Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 104

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"Your Reign is Over"
Ai and Roboppi invade Queen's room.
Ai and Roboppi invade Queen's room.
EnglishYour Reign is Over
Japanese name
RōmajiHankō Seimei
TranslatedDeclaring a Crime
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"calling"
Japanese ED"Are you ready?"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
Air dates
JapaneseMay 29, 2019
EnglishJanuary 31, 2021
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Next"Unlikely Alliance"

"Your Reign is Over", known as "Declaring a Crime" in the Japanese version, is the one hundred and fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on May 29, 2019 and aired in Canada on January 31, 2021.

Thanks to the efforts of Playmaker and his allies, Den City is now at peace again. Meanwhile, Ai and Roboppi sneak onto a ship owned by SOL Technologies. Ai attempts to initiate contact with SOL's top executive, Queen. Just what is Ai's motive?!


In Lightning's cave in the Cyberse, the mysterious man who stood at the memorials of the Ignis stands surrounded by datascreens and swirling data. He reflects on Lightning's words to Ai, that he didn't know the truth, and opens his eyes. Later he stands at the memorials of the Ignis, and is shaken out of his dwelling by the call of the young boy in blue, who waves to him from beside the dark "Linkuriboh", calling him "bro" and suggesting they get going. The man turns back to the memorials, and he tells the Ignis that he has made his decision (in the dub, he declares that it's time, and he'll do what needs to be done).

At Café Nom, Yusaku greets Kolter, who enthusiastically tells Yusaku to sit down and serves them both coffee. He thanks Yusaku for running the shop while he was away, and Yusaku asks if Jin is okay. Kolter replies that he's got a lot better since regaining consciousness and may even be able to leave the hospital soon, and Yusaku comments that's good. Kolter explains that according to the doctors, Jin showed no memory of the Lost Incident, and Yusaku realizes what happened; when Lightning Dueled Varis, he changed some of Jin's consciousness data into extra LP and that may have been Jin's memories of the Lost Incident. Kolter muses that he sees, and he admits it's a blessing in disguise if it's true. (In the dub, no mention is made of this. Yusaku and Kolter instead discuss how the Lightning and the Lost Incident tormented Jin). Yusaku reflects that the Lost Incident was a harrowing experience, so it's good if Jin is no longer trapped by that. Kolter states that Jin's life can begin now, and Yusaku agrees. Kolter then asks if Ai has returned, and Yusaku confirms that he hasn't and he doesn't expect him to (in the dub, he instead states that Ai told him he needed time to himself). Kolter replies that in that case, Yusaku's new life will also begin, and he tells him to eat something as he returns to the food truck. Yusaku thanks him as an advertisement for the SOLtiS begins on the videoscreens, and Kolter comments on the notion of an android with a built-in A.I. (In the dub he's skeptical that it could grill hotdogs as well as he can).

At SOL Technologies, Hayami tells Zaizen that the SOLtiS' are selling amazingly and that despite having only just started selling, they have lots of orders and many contracts with large properties (in the dub, she adds that even her grandmother has bought one). Zaizen admits that the company's future rests on this project now that LINK VRAINS has been shut down. Hayami agrees, calling Zaizen "Executive Director Zaizen", and Zaizen admits that he's still not used to the title. Hayami asks what he's talking about (in the dub she insists he deserves it), as the Executive Director is the number two rank in the company and Zaizen rose to that rank because he's the hero who saved LINK VRAINS. Zaizen replies that was Playmaker, not him, and had it not been for Playmaker, Zaizen wouldn't have been able to save anyone. Hayami praises Zaizen's modesty, claiming that she re-watches what Zaizen did in LINK VRAINS every day and has seen it over a hundred times. Zaizen lightly comments that means Hayami has watched him fall unconscious that many times, and Hayami nervously agrees, but states that Zaizen's actions have spread worldwide; even Queen couldn't stop Zaizen's promotion (in the dub she asks what her grandmother will say when she tells her that her future fiancé will run all of SOL Tech someday).

