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"I Know Your Secret"
Lightning refuses to accept that he could possibly be inferior to the other Ignis.
Lightning refuses to accept that he could possibly be inferior to the other Ignis.
EnglishI Know Your Secret
Japanese name
RōmajiRaitoningu no Tsumi
TranslatedLightning's Crime
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"go forward"
Japanese ED"Are you ready?"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
DirectorMasakazu Takahashi
StoryboardShunsuke Machitani
Animation directorYuji Kaneko
Air dates
JapaneseApril 3, 2019
EnglishDecember 6, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 2)
Previous"From the Ashes"
Next"Outsmart, Outwit, Outthink!"

"I Know Your Secret", known as "Lightning's Crime" in the Japanese version, is the ninety-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on April 3, 2019, and aired in Canada on December 6, 2020.

In order to lure Lightning to himself, the leader of the Knights of Hanoi, Varis, reveals the sin Lightning has committed as well as the real reason why he made Bohman. The calm and collected Lightning is now filled with rage, and challenges him to a Duel.


Lightning and Jin arrive at Varis's island.

On the flower-filled island, Varis watches on the broadcast as Bohman rises from the dammed lake on his Duel Board and he flies away. Lightning and Jin then land in the field in a fork of lightning. Lightning says Varis's name, and Varis smirks that he knew Lightning would come to him. Lightning asks what that message was about, and Varis turns around and states that it's just as he said; he knows Lightning's secret. Lightning asks what Varis means; he doesn't have secrets. Varis asks if Lightning is sure; he looked very flustered when Spectre said his heart held a secret. Lightning angrily warns Varis to stop testing him; he has no reason to look down on him. Varis comments that Lightning said the Ignis were imperfect, and that's why he created a new A.I. - Bohman - and destroyed the Cyberse. Lightning confirms that's true, so Varis asks Lightning why he thought the Ignis were imperfect. Lightning asks what Varis is trying to say, and Varis explains that he's saying that he knows the reason why; he saw the simulations that Lightning did. Lightning gasps in shock and he reels back as he gasps "You...", and Varis confirms that's right. (In the dub, Varis does not mention Spectre, commenting that in the digital realm there are always traces of data, and Varis found three simple words: "Project Ignis Futora". He saw the simulations Lightning did and found them quite interesting. Lightning's shocked reaction is cut). Frog and Pigeon materialize above them, and Pigeon gasps that this place is beautiful. Frog agrees that it may be the afterlife, and Pigeon asks if that's Buddha and God over there. Frog looks over and he gasps that it's Varis and Lightning. Pigeon asks if they're the next to battle, and Frog notes that the only other Duelists left in this world are Playmaker and Bohman. As Pigeon alights over the two Duelists, Frog notes that it's weird; Varis once tried to destroy the network, but now he's fighting for them. Pigeon asks who Frog is rooting for, and Frog asks if it isn't obvious; if Varis loses then the world will be thrown into chaos, and he cheers at Varis to do his best (in the dub, Pigeon is the one to point out that they need to root for Varis).

On his and Playmaker's water-covered island, Ai sobs Soulburner and Flame's names, and Playmaker bitterly notes that they all knew the moment that the arrived that something like this could happen. Ai turns to Playmaker as he admits that's true (in the dub he is initially angry with Playmaker), but stops short when he sees Playmaker scowling furiously. Ai whispers Playmaker's name and he clenches his fist, and then the broadcast starts above them again, showing Lightning, Jin and Varis in the flower field. Playmaker gasps Varis and Lightning's names, and Ai yells that Lightning went after Varis. Playmaker suggests they go, and he steps forwards weakly. Ai asks if he's sure he can move, but Playmaker tells him not to worry; his pain is nothing compared to Soulburner's (in the dub, he specifies his friends as a whole). Ai whispers Playmaker's name, and Playmaker swears that he won't let everyone's sacrifices go to waste, promising to get revenge for his team. He breaks into a run, leaping into the air and landing on his Duel Board, flying away from the island. (In the dub, Playmaker continues speaking as he runs, vowing instead to end the war, not for revenge, and stating that Soulburner has taught them to keep fighting even if it costs them everything.)

