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"Bohman's End Game"
Bohman sets five Link Arrows worth of monsters.
Bohman sets five Link Arrows worth of monsters.
EnglishBohman's End Game
Japanese name
RōmajiShinsekai no Tobira
TranslatedDoor to the New World
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"go forward"
Japanese ED"Are you ready?"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayMitsutaka Hirota
DirectorShigenori Kurii
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseApril 24, 2019
EnglishDecember 27, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 2)
Previous"Lightning Storm"
Next"I Know Everything"

"Bohman's End Game", known as "Door to the New World" in the Japanese version, is the ninety-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on April 24, 2019 and aired in Canada on December 27, 2020.

Bearing the hopes and wishes of his allies, Playmaker faces off against Bohman, who has absorbed the Ignis. Meanwhile, something abnormal happens to the people who were trapped in LINK VRAINS, and they start to fall unconscious. Bohman then creates a powerful Data Storm and Summons a terrifying Link Monster.


Bohman takes them to another stage.

In the flower field, Playmaker calls "Let's go, Bohman!", but Bohman suggests that they go to a stage more fitting for their final battle, and he raises his arm and cubes of yellow light erupt from behind him and encircle him and Playmaker. Playmaker and Ai look around as Ai stammers "What?" in surprise (in the dub, he comments that Bohman isn't likely taking them to a fancy restaurant), before the light fades to reveal that they are now standing in the Central Station courtyard. Bohman explains that it is the center of LINK VRAINS, and this is where they will end things. On Ryoken's speedboat, Clarissa declares that it's finally time for the final battle, while in Café Nom Dr. Genome notes that this battle will decide the fate of humanity (in the dub Genome hopes it will lead to Bohman's end). Aso asks Playmaker not to let Varis's sacrifice go to waste as they're counting on him. Meanwhile in the real Central Station's LV Central Control, Zaizen expresses shock that Varis was defeated, and Ghost Gal points out that it wasn't just Varis, but The Shepherd, Specter, Soulburner, and Blue Maiden have all been defeated. Zaizen whispers his sister's name as he remembers her disintegrating into data in his arms, and Ghost Gal states that they've had a lot of casualties (in the dub, Ghost Gal emphasizes that they can't let the sacrifices be in vain), so they can't stand by and do nothing. Zaizen nods in agreement, and Ghost Gal glances at the nearby screen, stating that their priority is to help those trapped inside LINK VRAINS, but they can't use the logout system. Zaizen suggests hacking and shutting down the systems of LINK VRAINS, then rebooting them, though Ghost Gal is concerned that people will suffer mental damage from being forced to log out unexpectedly. Zaizen admits that he knows, but state that they have no choice as nothing will happen if they don't take action.

Frog and Pigeon's necklaces are unlocked.

Back in Mirror LINK VRAINS, Pigeon films Playmaker and Bohman, noting to Frog that they were also pulled in from the flower field and asking what will happen. Frog replies that it doesn't matter; they have to keep filming as long as they're trapped with their necklaces. Pigeon expresses fear over what will happen if Bohman loses, and Frog admits that it might be the end of their story, though they note that if Playmaker loses they could be destroyed with him; either way it's the end of their story. But Bohman tells them that they'd no longer needed, as they are not required to broadcast this fight, and he raises his hand, bidding them to go wherever they want. Their explosive necklaces unfasten, much to the reporters' shock, and Pigeon cheers that they're free. But Frog insists that he doesn't need his freedom anymore, as there's only one thing they have to do; film this Duel of the ages. He tells Pigeon to fire up his journalistic soul, and he re-couples the necklace. (In the dub, Pigeon calls Frog his friend and asks where they should go. Frog angrily states that he's Pigeon's boss, not his friend, and they have to stay here and film this Duel, admitting that he didn't want to stay until he knew that he could leave before refastening his necklace.)

Bohman builds a new Deck using the powers of the five Ignis he has absorbed.