In their office, Frog and Pigeon watch footage of Bohman's final Duel with Playmaker, and Pigeon asks why Bohman left footage of the final Duel in their camera. Frog suggests that he may have wanted people to remember him (in the dub he complains that Bohman didn't let them do anything, he just , and he notes that this program has the highest ratings of their network by far. Pigeon cries that they'll definitely be getting a bonus, and Frog claims that he'll become the Editor-in-Chief thanks to the footage. The small tadpole on Frog's head starts frowning as Pigeon states that he'll become the Vice-Editor-in-Chief, and it leaps off Frog's head and calls them fools, transforming into a blue frog similar to Frog with a tie and a moustache. He orders Yamamoto and Sato to stop slacking off, and Frog and Pigeon realize that it's the Editor-in-Chief and snap to attention. The Editor-in-Chief declares that he was monitoring their work from here the whole time, much to their shock, and he is incensed that they are aiming for his job, declaring that they will be getting no bonuses. Frog and Pigeon fall to the floor in shock, though Pigeon is once again more worried about his real name of "Saito" being misstated (in the dub he laments the fall of their superstar status).

Back at SOL Technologies, Zaizen asks about the other matter (in the dub he is more specific, asking how well the SOLtiS have been received), and Hayami shows Zaizen a long list of several emails. She explains that most of them are complaints that SOL Technologies cost people their jobs (in the dub, positive review far out number the complaints, though there are still many). Zaizen admits that he expected that, though Hayami believes that it's not something that the Executive Director has to worry about, seeing as society has changed to favor convenience now and none of them can change that. Zaizen agrees, though he's reminded by what Playmaker said about fighting the Ignis. Hayami asks what Playmaker said, and Zaizen explains that Playmaker claimed that people didn't want sudden changes, as those could hurt people. Hayami claims that Zaizen is worrying too much, as the Executive Director he is the captain who steers SOL Technologies and navigates the ocean of society until his voyage is over, and she will voyage by that captain's side. She blushes as she finishes her sentence, and Zaizen asks what she's talking about; all Hayami can do is blush furiously and then strike a pose. (In the dub, Hayami notes that people are scared the SOLtiS will take over the world, and Zaizen notes that it's a recurring fear that Playmaker was fighting against, hoping for humans and A.I. to be able to coexist. Hayami notes that people are always resistant to new technology, but soon find themselves unable to live without it, likening it to Zaizen's scary scowl that she can't live without now. Zaizen asks her what she just said, and Hayami blushes and strikes a pose.)

On a cruise liner, the ship's captain marvels to Queen that SOL Technologies' androids, who are currently serving as informative persons and luggage carries in the hall below them. Queen declares that this ship is the ultimate advertisement of her company's androids, and it will let the world know of SOL Technologies' capabilities (in the dub, she also notes that the intelligence of the SOLtiS is rapidly increasing). The captain laughs, commenting that the androids might take his job one day.