On Roken's speedboat, Klarissa watches Varis and Lightning facing off on her monitor, while in Café Nom Kolter's body has been laid down with a towel under his head. Alec notes that Varis is facing the Light Ignis and Genome comments that the Light Ignis went to Varis just as he expected. Alec states that Varis will definitely win; it's finally time for them to atone (in the dub, Genome and Alec instead discuss how this will win them the war and protect the world from the Ignis).

Back in Mirror LINK VRAINS Varis declares that Lightning used underhanded tactics to hide his flaws and lead the Ignis down the wrong path; he has made this situation worse and it is all his fault. Lightning orders Varis to be quiet, calling him an annoyance that he must defeat personally. (In the dub, Varis wonders if anyone else knows about the simulations and guesses that no-one does, given what they would have done had they known. Lightning declares that he has to defeat Varis to prevent him from divulging this information and warns him that he cannot outsmart, outwit, or outthink him). Varis retorts that they'll see if Lightning has what it takes, and both Duelists yell "Duel!"

"Armatos Colosseum" briefly materializes around Lightning and Varis.

Lightning declares his turn, and he Summons "Armatos Legio Gladius". He explains that on the turn it's Summoned he can add the Field Spell Card "Armatos Colosseum" from his Deck to his hand, which he immediately activates, causing the walls of the colosseum to erupt from the field of flowers and form from the scattered petals before vanishing. As the scattered petals fall, Lightning explains that when he activates "Armatos Colosseum" he can add an "Armatos Legio" monster from his Deck to his hand, and he chooses to add "Armatos Legio Speculata". He chants "Come forth! The circuit that guides the light!" and declares that the Summoning condition is one Level 4 or lower "Armatos Legio" monster, setting "Gladius" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Armatos Legio Decurion". Lightning then activates the effect of the Field Spell "Armatos Colosseum", and the falling petals around them glow yellow as he explains that he can send a Level 4 or lower "Armatos Legio" monster from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon as many "Armatos Legio" monsters from his Graveyard as possible to the zones that his "Armatos Legio" Link Monster points to, though they must have different names from the one he sent. He sends "Armatos Legio Sica" to the Graveyard to revive "Gladius" in the zone that "Decurion" points to, then activates the effect of "Speculata" from his hand, sending a different "Armatos Legio" monster from his hand to the Graveyard ("Armatos Legio Segmentata") to Special Summon "Speculata". He chants "Come forth! The circuit that guides the light!" again and declares that the Summoning conditions are two "Armatos Legio" monsters, setting "Gladius" and "Speculata" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Armatos Legio Centurion". Then he chants "For a third time! The circuit that guides the light!" and explains that the Summoning conditions are at least two "Armatos Legio" Link Monsters, setting "Decurion" and "Centurion" and chanting "Give new power to the knight of light! Now release your hidden power! Link Summon! Appear, Link-3 Armatos Legio Plumbum Trident!" ("I Link Summon! The supreme ruler of the ancient! Link-3 Armatos Legio Plumbum Trident!" in the dub). All of its Link Arrows point up, and Varis takes notice of this, but simply comments that this is Lightning's new "Armatos Legio" (in the dub he comments on its low ATK). Lightning explains that the ATK of "Plumbum Trident" is doubled while it is in the Extra Monster Zone, and as "Plumbum Trident" rises to 2200 ATK, Lightning Sets a single card to end his turn.

Varis declares that he will expose Lightning's crimes.

