"Marincess Crystal Heart" repels "Cubed Hydradrive Lord".

But Blue Maiden refuses to allow that, and she activates the Trap Card "Marincess Snow", Link Summoning a "Marincess" monster from her Extra Deck with a lower Link Rating than her destroyed "Marincess" monster - and the monster she Link Summons is "Marincess Crystal Heart" (in the dub, she chants "So feel the pulse of my Marincess Crystal Heart!"). Playmaker gasps that it's "Crystal Heart", remembering Earth Summoning "G Golem Crystal Heart". Ai states that it's a new "Crystal Heart" that carries on Earth's memories, while Aqua asks Earth to lend them his strength. Blue Maiden explains that "Crystal Heart" is unaffected by Bohman's card effects as it was Special Summoned with the effect of "Marincess Snow", and Flame declares that "Property Zero" has been stopped. Soulburner celebrates, but notes that Blue Maiden isn't out of trouble yet. Bohman points out that his Battle Phase hasn't ended yet (in the dub he compares their ATK scores), and he orders "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" to attack "Marincess Crystal Heart". But as it attacks, its ATK does not change, much to Bohman's surprise. Blue Maiden explains that the effect of "Marincess Crystal Heart" allows her to send a "Marincess" card from her hand to the Graveyard to prevent the destruction of "Crystal Heart" by battle and reduce the battle damage to zero. "Crystal Heart" surrounds itself with a swirling ring of water that repels "Cubed Hydradrive Lord". Bohman notes that "Judgment Arrows" didn't raise the ATK of "Cubed Hydradrive Lord"; that must have also been due to the effect of "Crystal Heart", and Blue Maiden grins. (In the dub, Bohman instead admits that as he hadn't known about "Crystal Heart" he was unable to have a counterstrategy prepared for it, and Blue Maiden adds that's how she'll beat Bohman.)

In LINK VRAINS, Zaizen notes to Ghost Gal that he thought he got Skye involved in situations related to the Lost Incident because he works at SOL Technologies, and as he remembers talking with Skye he states that it's his responsibility to raise her until she's grown up, which was why he tried to keep her away from LINK VRAINS. But fate involved Skye in the Lost Incident far before that. (In the dub, Zaizen instead praises and encourages her, admitting he tried to keep Skye safe from a world he believed she wasn't ready for, but she was more ready than he was, and Zaizen only held her back, but now he will hold her up.)

LINK VRAINS itself begins to glitch due to Bohman's power.

Back in Mirror LINK VRAINS, Bohman praises Blue Maiden's fighting style as beautiful, but he vows that he will still win. Blue Maiden tells Bohman to stop joking; she can't afford to lose until she regains Miyu's consciousness (in the dub, this exchange is recut and placed previous to Zaizen's admissions). Soulburner reflects that it wasn't just them, and Playmaker notes that Blue Maiden is also fighting to regain something that she lost, while Varis notes that Blue Maiden is another person who's life has been altered by the Lost Incident (in the dub, they instead muse on Blue Maiden's chances, with Varis noting the match as a close one). Bohman observes that it seems that Blue Maiden still wants to fight, and vows to show her the absolute difference in their powers. Yellow light blazes around him, sending shockwaves through the room that buffet Blue Maiden backwards. Mirror LINK VRAINS begins to glitch around Soulburner and Flame and he asks what's going on. Playmaker gasps that it's affecting all of the mirror world, but Kolter notes that it's not just the mirror world; even the original LINK VRAINS is being affected. Zaizen and Ghost Gal look around in shock, and several users in the town ask what's going on as LINK VRAINS glitches violently around them. The Brave Battler asks what's happening repeatedly, and he sees Central Station glitching and he gasps that it's dangerous for real and should log out. But after several attempts, he realizes that he's unable to log out and he screams in fear, asking what's going on. At SOL Technologies, Zaizen's garbled voice asks Hayami if they can't access the program. Hayami confirms that they can't; someone must have taken over the systems of LINK VRAINS, and Zaizen gasps "No way..." (in the dub he snarks "Just great...")