In a starry void within the dark "Linkuriboh", the blue-haired boy tells his bro that they're here, pointing at several dormant waiter SOLtiS' in the cruise liner's hold (in the dub he is more specific, stating that they can use the androids to sneak into the ship). Electricity crackles around a large and little SOLtiS, and the man and boy's visages materialize on the SOLtiS' and they climb down from their platforms. The boy cheers that it worked, and the man asks if "they" will find out. The boy salutes, claiming that he made no mistakes and hacked the control systems to ensure they wouldn't leave any data behind. The man congratulates the boy, and as they head outside, the boy waves his arms and thanks the man for making him into this. The man claims that when his backup was rebuilt, it affected the boy and he admits that he never expected the boy to obtain free will (in the dub they do not discuss this, the boy instead talks about what they might find in the real world; the man cautions him that they have a job to do first). The boy admits that it was foggy at the start, but became clearer as he got smarter and he strikes a pose, claiming that having free will is great and he likes being smart, as he feels very free. And thanks to SOL Technologies, now he has this body. The man admits that it's good timing that SOL Technologies started selling something useful. They enter a casino, and the boy is shocked, asking what it is and likening it to an amusement park. The man explains that it's a casino, where humans play games by betting money, wildly excited by the small chances of winning. The boy calls humans dumb, and the man remarks in amusement that he thought "dumb" was a forbidden word. The boy grins that good boys can say "dumb", and he asks if he has to match the pictures as he looks at a slot machine. He comments that it's easy and lays his hand on the slot machine, causing the slots to all land on "7" and disgorging hundreds of coins, much to the boy's excitement. The man is exasperated, and the boy apologizes for risking their identities, but then the man tells him not to be stingy; they can live how they want without worrying about humans. The boy is excited as the man tells him that if he's going to do this, he should do so spectacularly and he holds out a glowing palm, causing all the slot machines in the casino to glow and disgorge coins as the boy watches in amazement. The man tells him to forget it and suggests they go, and the boy agrees, and they leave everyone staring at the commotion, the man looking around determinedly. (The dub cuts out the casino entirely).

They reach a large door, and the man points at the electronic lock, opening it. They enter the darkened room, and the man tells the boy to head to the back (in the dub, he comments that this will be fun), where Queen is sleeping peacefully. The man tells her to wake up, and Queen bolts out of bed and asks who they are. The man states that his name is Ai, and the boy salutes, stating that it is Roboppi (in the dub, they do not reveal their identities for the entire episode, but confirm they are programs). Queen says "Ai" in confusion, and Ai suggests that she might understand if she calls him the Dark Ignis instead, though Roboppi states that they aren't an Ignis, prompting Ai to tell them to be quiet. Queen comments that she heard that Ai vanished, but now he's pretending to be a human. Ai claims that he's discarded his past self, and Queen asks what his intentions are. Ai casually claims he was thinking of using SOL Technologies, but he needs Queen's code key to do so, and he also wants revenge for Earth. The name surprises Queen, and Ai clarifies that he meant the Earth Ignis that Queen cut to pieces. He comments that Queen is the top of management of SOL Technologies and he offers to be sporting and settle the manner in a Duel. He touches Queen's forehead and his eyes glow, while Queen's go blank. (In the dub, he voices his desire to get revenge for Earth over his desire to obtain the key to SOL Tech's mainframe, emphasizing that Earth was his friend.)

They find themselves in a theater, Queen now back in her red dress and Ai and Roboppi in their normal clothes. Ai explains that this is his digital world and no-one will interfere. He's copied the largest stage on the ship, and Roboppi calls it impressive and thoughtful, prompting Ai to tell them to be quiet again. As Roboppi complies, Queen orders Ai to stop being arrogant as he's just an A.I. (In the dub, Ai calls it a little "Duel date", prompting Roboppi to asks if it's the one with smoochies or fruit. Ai protests in disgust that it's the one without the smoochies, and Queen angrily suggests they start the Duel already.) She readies her Duel Disk and Ai comments that it seems she wants to Duel (in the dub, he asks her if she is mad, as he thinks she's mad), and suggests they go, readying his own ornate bladed Duel Disk as they both cry "Duel!"

Meanwhile, Yusaku has returned home and is looking at Roboppi's empty shell in the corner.