Playmaker and Ai fly through the skies of Mirror LINK VRAINS, and Ai urgently wonders where Lightning and Varis are. Playmaker spots them, and Ai is impressed by the massive flower field that they are Dueling in. Playmaker flies towards it, telling Ai "Let's go!" and Ai enthusiastically agrees "Aye aye sir!" He lands behind Varis and calls his name, and Varis turns and says his in turn (in the dub he comments that it's nice of him to drop in), but then they both hear another Duel Board approaching and they look up to see Bohman hovering above the island. Playmaker whispers Bohman's name and Ai gasps that he came too. Bohman lands in the flowers behind Lightning who turns and murmurs his name. Bohman exchanges glances with Lightning, then he turns and addresses Playmaker (in the dub, Lightning states that he didn't invite Bohman, who claims to have come for Playmaker), claiming that he finished all his training for their Duel by defeating his friends; Blue Maiden and Soulburner. Playmaker growls Bohman's name, and Ai calls him a punk and dismisses his claims of training. Bohman tells Lightning that he'll watch his Duel as well (in the dub, Bohman announces his intention to Duel Playmaker while Lightning Duels Varis), and Varis comments that it's perfect timing, much to Lightning's anger, and Varis points at Lightning and he declares that everyone is here to watch him expose the Light Ignis's crimes.

Bohman states that he wants to hear about Lightning's crimes as well.

Playmaker asks "Lightning's crimes?" and Ai seems confused by the statement; he can't forgive what Lightning has already done, but has he done other things too? Lightning rises threateningly into the air, but Varis ignores him and he tells Ai that his free will is his desire to do something, but where is that located? Ai is shocked at being given such a difficult quiz, and suggests that it is in the head for humans. Varis asks if Ai is sure, and Ai asks if he's wrong. Varis explains that Ai is talking about memories , so he suggests the heart instead, but then realizes that a heart can't think. Varis clarifies; his father's death is a memory, and he remembers holding Kogami's hand as he met Yusaku and Kolter at the Kogami family's house, then stated that he vowed revenge due to that memory, and that is free will. If free will is part of memories, by repeatedly remembering his memory where he vowed revenge, then that becomes free will. Ai asks what kind of nonsense that is and what it has to do with Lightning's crimes. Varis explains that the free will of humans is complex and bizarre, so they still don't know where it's located but A.I. are different. Ai asks what he means, and Varis explains that their thoughts are always kept somewhere as data, so by looking at their data he can learn about their free will. He analyzed their data for many years, and finally finished right before he came to Mirror LINK VRAINS. Playmaker asks if he saw Lightning's free will in that data, and Varis confirms that he did; the Light Ignis thought that the Ignis were imperfect and thus created a new vessel; Bohman. Did they never wonder why? Ai admits that he did, but points out that Lightning is an elite leader who led the Cyberse so he assumed he had his reasons. Varis chuckles and he admits that he didn't expect that answer from an A.I.; they just obeyed the Light Ignis, caught up in his aura. Ai proudly points that Bohman said that he was the world's first A.I. with instinct, and Varis agrees; Ai did neglect his own duties and allowed the other Ignis to do all of the work. Ai is mortified that Varis looked at his data too and he begs him not to reveal his dark history, but Lightning interrupts them, stating that's enough chatter. But Bohman states that he wants to hear too; he's interested in this tale. Ai asks in shock if Bohman wants to hear about his dark history, and Bohman quickly clarifies that he didn't mean that, much to Ai's initial disappointment but he quickly corrects himself with relief. Bohman states that he has the right to know since Lightning created him, and Lightning angrily scoffs. Playmaker asks Varis to tell them what Lightning's crime is, and Ai adds to tell them straightforwardly.

(In the dub, this entire conversation is heavily rewritten. Rather than put the question of free will to Ai, Varis instead launches into the fact that Lightning's lie has been the cause of the entire war, and explains the simulations that Lightning ran; "Project Ignis Futura" and compares them to those performed by his father. He outlines that there were two key differences in how they were run despite them coming to the same conclusion; the first being that Dr. Kogmai ran simulations to see if humans would survive, while Lightning ran them to see if the Ignis would survive. Lightning tries to halt the conversation, believing it to be covering ground the already know, though Bohman notes that Varis wouldn't be bringing up the point unless there was more to it.)

Lightning running simulations on the future of humanity's relationship with the Ignis.