Blue Maiden braces against Bohman's power.

Bohman declares that he is LINK VRAINS and LINK VRAINS is him. Blue Maiden struggles to stand up in the wind, and Bohman claims that they're just squirming in the palm of his hand as the light fades; he can easily squash them, but they'll still continue this Duel? Blue Maiden states that of course they will, and Bohman notes that this is their answer and agrees, Setting a card and ending his turn.

Blue Maiden declares that she will never give up.

Blue Maiden declares her turn and draws. She's drawn "Marincess Bubble Blast", and she thinks that it's here in satisfaction, then activates the Continuous Spell Card "Marincess Bubble Blast" by targeting "Crystal Heart" (in the dub, she calls it an Equip Spell Card). She explains that whenever a "Marincess" monster is Summoned to a zone that "Crystal Heart" points to, Bohman will take 500 damage times that monster's Link Rating, though she will be unable to attack during the same turn. Playmaker notes that Blue Maiden gave up attacking to use effect damage, and Ai points put that it's her go-to strategy (in the dub Ai cheekily asks if Playmaker thinks it will be effective. Blue Maiden reminds Bohman that she can Special Summon "Sea Horse" from her hand to a zone that a "Marincess" Link Monster points to and does so. Bohman in turn reminds her that the effect of "Sea Horse" will be negated, and orders "Property Zero". The blue energy serpent appears and ensnares "Sea Horse", surrounding her with the ghostly aura. Blue Maiden warns Bohman that how he'll take damage based on the total Link Rating of "Crystal Heart" due to the effect of "Bubble Blast". She states that Bohman will be taking 1000 damage, but Bohman refuses to allow that and he activates the Continuous Trap Card "Interference Canceller" by targeting "Cubic Hydradrive Lord", reducing the effect damage to zero. Blue Maiden flinches backwards, and Bohman explains that during the turn "Interference Canceller" is activated, he can use the effect a number of times equal to the Link Rating of the monster he targeted at activation. Aqua observes that "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" is Link-3, so Bohman will be able to negate effect damage two more times. But Blue Maiden claims that Aqua is wrong; not two "more", but "only" twice, and Blue Maiden isn't limited to dealing effect damage "only" twice; that's all there is to it. Bohman grins happily, and Blue Maiden's wings appear as she declares that she won't give up, no matter what.

Featured Duel: Blue Maiden vs Bohman[edit]

Blue Maiden VS Bohman.png

The Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: Blue Maiden
Blue Maiden Normal Summons "Marincess Sea Horse" (1400/1000). Blue Maiden sets her Level 4 or lower "Marincess" monster in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Marincess Blue Slug" (1500/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. As it was Link Summoned, its effect activates, letting Blue Maiden add a "Marincess" card in her GY to her hand. She adds "Sea Horse". She then activates the effect of "Sea Horse", Special Summoning it to a zone her "Marincess" Link Monster points to. She Special Summons to the zone pointed to by "Blue Slug". Blue Maiden sets her two WATER monsters in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Marincess Coral Anemone" (2000/←↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. She activates the effect of "Coral Anemone", letting her Special Summon a WATER monster in the GY to the zone this card points to. She Special Summons "Blue Slug" (1500/↓) to the zone "Coral Anemone" points to. Blue Maiden then Sets her two or more WATER monsters to the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Marincess Marbled Rock" (2500/←↓→) to the Extra Monster Zone. Blue Maiden activates the effect of "Marbled Rock", targeting a "Marincess" card in her GY and adding it to her hand. She adds "Sea Horse". Blue Angel Sets a card.