The Duel skips ahead to the middle of Queen's turn; she has swiftly assembled "Allure Queen LV3", "Allure Queen LV5", and two copies of "Allure Queen LV7" all in Attack Position, as well as the Field Spell "Allure Palace" and the Continuous Spell "Allure Dance". Both of them are still on 4000 LP as Ai comments that Queen brought out a lot on her first turn. Smiling, Queen chants "Appear! The circuit that leads to power!" ("I will now rule my circuit!" in the dub) and she sets "Allure Queen LV3", "Allure Queen LV5", and one "Allure Queen LV7" to Link Summon the Link-3 "Golden Allure Queen". She has 2500 ATK, but gains 500 ATK due to the effect of "Allure Palace", rising to 3000, then further gains the ATK of the "Allure Queen" in the zone that she points to, rising to 5000 ATK. Ai repeats the ATK value, and Queen further explains that if she controls "Allure Palace", the effect of "Golden Allure Queen" will allow her to prevent the destruction of one of her "Allure Queen" monsters by battle or card effect that turn and destroy a monster that Ai controls. Ai muses that he sees, and notes that due to the effect of "Allure Dance" he'll have to attack "Golden Allure Queen", the monster with the highest ATK. Roboppi praises Ai for figuring out the effects already, and Ai admits that he's in trouble. Roboppi agrees as Ai admits that Queen's turn was impressive, something that Ai describes as a load of wonton. Ai tells Roboppi to be quiet again, and Roboppi acquiesces. Queen ends her turn, warning Ai not to underestimate her; she won't lose so easily. (In the dub, Roboppi asks if this is good or bad new, and Ai replies that it's very bad news; Queen has put him in quite a pickle. Roboppi cheers that Queen's going to win, and Ai tells him off for cheering for the wrong side. Queen ends her turn, challenging Ai to try break her field, though she claims that he can do nothing against it.)

Ai replies that Queen is the one underestimating him, and Queen asks if he thinks he can defeat this field. Ai claims that it will be easy (in the dub, Ai expresses that he cannot wait to prove Queen wrong, and Queen retorts that she's calculated that the odds of Ai winning aren't pretty; Ai claims that it's good this isn't a beauty contest), and he declares his turn and draws, then activates the card he drew, the Field Spell "Ignister A.I.Land". He explains that it will allow him to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "@Ignister" monster from his hand while he controls no monsters in his Main Monster Zones. He Special Summons "Pikari @Ignister", then chants "Appear! The circuit that guides the dark!" ("I create my circuit!" in the dub) and sets "Pikari" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Linguriboh", the darker and frowning version of "Linkuriboh". Then as he has no monsters in his Main Monster Zones again, he activates the effect of "Ignister A.I.Land" and Special Summons "Bururu @Ignister" Next he Normal Summons "Doyon @Ignister" and activates its effect, adding an "@Ignister" monster from his Graveyard to his hand, and he holds up "Pikari". Once again, Ai chants "Appear! The circuit that guides the dark!" and he explains that the Summoning conditions are three Cyberse monsters, including a DARK monster. He sets "Bururu", "Doyon" and "Linguriboh", chanting "The creation of dark shadows! The wisdom of dark night scatters throughout the world! Dance! Whirl! The maelstrom gathers in my hand to become the power of rising vigor! The abyss-" ("Finally, it is time! To unleash a monster forged from the darkest depths of the shadows! Striking fear into all who witness its majestic might! So here it is, the one, the only, the awesome-" in the dub) "That's too long bro!" Roboppi calls ("Sometime today would be great" in the dub), and the music and Ai both stop short. "Surpass limitations! Link Summon! Appear, Link-3 Dark Templar @Ignister!" Ai chants. As "Dark Templar", which resembles a darker "Decode Talker" appears, Roboppi comments that Ai wrapped up a lot.