The central shaft of Mirror LINK VRAINS suddenly begins to glow with a faint aura and begin to hum, and as Playmaker and Ai look up, Bohman raises his arms and he explains that the door to a new world will open when their Duel concludes. Playmaker muses on the term "New world" and he asks Bohman what world he is trying to create. Bohman claims that the answer will be revealed during their Duel, and as Playmaker repeats his words, (in the dub, Playmaker accuses Bohman of misspeaking when he said that he would win, when he should have said if, and Bohman denies doing so, so Playmaker simply suggests that they begin) the cross on Bohman's chest glows and the five Ignis Attribute symbols he has absorbed emerge from him. Playmaker leans forwards in surprise as Ai asks "What?" and Bohman raises his Duel Disk and absorbs each of the five symbols into it. The screen of his Duel Disk glows as Bohman declares that their Duel will end in his victory (in the dub, he declares that he's ready to test his new strategies when they are), and Playmaker realizes that Bohman has just built a new Deck. Ai lists the five Attributes that Bohman has absorbed; FIRE, WATER, EARTH, WIND and LIGHT, and he notes that the Deck has the powers of five Ignis.

Bohman's Ignis algorithm appears in both LINK VRAINS and Mirror LINK VRAINS.

Then Bohman raises his hand and strands of green data emerge from it, forming a green sphere encircled by three rings above him. Ghost Gal recognizes it, and Zaizen muses that it's an Ignis algorithm. Ghost Gal asks what's going to happen, and Zaizen replies that he doesn't know, but he has a bad feeling about this and he suggests they hurry, beginning to type at the central computer as he notes that they must access LINK VRAINS' core and shut down the system. Ghost Gal agrees, and she conjures her own screen and keyboard and begins typing as well. Zaizen notes to himself that he used to be a great hacker, so he should be able to do this. In Ryoken's speedboat, Clarissa looks at images of both Mirror LINK VRAINS and the original LINK VRAINS, where the Ignis algorithm has also appeared and she asks why the two LINK VRAINS are changing simultaneously (in the dub, she comments to the other Commanders that it seems that they aren't the only ones hacking LINK VRAINS). Ai is furious that Bohman is using his friends' power, snapping that they aren't his tools. Bohman agrees; the Ignis aren't his tools, but a part of him, as he was created to unite the Ignis into one, and he can use their power to its full potential (in the dub, Bohman also emphasizes that Ai will join his friends soon). He raises his Duel Disk, and he suggests that they begin the final battle. Playmaker activates his own Duel Disk, and he and Bohman declare "Duel!"

Several people in LINK VRAINS are afflicted by the Ignis algorithm.

As soon as they do, the Ignis algorithm in LINK VRAINS begins to shine and whine intensely. The Brave Battler asks what it is, and he wonders if it's a sign that they can log out (in the dub he believes it to be a portal), cheering at the thought of being able to go home. Then a fork of green lightning spears from the Ignis algorithm and impales several people through the head as The Brave Battler watches in shock, and he asks in horror what's happening. In Mirror LINK VRAINS, Playmaker and Ai suddenly hear the screaming, and Ai asks what that was and if Playmaker heard it. Playmaker replies that he did; he heard many people screaming. Bohman simply watches, while in LINK VRAINS the afflicted people are standing motionless even as The Brave Battler waves in front of their faces, eventually screaming that he's scared to the max (a play on his Japanese name, Brave Max). Ghost Gal and Zaizen see the terror unfold from the LVCC, as do Clarissa, Aso and Genome, and they collectively wonder what is happening, while Genome wonders if the Ignis did this (in the dub, the Commanders instead comment that this isn't good). In Yusaku's house, Roboppi tells its "bro" and master that it's the final battle, declaring that it's leading the cheering squad, yet unsure as to why it can project the video it is watching. It wonders if it used to have this function, and gets distracted by the gobbledygook, wondering if it is dumb. It circles around, lamenting its dumbness, until it remembers that "dumb" is a forbidden word and begins projecting the video again, cheering on Ai and Yusaku and telling them to do their best (in the dub Roboppi begins identifying as male, and he deduces that Ai must have given him this function). Ai admits that he doesn't know why, but he has a bad feeling about this Duel, and it's one he hasn't felt before. Playmaker agrees; they're the only ones here, yet he can sense many people. Bohman explains that it's their Link Sense, much to Playmaker's surprise, and he comments that since Playmaker can feel the network, he could have been a bridge between humans and A.I. (In the dub, they realize from the start that their Link Sense is responsible, and Bohman comments that now it must be a distraction that Playmaker cannot afford.)

Bohman assembles several different "Hydradrive" Link Monsters.