Turn 2: Bohman
As there are no monsters in the Main Monster Zones, Bohman activates the effect of the "Hydradrive Booster" in his hand, Special Summoning it (0/0) in Attack Position. Bohman sets his "Hydradrive" monster in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Coolant Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. Bohman Special Summons a second "Hydradrive Booster" (0/0) from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect. Bohman sets his "Hydradrive" monster in the Link Arrows to Link Summon another "Coolant Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the zone the first "Coolant Hydradrive" points to. As a Link Monster is pointing to a Spell & Trap Zone, Bohman activates "Judgment Arrows" in that zone. Bohman Normal Summons a third "Hydradrive Booster" (0/0). He sets his "Hydradrive" monster in the Link Arrows to Link Summon a third "Coolant Hydradrive" (1000/↓). Blue Maiden's hand contains "Sea Horse", "Marincess Crown Tail" and "Marincess Mandarin". Bohman sets his three "Hydradrive" Link Monsters of the same Attribute to the Link Markers to Link Summon "Cubed Hydradrive Lord" (2300/←↓→). The effect of "Lord" activates when its Summoned, letting Bohman choose two Attributes among WATER, WIND, and FIRE and treat "Lord" as also having those Attributes. He chooses WATER and FIRE. "Lord" negates the effects of all monsters Blue Angel controls that have the same Attribute as it, so the effects of "Marbled Rock" are negated.

"Lord" attacks and destroys "Marbled Rock", with the effect of "Judgment Arrows" activating, doubling the ATK ("Lord": 2300 → 4600) of Link Monsters it points to during damage calculation (Blue Angel: 4000 → 1900). As it destroyed a monster of the same Attribute as it by battle, the effect of "Lord" lets it attack again. As a "Marincess" Link Monster she controls was destroyed by battle or card effect, Blue Maiden activates her face-down "Marincess Snow", targeting and Special Summoning a "Marincess" Link Monster from her Extra Deck with a lower Link Rating and treating that Special Summon as a Link Summon. The Summoned monster will be unaffected by the opponent's card effects. She Special Summons "Marincess Crystal Heart" (0/↙↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. "Lord" attacks "Crystal Heart", but Blue Maiden activates the effect of "Crystal Heart" as it or a "Marincess" Link Monster it points to is being targeted for an attack. This lets her send a "Marincess" monster in her hand to the GY to prevent the monster's destruction by battle and prevent battle damage. In addition, "Crystal Heart" renders monsters it battles unaffected by other card effects so "Judgment Arrows" does not raise the ATK of "Lord". Bohman Sets a card.

Turn 3: Blue Maiden
Blue Maiden draws "Marincess Bubble Blast". As her opponent controls a Link-3 or higher monster, she activates "Bubble Blast" by targeting a Link-2 or lower "Marincess" Link Monster she controls. She targets "Crystal Heart". Now, if a "Marincess" monster is Normal or Special Summoned to a zone "Crystal Heart" points to, she can inflict damage to Bohman equal to the total of Link Ratings of "Crystal Heart" and any monsters it points times 500. Blue Maiden activates the effect of the "Sea Horse" in her hand, Special Summoning it (1400/1000) in Attack Position to a zone her "Marincess" Link Monster points to. The effect of "Lord" negates the effect of "Sea Horse" as it is the same Attribute as "Lord". As he controls a co-linked Link Monster, Bohman activates his face-down "Interference Canceller", which will make effect damage 0 a number of times per turn equal to the targeted monster's Link Rating. He targets "Lord", letting him make effect damage 0 three times.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • In the dub, the demeanors adopted by Bohman, Aqua and Blue Maiden are changed significantly.
    • Rather than acting stoic and polite, Bohman is arrogant and vengeful over his newfound evolution and Harlin's erasure.
    • In the original version, Aqua was resigned to eliminating Bohman, as Lightning had created him against the will of the other Ignis. In the dub, she instead draws comparisons between their losses as a product of the war.
    • Blue Maiden makes her desire to save Miyu Sugisaki frank in the original, and Bohman offers to give her the antivirus to Miyu's virus if she wins. In the dub, she makes no mention of Miyu at all.


  • In the dub, during "Marincess Blue Slug's" Link Summon sequence, her interior skirt and the outline of her rear are kept intact in some frames, then her rear is erased once again in others.