Ai activates the effect of "Ignister A.I.Land" for the third time, Special Summoning "Pikari" again. Then he activates the effect of "Dark Templar @Ignister" as a monster was Special Summoned to a zone that it points to, Special Summoning as many "@Ignister" monsters from his Graveyard as possible to zones that his Link Monster points to. He resurrects "Doyon" and "Bururu", and then tunes the Level 3 WIND "Bururu" with the Level 4 "Doyon", chanting "Chaos that roams the dark road! The gale that soars the blue sky will bring the path! Synchro Summon! Appear, Level 7 Wind Pegasus @Ignister!" ("When the gale mixes with the cosmic eon, the wings of the mighty gallop across the heavens! I Synchro Summon! Level 7! Wind Pegasus @Ignister!" in the dub.) Roboppi tells him that he wrapped it up flawlessly this time, and Ai irritably tells him to stop commenting on everything (in the dub, Roboppi comments that he's never seen that monster before, and Ai snarks that it's because he's never played it). He activates the effect of "Bururu" from his Graveyard as it was used as Synchro Material for a Cyberse Synchro Monster, Special Summoning the other Synchro Material from his Graveyard. Resurrecting "Doyon", Ai triumphantly declares that he has two Level 4 monsters. He overlays "Doyon" and the LIGHT "Pikari" to build the Overlay Network, then chants "The supernatural! Earth-shattering! Awaken that power from eternal lamentation! Xyz Summon! Come! Rank 4! Light Dragon @Ignister!" ("The electric light travels the expanse of the universe to manifest itself in a roar of glory! I will now Xyz Summon! Rank 4! Light Dragon @Ignister!" in the dub.) Queen smiles and comments on its 2300 ATK, declaring that it's not enough to defeat her given that "Golden Allure Queen" has 5000 ATK. Ai smirks as Queen tells him that he can't win with this formation, and Ai asks if she's sure (in the dub, Queen tells him to keep acting like he isn't worried, but Ai claims that he isn't acting).

He activates the effect of "Wind Pegasus @Ignister", destroying Spell and Trap Cards Queen controls up to the number of "@Ignister" monsters he controls, and as Roboppi points out, Ai has three, so "Wind Pegasus" is able to destroy both "Allure Palace" and "Allure Dance", beating a whirlwind with its wings to destroy the two Spells. Roboppi states that now Queen's Field Spell isn't applying anymore, and both of Queen's "Allure Queens" lose 500 ATK. Ai adds that the ATK of "Golden Allure Queen" will further decrease now that "Allure Queen LV7" has lost ATK, and "Golden Allure Queen" falls to 4000 ATK. Ai then activates the effect of "Light Dragon @Ignister", detaching an Overlay Unit to destroy monsters Queen controls equal to the number of "@Ignister" monsters he controls. Roboppi cheers that Ai has three, so he can destroy up to three monsters. Queen can only gasp "What?" as Ai declares his intention to destroy "Golden Allure Queen" and "Allure Queen LV7" (in the dub he declares that he reign is over), and "Light Dragon" roars, destroying the two "Allure Queens" with a shockwave. Queen is horrified that her field was emptied so easily, and Ai declares his Battle Phase (in the dub, he comments that Queen had the advantage in the past, but this is the present), attacking Queen directly with "Wind Pegasus", which swoops down on Queen and strikes her, reducing her to 1700 LP. As "Wind Pegasus" alights beside Ai, he declares that his next attack will end her.

Queen vows not to let Ai, as she is the top of SOL Technologies and she can't lose like this (in the dub she accuses Ai of making a few lucky draws). She activates her Skill, "Power Possession", and Ai lightly comments on her use of a Skill during a Master Duel. Queen snaps that nothing is impossible when she makes the rules, and Roboppi protests that's cheating, but Queen snaps at him to be quiet, and Roboppi nervously snaps to attention (much to Ai's irritation that Roboppi is obeying Queen but not him; in the dub, Queen angrily asks Roboppi if he has a problem with that, and Roboppi nervously cries "No ma'am!"; Ai does not say anything). Queen explains that if she is attacked directly, "Power Possession" allows her to gain LP equal to the damage she took, then Set a Trap Card to her field that isn't in her Deck, and she can activate that card this turn. Her LP rises to 4000 and she Sets the Trap Card "Drowning Mirror Force", explaining that it will return Ai's monsters to his Deck if he attacks. Ai asks if that's all Queen can do despite using her Skill, and he activates the effect of "Linguirboh" from his Graveyard, Tributing an "@Ignister" monster that was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck to Special Summon it. Then he continues his Battle Phase, attacking directly with "Light Dragon @Ignister". Queen calls Ai a fool and activates her Trap, "Drowning Mirror Force" as Ai attacked her directly, returning all Attack Position monsters Ai controls to his Deck.