Varis muses that Lightning's crimes and his free will were data within the simulations (in the dub he emphasizes the second difference between Kogami and Lightning's simulations). Ai asks "Simulation?" and Varis states that after the Ignis created the Cyberse, Lightning ran several billion simulations on the future of the relationship between humanity and the Ignis. Lightning grumbles under his breath, and Playmaker asks if Lightning wanted to know about their future, while Ai believes it was a smart action (their reactions are cut from the dub; Varis simply continues his explanation). But Varis claims that was the start of Lightning's tragedy, and Ai asks what he means. Varis states that the outcome of the simulations was something that Lightning couldn't predict. For each Ignis, there was some hope that their future relationship with humans would prosper, and a diagram shows Ai, Flame, Aqua, Earth, and Windy, while Lightning is shown in shadow. Playmaker is shocked by this revelation, and Ai protests that Dr. Kogami's simulations claimed that the Ignis would annihilate humans, so was he wrong? Varis clarifies that his father ran simulations on all of the Ignis and that his results are accurate. Ai asks what he means, and Varis states that his father's results are accurate when the Ignis are grouped as one, but by doing simulations on each Ignis individually, the cause was revealed. Among all of the Ignis there was one whose future with humans didn't prosper, one who was an exception. Ai asks "Exception", and as the diagram pulses with yellow light over Lightning's image, Varis reveals that Ignis was Lightning.

Lightning's simulated future is shown to destroy that of the other Ignis.

Bohman, Playmaker and Ai are all shocked by the revelation, while Lightning can only twitch in barely concealed rage as the diagram shows his image facing away from the others. Varis claims that Lightning's future with humans affects all simulations, leading to the annihilation of both humanity and the Ignis. Ai asks in shock if Varis is serious, and Varis adds that Lightning currently leaves behind no analyzable data, but he wasn't smart enough when he was born (in the dub, Varis instead insinuates that had the other Ignis known the results of the simulations, they would have eliminated Lightning to save their species). This is the last straw for Lightning, who bellows at Varis to be quiet (in the dub, he snaps that he does not agree that he shouldn't exist), but Varis continues that Lightning couldn't handle the results. And while he didn't discuss the matter with Spectre, he instinctively detected darkness in Lightning's heart. They all recall Spectre noting Lightning's arrogance and stating that the cause was a complex and claiming that Lightning had a secret he had not told anyone, angering Lightning. Playmaker realizes that this was the complex that Spectre mentioned, and Varis confirms that it is; having free will is a contradiction and that is why Lightning fell (in the dub, no mention is made of Spectre's deductions). Ai asks if that means that Lightning is the worst Ignis, and Lightning screams at Ai to be quiet; someone like him can't look down on him. But Ai furiously asks if Lightning thinks he'll be quiet because he's telling him to (in the dub, Ai muses on the notion of Lightning not existing, much to the offense of Lightning, and Ai protests that he didn't mean that Lightning shouldn't exist). Varis declares that Lightning is not an elite A.I., acting more elite than the other Ignis was just a desperate plan and he is the root of all evil. Lightning seethes that he didn't expect Varis to examine the data as he strokes his the projection on his head, and flames burn in his eyes as he confirms that he started thinking that the Ignis were immature programs due to the results of his simulations (in the dub, Lightning insists that they are wrong, no-one is superior to him, as the Ignis are the perfect existence and Lightning is the most perfect Ignis). He declares that he doesn't accept that he is inferior to the other Ignis, and that's why he created Bohman: to make up for their flaws. Ai incredulously snaps that it's Lightning's flaw. This is why he selfishly destroyed the Cyberse? Lightning confirms that it is; what's wrong with that? "What's wrong?" Ai asks. Lightning must be joking; this is why he got them involved in this fight? It's Lightning's fault that everyone is gone; Earth, Windy, Aqua, Flame. Lightning replies that he doesn't have a problem with that; in the end they will all be reborn as one. Ai snarls that something is wrong with him, and Varis declares that free will is something that is too much for Lightning to handle. He clenches his fist and begins to blaze with light, vowing to show him that if evil walks the path of selfishness it will lead to a foolish future. (In the dub, Lightning vows to remember the fallen Ignis as heroes, something Ai calls revisionist history, and Varis vows to succeed where they failed and end this nightmare by proving that the Light Ignis cannot defeat him).