Bohman calls "Let's go Playmaker!", and Playmaker grits his teeth. Bohman takes the first turn, Special Summoning "Hydradrive Booster" from his hand since neither of them control a monster in their Main Monster Zones, then chanting "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!" He states that the Summoning condition is one "Hydradrive" monster, setting "Hydradrive Booster" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Grand Hydradrive". He Special Summons a second "Hydradrive Booster" from his hand, then chants "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!" Again, the Summoning condition is one "Hydradrive" monster, and he sets the second "Hydradrive Booster" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Coolant Hydradrive". Ai notes that Bohman hasn't changed his strategy so far, though Playmaker notes that they can't let their guard down. Bohman chants "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!" and explains that the Summoning conditions are two "Hydradrive" Link Monsters, setting "Coolant" and "Grand" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Twin Hydradrive Knight". But instead of activating its effect, Bohman chants "The circuit that determines the truth!" and explains that the Summoning condition is one "Hydradrive" monster, setting "Twin Hydradrive Knight" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Burn Hydradrive". Ai is confused as to why Bohman used a Link-2 monster to Summon a Link-1 monster, and Playmaker notes that Bohman has so far Summoned EARTH, WATER and FIRE monsters. Bohman Special Summons a third "Hydradrive Booster" from his hand, and he chants "The circuit that determines the truth!" The Summoning condition is one "Hydradrive" monster, so Bohman sets the third "Hydradrive Booster" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Flow Hydradrive". Ai notes that it's WIND (in the dub he notes that it's a fourth Attribute), and Bohman then activates the Spell Card "Hydradrive Rebuild", destroying "Burn Hydradrive" to Special Summon a "Hydradrive" monster from his Graveyard with its effects negated. He revives "Twin Hydradrive Knight", then activates the effect of "Burn Hydradrive" as it was destroyed, Special Summoning a "Hydradrive Token" in Defense Position. Again he chants "The circuit that determines the truth!" and declares that the Summoning condition is one "Hydradrive" monster, setting the Token in a different Link Arrow this time, to Link Summon the Link-1 "Alteration Hydradrive". He activates its effect, targeting one "Hydradrive" Link Monster he controls, then Special Summoning as many "Hydradrive" Link Monsters as possible from his Graveyard to zones that monster points to with their effects negated. Ai is shocked that Bohman will be able to revive as many "Hydradrives" as he wants to, and Bohman chooses the Link-2 "Twin Hydradrive Knight", reviving "Burn" and "Coolant" to the zones "Twin Hydradrive Knight" points to, then destroying "Twin Hydradrive Knight". Playmaker notes that Bohman has Summoned four Link-1 monsters (in the dub, he asks what surprise Bohman has in store for them). Up above them, Pigeon (now with his own necklace re-fastened) declares that a Link-4 monster is coming, and Frog agrees that this is an important moment and he orders Pigeon to be quiet and film (in the dub, Frog declares that Link-4 monsters are the strongest in the game).

But instead Bohman Summons "Hydradrive Elements", and Frog and Pigeon fall out of the sky in shock, and Pigeon furiously flies back up into the sky as he gasps that it didn't come. Playmaker frowns as Bohman chants "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!" and explains that the Summoning condition is one "Hydradrive" monster, setting "Hydradrive Elements" to Link Summon another Link-1 "Grand Hydradrive". Playmaker muses that Bohman has Summoned another Link-1 monster, and Bohman then activates the effect of "Hydradrive Elements" as it was sent to the Graveyard as Link Material, selecting one monster on the field and declaring one Attribute, then having the selected monster become that Attribute until the end of the turn. Ai is shocked that Bohman is changing the Attribute of one of his monsters (in the dub he correctly guess that Bohman will change the Attribute of one of his two EARTH monsters), and Bohman chooses to make "Alteration Hydradrive" become LIGHT; its orange aura becoming yellow. Ai asks if Bohman is trying to fill the entire field (in the dub, Ai gasps that Bohman has every Attribute of every Ignis except him), and Playmaker muses that Bohman has five Link Monsters with five different Attributes. Ai protests that doesn't mean Bohman is summoning a monster with five Attributes, since as far as he knows there's no Link-5 monsters in LINK VRAINS (in the dub, he comments that they would be "super OP" if they did exist). Bohman smiles, and he tells Ai that his ideas have reached their limits. If it doesn't exist, then they can create it, and Bohman can do that.

Bohman obtains a new card using "Master Storm Access".