But Ai activates the effect of "Linguirboh" as Queen activated a Trap Card, Tributing it to negate the activation of Queen's Trap and banish it. Both "Linguirboh" and "Drowning Mirror Force" explode into dust, and Queen gasps in shock as "Light Dragon" glows and blasts her with a stream of lightning, reducing her LP back to 1700 as she screams. "Dark Templar" then attacks Queen directly, blowing her away with a stroke from its greatsword as she screams "No way!" She is thrown to the edge of the room, her LP reduced to zero, and Ai comments that he told Queen this would be an easy victory (in the dub he comments that the Queen has lost her castle).

As Skye leaves for school the next day, Zaizen gets a call on the phone and he asks in horror if the caller is sure. He states that he sees and is coming now, and he hangs up the phone. Skye asks what's wrong, and Zaizen explains that something serious has happened; Queen has fallen. Skye gasps in shock, and Zaizen reassures her that she doesn't need to worry, he's going to sort things out now. He and Hayami swiftly board a helicopter to the cruise liner, and once they arrive, Zaizen asks the captain what Queen's condition is. The captain explains that Queen was found unconscious and taken to the hospital in critical condition (in the dub he simply states that she's asleep). Zaizen asks what the press are saying, and the captain explains that the gag order in place has prevented the news from leaking to the outside world. Zaizen thanks the captain and he asks what happened. The captain replies that there's something he wants Zaizen to see (in the dub he doesn't beat around the bush and confirms that the culprit made no effort to cover his tracks), and Zaizen asks what it is. They adjourn to the deck pool as the captain explains that the culprit left data taking credit for the crime. He activates a holographic projector, removing their surroundings, and Zaizen gasps "This is..." in shock ("No, it can't be!" in the dub).

Featured Duel: Ai vs Queen[edit]

Ai VS Queen.png

The Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Duel already in progress. Queen controls "Allure Queen LV3" (500/500), "Allure Queen LV5" (1000/1000), and 2 copies of "Allure Queen LV7" (1500/1500), all in Attack Position. She also controls the Field Spell "Allure Palace" and the Continuous Spell "Allure Dance" face-up on the field.

Turn 1: Queen
Queen sets "Allure Queen LV3", "Allure Queen LV5", and 1 copy of "Allure Queen LV7" (3 Spellcaster Monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Golden Allure Queen" (2500/←↓→) to the Extra Monster Zone, with its Bottom-Center Link Arrow pointing towards the other copy of "Allure Queen LV7". Due to the effect of "Allure Palace", all "Allure Queen" monsters gain 500 ATK/DEF ("Golden Allure Queen": 2500 → 3000 ATK), ("Allure Queen LV7": 1500/1500 → 2000/2000). Due to its own effect, "Golden Allure Queen" gains ATK equal to the current ATK of all "Allure Queen" monsters it points to ("Golden Allure Queen": 3000 → 5000 ATK).