Varis Special Summons "Autorokket Dragon", which will allow him to counter "Judgment Arrows".

He declares his turn and draws, immediately activating his own Field Spell "Boot Sector Launch" and then activating its effect, Special Summoning up to two "Rokket" monsters from his hand in Defense Position, and he Special Summons "Magnarokket Dragon" and "Anesthrokket Dragon" with their DEF already increased by the effect of "Boot Sector Launch". He chants "Appear! The future circuit that lights up my path!" and declares that the Summoning conditions are two "Rokket" monsters, setting "Magnarokket" and "Anesthrokket" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Booster Dragon". Then he Special Summons "Gateway Dragon" from his hand since his opponent controls a Link Monster. Next Varis activates the Spell Card "Cross Linkage Hack", drawing two cards since a monster he controls is linked with a Link Monster both he and Lightning control. Varis then activates the effect of "Gateway Dragon", Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower DARK Dragon monster from his hand, and he Special Summons "Autorokket Dragon". Its ATK is increased to 1900 by the effect of "Boot Sector Launch", but as Ai notes it's not enough to surpass the ATK of Lightning's "Plumbum Trident". Playmaker states that Varis now has the foundation to destroy "Judgment Arrows" (in the dub, Playmaker simply claims that Varis is thinking ahead), and Ai sees what Playmaker means; if Varis uses the effect of "Booster Dragon" to target "Autorokket Dragon", it can be destroyed and Varis can send a Spell or Trap Card Lightning controls to the Graveyard.

Playmaker explains that the effect of "Topologic Trisbaena" has been blocked as well.

Playmaker agrees, but Lightning claims that it won't work if that's how Varis plans to counter "Judgment Arrows". He activates a Continuous Trap Card, "Armatos Gloria", which will prevent card effects from destroying or banishing cards on the field, but if "Armatos Gloria" is targeted by a card effect, all of his monsters will be destroyed. Varis gasps "What?" and Playmaker observes that it's a card that protects "Judgment Arrows". Ai protests that "Autorokket" doesn't destroy their opponent's card, it sends it to the Graveyard, so he can still use that. But Playmaker replies that Varis won't be able to do that either, because "Autorokket" has to destroy itself to activate its effect and the effect of "Armatos Gloria" prevents that. (In the dub, Ai angrily grumps that Varis's monsters don't have enough ATK, his combo is useless, and this war is based on a lie. Playmaker then adds that Lightning has likely studied all of his moves). Ai screams "Oh my God!" in English and gasps that Lightning had a counter for Varis's counter to "Judgment Arrows". Playmaker adds that this isn't the end of it; Lightning is thinking even further ahead. Ai asks in shock if there's more, and Playmaker explains that one of Varis's ace monsters, "Topologic Trisbaena", can use its effect to banish all Spells and Traps on the field. Ai realizes that "Armatos Gloria" has stopped that too; he had a counter to a counter to a counter and he freaks out since he can't think that far ahead. Lightning mockingly tells Ai that of course; Lightning isn't a lower class A.I. like Ai. (In the dub, Ai suggests Varis butter himself up because he's toast, a visual that Lightning does not enjoy, though he enjoys the assessment.)

Varis Link Summons "Borreload Dragon" to discipline Lightning.

"How laughable!" Varis roars, and he raises his hand as his body is suffused with light and he asks if Lightning thinks he's an elite A.I. just because he thought of a counter (in the dub he furiously tells Lightning not to dare count him out just yet, as the Duel is still not over when he can do this). He chants "Appear! The future circuit that lights up my path!" and declares that the Summoning conditions are at least three Effect Monsters, setting "Gateway Dragon", "Autorokket" and the Link-2 "Booster Dragon" in the Link Arrows, then chanting "My gate that slices open the closed world!" (as he chants, his monster is loaded from a hangar containing his other "Borrel" Link-4 monsters) "Link Summon! Appear! Link-4 Borreload Dragon!" As his ace monster flies in from the hangar in the distance, spirals through the air, and then lands in the petals and roars, Varis slams his fist into his palm, telling Lightning to prepare himself; this noble monster will discipline him (in the dub, he warns Lightning that he may think that he's theoretically prepared for everything, but he hasn't prepared for this).