He activates his Skill, and the cross on his chest lights up again as Playmaker and Ai gasp in shock. The Ignis algorithm above them activates again and sends rings of data throughout LINK VRAINS. People begin to flee as The Brave Battler cries that it's coming again, and more forks of lightning spear through people's heads as The Brave Battler shrieks and looks around in fear. Clarissa notes that last time this happened when the Duel began, but this time it was when Bohman used his Skill. Aso notes that these occurrences have been coinciding with the Duel, and Genome muses that there must be a trick to it (in the dub he declares that they need to figure out how). Winds of data whip furiously around Bohman as both Playmaker and Ai hear people screaming again, and they clutch their heads as Playmaker once again notes that he's hearing several screams. The rings of data are now emerging in Mirror LINK VRAINS as well, and then a Data Storm swirls together within them. Ai gasps that Data Storm is too powerful, and Bohman explains that once per turn he can randomly select a Cyberse monster in the Data Storm and then add it to his Extra Deck. The screams intensify as Playmaker realizes something about the screams he's hearing (this is cut from the dub, Bohman simply declares that the stronger the storm, the stronger the monster), and Bohman orders the new card created from his will to come, declaring "Master Storm Access" (he does not name his Skill here in the dub) as the Data Storm settles in his hand and coalesces into a card.

In LINK VRAINS, the lightning forks penetrating people's heads shatters and the afflicted Avatars slump to the ground, scaring The Brave Battler again as he cries that they're knocked out. Zaizen and Ghost Gal gasp in shock as the watch The Brave Battler and the other unaffected Avatars look around at the motionless Avatars on the ground. One dressed as a samurai asks what happened, and another cries that this is bad; the light kills anyone it touches, and everyone begins to flee (in the dub, they don't claim the victims are dead, but worry over the prospect of them being next).

To everyone's utter shock, Bohman Link Summons a Link-5 monster - "Chimera Hydradrive Dragrid".

Bohman declares that now everything is ready, and as Playmaker and Ai grit their teeth in anticipation, Bohman chants "Appear! The circuit that determines the truth!" ("I generate my optimal circuit!" in the dub) and he declares that the Summoning conditions are five Link Monsters with different Attributes. Playmaker holds back a gasp of shock, and Ai protests that it can't be. Bohman sets "Grand", "Flow", "Alteration", "Coolant" and "Burn Hydradrive" and Link Summons a Link-5 monster, much to the shock of Playmaker and Ai, the three Commanders, and Zaizen and Ghost Gal. Four serpentine heads materialize from elemental twisters of water, fire, wind and rock, and then two more from a beam of light and a final thicker central one rises up as "Chimera Hydradrive Dragrid" appears with 4000 ATK.

Bohman explains the Neuron Link.

Ai asks if it's seriously a Link-5 monster, and Bohman activates the effect of "Chimera Hydradrive Dragrid" as it was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, placing a Hydradrive Counter on it. The red cross on "Dragrid's" central head lights up, and Clarissa asks in shock if Bohman summoned a Link-5 monster. Aso comments that Bohman is easily leaping over the hurdles of LINK VRAINS, while Genome notes that a phenomenon occurs in LINK VRAINS every time Bohman performs an action, and he deduces that Bohman must be using people (in the dub, Genome notes that despite their belief it's impossible it has clearly happened, so they need to deduce how Bohman used so much power). Ai freaks out over Bohman Summoning a Link-5 monster, and he asks if this means that Bohman is better than they are. But Playmaker realizes that the screams they've been hearing may be connected to this (in the dub, Ai believes that he's jinxed it, and Playmaker states that while he doesn't believe in jinxes, this would be a case where Ai did jinx it). Bohman confirms that they are; they are hearing the consciousness of the people in LINK VRAINS. Ai gasps the system's name in shock, and Playmaker angrily asks Bohman what he's done (in the dub, Playmaker realizes that Bohman is using people). Bohman explains that he has created a Neuron Link, and Ai repeats the name in confusion. Bohman explains that it's the ultimate system that he created; he can extract and make use of the capabilities of the human brain. Ai asks if that's how Bohman created that Data Storm, and he notes that it was an enormous Data Storm. Bohman confirms that one human brain wouldn't be able to create such a large Data Storm; the calculations of thousands of humans are required. Their thoughts become his power, and they created this Link-5 Monster Card (in the dub he also confirms that "Dragrid" is only the beginning of his power). Aso realizes that the unconscious people had their brainpower consumed and have become human shells. Genome mutters in disgust that it's a horrible system, and back on Ryoken's speedboat Clarissa notes that there will be more victims as long as Bohman continues to Duel Playmaker.