Turn 2: Ai
Ai activates the Field Spell "Ignister A.I.Land". Ai activates the first effect of "A.I.Land": During his Main Phase, if he controls no monsters in his Main Monster Zones, he can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower "@Ignister" monster from his hand, but he cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of the turn, except Cyberse monsters. He Special Summons "Pikari @Ignister" (1200/600) in Attack Position. Ai sets "Pikari" (1 Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster) in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Linguriboh" (300/↙) to the Extra Monster Zone. As he has no monsters in his Main Monster Zones, Ai activates the first effect of "A.I.Land" again, Special Summoning "Bururu @Ignister" (600/1000) in Attack Position. Ai Normal Summons "Doyon @Ignister (400/1600). As it was Normal or Special Summon, Ai activates the effect of "Doyon", targeting 1 "@Ignister" monster in his GY and adding it to his hand. He targets "Pikari" in his GY and adds it to his hand. Ai sets "Doyon", "Linguriboh", and "Bururu" (3 Cyberse Monsters, including at least 1 DARK Monster) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Dark Templar @Ignister" (2300/↙↓↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. As he has no monsters in his Main Monster Zone, Ai activates the first effect of "A.I.Land" again, Special Summoning "Pikari" to the Main Monster Zone the Bottom-Left Link Arrow of "Dark Templar" is pointing to. As a monster was Special Summoned to a zone a Link Monster he controls points to, Ai activates the effect of "Dark Templar", allowing him to target 1 Link Monster he controls and Special Summon as many Level 4 or lower "@Ignister" monsters as possible from his GY to the zones that target points to, but their effects are negated. He targets "Dark Templar" and Special Summons "Doyon" and "Bururu" to the zones the Bottom-Center and Bottom-Right Link Arrows of "Dark Templar" point to in Attack Position, respectively. Ai tunes the Level 3 "Bururu" (A WIND Tuner) and the Level 4 "Doyon" to Synchro Summon the Level 7 "Wind Pegasus @Ignister" (2300/1500) to the Zone the Bottom-Right Link Arrow of "Dark Templar" points to, in Attack Position. As it was sent to the GY as Synchro Material for the Synchro Summon of a Cyberse Synchro Monster, Ai activates the effect of "Bururu" in his GY, allowing him to target 1 other monster in his GY that was also used as material for that Synchro Summon, and Special Summon it. He targets and Special Summons "Doyon" in Attack Position. Ai overlays "Doyon" and "Pikari" (2 Level 4 monsters, including at least 1 LIGHT monster) to Xyz Summon the Rank 4 "Light Dragon @Ignister" (2300/1500/2 ORU) to the Zone the Bottom-Left Link Arrow of "Dark Templar" points to, in Attack Position.

Ai activates the effect of "Wind Pegasus", letting him target Spells/Traps his opponent controls, up to the number of "@Ignister" monsters he controls, and destroy them. He currently controls 3 "@Ignister" monsters, so he targets and destroys "Allure Palace" and "Allure Dance". ("Golden Allure Queen": 5000 → 4500 → 4000 ATK), ("Allure Queen LV7": 2000/2000 → 1500/1500 ATK/DEF). Ai activates the effect of "Light Dragon", detaching 1 Overlay Unit ("Light Dragon": 2 → 1 ORU) to target monsters his opponent controls, up to the number of "@Ignisters" monsters he controls, and destroy them. He currently controls 3, so he targets and destroys "Allure Queen LV7" and "Golden Allure Queen".

"Wind Pegasus" attacks Queen directly (Queen: 4000 → 1700 LP). As she took battle damage from a direct attack, Queen activates her Skill, "Honey Trap", regaining LP equal to the damage inflicted and then Setting a Trap Card that is not in her Deck to her field, which she can activate during the turn it was Set. Queen Sets "Drowning Mirror Force". Ai activates the second effect of "Linguriboh" in his GY, Tributing 1 "@Ignister" monster he controls that was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck to Special Summon "Linguriboh" from the GY. He Tributes "Wind Pegasus" and Special Summons "Linguriboh".

"Light Dragon" attacks Queen directly. As her opponent's monster attacked directly, Queen activates her Set "Drowning Mirror Force", shuffling all Attack Position monsters her opponent controls into the Deck. As his opponent activated a Trap Card, Ai chains the first effect of "Linguriboh", Tributing it to negate that card's activation, and if he does, banish that Trap Card. He Tributes "Linguriboh" to negate and banish "Drowning Mirror Force". The attack of "Light Dragon" continues. (Queen: 4000 → 1700 LP). "Dark Templar" attacks Queen directly (Queen: 1700 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • Most notably, Ai and Roboppi do not reveal their identities. In the original version, Ai and Roboppi introduced themselves to Queen, but they do not in the dub for the entire episode, though Ai confirms they are programs and that Earth was his friend.
  • The scene where Ai and Roboppi pass through the casino is cut from the dub.
  • In the dub, Jin is not stated to have had his memories of the Hanoi Project removed by Lightning.