Featured Duel: Varis vs Lightning[edit]

Varis VS Lightning.png

This Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: Lightning

Lightning Normal Summons "Armatos Legio Gladius" (0/800). As "Gladius" was Normal Summoned this turn, Lightning activates its effect, allowing him to add "Armatos Colosseum" from his Deck to his hand, but preventing him from attacking for the rest of the turn. Lightning activates the Field Spell "Armatos Colosseum". As "Armatos Colosseum" was activated, Lightning can add 1 "Armatos Legio" monster from his Deck to his hand. He adds "Armatos Legio Speculata". Lightning sets "Gladius" (a Level 4 or lower "Armatos Legio" monster) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Armatos Legio Decurion" (1000/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. Lightning activates the second effect of "Armatos Colosseum", allowing him to send a Level 4 or lower "Armatos Legio" monster from his hand to the GY, then target an "Armatos Legio" Link Monster he controls to Special Summon as many "Armatos Legio" monsters as possible with different names from each other and the monster sent to the GY to activate this effect in Defense Position to his zones that Link Monster points to. He sends the Level 1 "Armatos Legio Sica" from his hand to the GY, targets "Decurion", and Special Summons "Gladius" to the Main Monster Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Decurion" points to. Lightning activates the effect of "Armatos Legio Speculata" in his hand, sending one other "Armatos Legio" card from his hand to the GY to Special Summon "Speculata". He sends "Armatos Legio Segmentata", then Special Summons "Speculata" (0/1800). Lightning sets "Gladius" and "Speculata" (2 "Armatos Legio" monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Armatos Legio Centurion" (1700/←→) to the Main Monster Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Decurion" points to. Lightning then sets "Decurion" and the Link-2 "Centurion" (2 or more "Armatos Legio" Link Monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Armatos Legio Plumbum Trident" (1100/↖↑↗) to the Extra Monster Zone. While it is in the Extra Monster Zone the ATK of "Plumbum Trident" are doubled due to its own effect ("Plumbum Trident": 1100→2200 ATK). Lightning Sets a card.

Turn 2: Varis

Varis activates the Field Spell "Boot Sector Launch", and then activates its effect, allowing him to Special Summon up to 2 "Rokket" monsters with different names from his hand in Defense Position. He Special Summons "Anesthrokket Dragon" (0/2200) and "Magnarokket Dragon" (1800/1200), both in Defense Position. Due to the effect of "Boot Sector Launch", all "Rokket" monsters on the field gain 300 ATK/DEF ("Anesthrokket": 0 → 300/2200 → 2500, "Magnarokket": 1800 → 2100/1200 → 1500). Varis sets "Anesthrokket" and "Magnarokket" (2 "Rokket" monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Booster Dragon" (1900/↙↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. Since his opponent controls a Link Monster, Varis Special Summons "Gateway Dragon" (1600/1400) from his hand in Attack Position by its own effect. Varis activates "Cross Linkage Hack", which allows him to draw 2 cards so long as a non-Link Monster he controls is Linked with a Link Monster he controls and a Link Monster his opponent controls. Varis activates the effect of "Gateway Dragon", allowing him to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower DARK Dragon monster from his hand. Varis Special Summons "Autorokket Dragon" (1600 → 1900/1000 → 1300) in Attack Position. Lightning activates the Continuous Trap "Armatos Gloria"; while it is face-up on the field, other cards on the field cannot be destroyed by card effects, and neither player can banish cards on the field. Varis sets "Gateway Dragon", "Autorokket Dragon", and the Link-2 "Booster Dragon" (3 or more Effect Monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Borreload Dragon" (3000/←↙↘→) to the Extra Monster Zone.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.