Ai snaps that Bohman's actions are contradicting his statement, much to Bohman's surprise. Ai snaps that Bohman called Lightning's use of Jin as a shield unfair, and Bohman agrees that he did. Ai snaps that they're alike; Bohman has trapped humans in LINK VRAINS to use their brains. Bohman protests that he doesn't understand; Lightning used Jin's consciousness as a shield to stop Varis from Dueling, but Bohman isn't doing that. Ai gasps in shock as Bohman claims that this is only part of his abilities, they can't treat him the same as Lightning. Ai snaps at him to stop joking; what will happen to those who have lost consciousness, as they're as good as dead. Bohman insists that life and consciousness are different, and their consciousness will live forever as part of him; everything will unite inside him and be reflected by his will. Playmaker asks if this is Bohman's new world, and Ai snaps that being fine with being the sole existence is just a dictator. Bohman comments that's an extravagant way to put it as he claims that the world will become one under him. Ai cries that he doesn't understand, and Bohman comments that it's too bad, but he never thought Ai would understand. He ends his turn, claiming that when he wins he'll use the Neuron Link to instantly take over the world's network, allowing him to control people in reality as well. (In the dub, this conversation is largely rewritten. Ai claims that Bohman's use of other humans as a power source is cheating, though Bohman counters that Ai and Playmaker have teamed up against him before and Bohman has never complained. Ai then tries to compare Bohman's tactics to performance-enhancing drugs, but Bohman instead likens it to food and suggests that he did the humans he absorbed a favor, as they will be able to partake in the creation of his new world. Playmaker declares that Bohman cannot start a world by destroying lives, and Ai agrees that this is why he and Playmaker are trying to stop this war. Bohman reminds them that they have already agreed that on their own viewpoints and nothing will change them, which is why they are Dueling in the first place. His logic irritates Ai, and Bohman challenges Playmaker and Ai to prove their ideals by defeating him in this Duel.)

Ai scoffs, asking if Bohman thinks he's a god just because he Summoned a Link-5 monster, and Playmaker points out that even if it's a Link-5 monster, there's still a way to deal with it. He declares his turn and draws, and Ai tells him that they have to do that move, and Playmaker agrees (in the dub, Ai congratulates Playmaker on his draw, and Playmaker agrees that it's a good draw, but he'll save it for later). He adds the card to his hand and Summons "Widget Kid", then due to its effect, he Special Summons "Cyberse Synchron" from his hand in Defense Position (specifying it is a Tuner monster in the dub). He activates the effect of "Cyberse Synchron", raising the Level of "Widget Kid" from 3 to 6, and Ai tells Bohman to check out what they're building and tells Playmaker to go (in the dub he outright tells Bohman what they're doing). Playmaker tunes the Level 1 "Cyberse Synchron" with the Level 6 "Widget Kid", chanting "Flash of lightning! The unknown power transforms into a soaring dragon! Synchro Summon! Descend! Cyberse Quantum Dragon!" Ai states that "Dragrid" might have 4000 ATK, but the effect of "Cyberse Quantum Dragon" will allow them to return it to Bohman's Extra Deck and he asks how that is. Bohman smiles, and he replies that it's too bad, since that won't work. Playmaker gasps and Ai cries "What?!" Bohman claims that he knows everything they're going to do, and he activates his Skill. Ai is shocked that Bohman is using another Skill, and he and Playmaker wince as they hear the cries of the trapped people again and the Neuron Link glows brightly. As the screams continue to reverberate, Bohman tells them to watch and feel his Duel that surpasses their imagination.

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Bohman[edit]

Playmaker VS Bohman 99.png

This Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: Bohman
As there are no monsters in the Main Monster Zones, Bohman Special Summons "Hydradrive Booster" (0/0) from his hand by its own procedure. He sets "Hydradrive Booster", a "Hydradrive" monster, in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Grand Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. As there are no monsters in the Main Monster Zones, Bohman Special Summons a second copy of "Hydradrive Booster" (0/0) from his hand by its own procedure. He sets "Hydradrive Booster", a "Hydradrive" monster, in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Coolant Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the Main Monster Zone the bottom Link Arrow of "Grand Hydradrive" points to. Bohman sets both "Grand" and "Coolant" "Hydradrives" in the Link Arrows, which are two "Hydradrive" Link Monsters, to Link Summon "Twin Hydradrive Knight" (1800/←→) to the Extra Monster Zone. Bohman sets "Twin Hydradrive Knight", a "Hydradrive" monster, in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Burn Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. As there are no monsters in the Main Monster Zones, Bohman Special Summons a third copy of "Hydradrive Booster" (0/0) from his hand by its own procedure. He sets "Booster" in the Link Arrow, a "Hydradrive" monster, to Link Summon "Flow Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the Main Monster Zone the bottom Link Arrow of "Burn Hydradrive" points to.

Bohman activates the Spell "Hydradrive Rebuild" from his hand, targeting a "Hydradrive" monster he controls and destroying it. If that monster activates its effect in the GY this turn, Bohman can then Special Summon a "Hydradrive" monster from his GY with its effects negated, with it being unable to attack, and also with it being destroyed during the End Phase. He targets and destroys "Burn Hydradrive". As "Burn" was destroyed by battle or card effect, Bohman activates its effect, Special Summoning a "Hydradrive Token" (0/0) in Defense Position. As "Burn" activated its effect in the GY after being destroyed by "Hydradrive Rebuild" this turn, Bohman activates the second effect of "Rebuild", Special Summoning "Twin Hydradrive Knight" (1800/←→) from his GY to his second-to-left Main Monster Zone. Bohman sets his "Hydradrive Token", a "Hydradrive" monster, in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Alteration Hydradrive" (0/↘) to his Extra Monster Zone. As it was Link Summoned, Bohman activates the effect of "Alteration Hydradrive", targeting one "Hydradrive" Link Monster he controls and Special Summoning as many "Hydradrive" Link Monsters from his GY as possible with lower Link Ratings that the targeted monster to the Zones the targeted Link Monster points to with their effects negated, and then destroying the targeted monster. He targets "Twin Hydradrive Knight" and Special Summons "Coolant Hydradrive" (1000/↓) and "Burn Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to the Main Monster Zones that the left and right Link Arrows of "Twin Hydradrive Knight" point to, and then destroys "Twin Hydradrive Knight". Bohman Normal Summons "Hydradrive Elements" (0/0). He sets "Elements", a "Hydradrive" monster, in the Link Arrow to Link Summon a second copy of "Grand Hydradrive" (1000/↓) to his Main Monster Zone the bottom-right Link Arrow of "Alteration Hydradrive" points to. As "Hydradrive Elements" was sent to his GY as Link Material, Bohman activates its effect, targeting a monster on the field, declaring an Attribute, and changing that target's Attribute to the one declared. He targets "Alteration Hydradrive" and declares LIGHT.

At this point, Bohman activates his Skill, "Master Storm Access", accessing the Neuron Link once per turn and adding a random Cyberse monster to his Extra Deck.

Bohman sets the now-LIGHT "Alteration Hydradrive", the EARTH "Grand Hydradrive", the WATER "Coolant Hydradrive", the FIRE "Burn Hydradrive", and the WIND "Flow Hydradrive" (5 Link Monsters with different Attributes in the Link Arrows) to Link Summon "Chimera Hydradrive Dragrid" (4000/←↙↓↘→) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Chimera Hydradrive Dragrid" was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, Bohman places one "Hydradrive Counter" on it.

Turn 2: Playmaker
Playmaker Normal Summons "Widget Kid" (1500/900). As "Widget Kid" was Normal or Special Summoned, Playmaker activates its effect, Special Summoning a Cyberse monster from his hand in Defense Position. He Special Summons the Tuner monster "Cyberse Synchron" (100/100). Playmaker activates the effect of "Cyberse Synchron"; once per turn, he can target a Level 4 or lower monster he controls and increasing its Level by its original Level until the end of this turn. He targets the Level 3 "Widget Kid" ("Widget Kid": Level 3 → 6). Playmaker tunes the Level 1 Tuner "Cyberse Synchron" with the now-Level 6 non-Tuner "Widget Kid" to Synchro Summon the Level 7 "Cyberse Quantum Dragon" (2500/2000) in Attack Position.

At this point, Bohman activates his Skill again.

Duel continues in the next episode

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.