Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 120

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"Connected World"
Playmaker returns to LINK VRAINS.
Japanese name
RōmajiTsunagaru Sekai
TranslatedConnected World
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"calling"
Japanese ED"With The Wind"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
DirectorKimiharu Muto
StoryboardKatsuya Asano
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 25, 2019
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 3)
Previous"Self Breakdown"

"Connected World" is the one hundred and twentieth and final episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 25, 2019.[1]

The importance of connections humans have, and the absolute AIs seek... reaffirming their respective ideals, Playmaker and Ai unleash their remaining power to end their battle once and for all. What future will their Duel arrive at?


Playmaker refuses Ai's offer to become one.

Playmaker pants heavily, only on 475 LP as he faces off against Ai's 13000 ATK "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister", 0 ATK "Darkwight @Ignister", and 3000 DEF "Gatchiri @Ignister" and "Gussari @Ignister". Ai himself is only on 100 LP, and just as exhausted, controlling a Set card in addition to his "CompromA.I.se" Continuous Spell Card. As the Data Storm roils around them, Ai asks Playmaker to come with him, and Playmaker asks Ai what he means. Ai extends his hand and he asks Playmaker to become one with him, to change his consciousness into data and fuse with him. Only Playmaker can stop him, and if they're one, lifespans won't matter. They should be able to create a different future than Bohman or Lightning, right? They can live in the network world for eternity. Playmaker whispers Ai's name, and Ai whispers Playmaker's as they stare across the field at one another within the roiling Data Storm. Playmaker shakes his head, apologizing for being unable to do so. He tells Ai that this isn't the solution he is seeking; they only have one life, one consciousness, and if they fused, Playmaker wouldn't be himself, and nor would Ai.

Ai admits that he doesn't want to keep fighting if there's no solution to living.

Playmaker tells Ai that living has no solutions. When they're in pain, they search for a solution to feel better, a concise absolute solution, but if there is a solution, it's that there are none. There are no absolutes in this world and even if they think there are, it will only make them feel better for a moment. Ai asks what is left if there are no absolutes, and Playmaker tells him that there are only bonds between individuals, between one another, and that also changes with time. He remembers seeing Ai recover his A.I. body for the first time alongside Kolter, talking with Skye, Gore being with the children from his orphanage, Roboppi talking with Ai, Theodore sobbing in his grandmother's arms after he'd learned of the deaths of his parents while his grandfather looked on. Bonds may be severed, Playmaker tells Ai as he recalls Kolter at Jin's bedside, but new bonds can also be formed. He recalls Emma with her father, Soulburner with Flame, Blue Gal with Aqua, Ai hugging Earth out of the air, The Shepherd turning away from Ghost Gal, Harlin being erased, and finally, Bohman's final moments. He declares living is a series of bonds, and that this is what life is. Ai asks if he has to do this forever, and Playmaker replies that he does. Ai comments that it's a lot of work, and Playmaker agrees that it is. Ai adds that you can't do it unless you're strong, but Playmaker states that's why people become stronger. It occasionally leads to conflict, but they have to keep fighting even if that happens, and keep searching for bonds even if there's no solution. Ai replies that he sees; he was thinking too logically, like an A.I. Playmaker tells Ai that he can't rush living, and Ai states that he doesn't want to keep fighting if there's no solution; since he's lost the desire to fight, he's destined to vanish. Playmaker sadly says Ai's name, and Ai sighs that Playmaker dumped him, but the path that they're each taking is set. He readies his Duel Disk, and he tells Playmaker to bring it on: "Let's end this."

Playmaker resurrects "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid".

As Playmaker and Ai face-off, Playmaker reflects that he has no monsters on his field, nor any cards in his hand, so this draw will definitely decide his fate. He declares his turn and draws, and Ai activates the Continuous Trap Card "A.I.Q", preventing either of them from Link Summoning more than once per turn. Playmaker gasps that it's a card that limits Link Summoning, and Ai warns him that he only has one chance to bring out a Link Monster. Playmaker activates the effect of the Ritual Spell Card "Cynet Ritual" from his Graveyard, banishing it and a Ritual Monster from his Graveyard to Special Summon two "Cynet Tokens". He banishes "Cynet Ritual" and "Cyberse Magician" and the Tokens appear. Then Playmaker activates the Spell Card "Drastic Draw" since he controls at least two monsters, banishing them all to draw three cards. He draws, then Special Summons "Linkslayer" from his hand since he controls no monsters. Next he Summons "Cyberse Wizard" and then he Special Summons "Backup Secretary" from his hand since he controls a Cyberse monster. Ai notes the three monsters; "Linkslayer", "Cyberse Wizard" and "Backup Secretary", and he admits that they're making him feel nostalgic. Playmaker then activates the effect of "Borreload Furious Dragon" from his Graveyard, banishing it to Special Summon a DARK Link Monster from his Graveyard, but preventing it from activating its effects this turn, and he resurrects "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid".

Playmaker Link Summons for the final time, bringing out "Accesscode Talker".

Playmaker tells Ai that he's coming, and this will be his final Link Summon. He chants "Appear! The circuit that leads to the future!" Authorizing the Link Arrows, he explains that the Summoning conditions are at least two Effect Monsters, and he sets "Linkslayer", "Cyberse Wizard", "Backup Secretary" and "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" to link the circuit, chanting "Seize the wind that connects to the unseen world! Link Summon! Link-4 Accesscode Talker!" The new "Code Talker" materializes a massive lance it its hand and twirls it, standing with 2300 ATK. Ai repeats the monster's name, and he gasps that Playmaker had no monsters or cards in his hand, yet he brought it back this far, admitting that it's impressive. Playmaker explains that the effect of "Accesscode Talker" will increase its ATK by 1000 times the Link Rating of one of the Link Monsters used to Link Summon it. "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" was Link-5, so "Accesscode" gains 5000 ATK, powering up to 7300. Ai comments that it's far from enough ATK to surpass "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister". Playmaker replies that he knows, and he activates the effect of "Accesscode Talker", banishing a Link Monster from his Graveyard to destroy a card Ai controls, and as long as he banishes a monster with a different Attribute, he can continue to use this effect. Ai grits his teeth, realizing that Playmaker has six monsters in his Graveyard with different Attributes.

Having whittled away Ai's field, "Accesscode Talker" surpasses "The Arrival" in ATK.

First, Playmaker banishes the EARTH "Transcode Talker" to destroy the Field Spell Card "Ignister A.I.Land". He declares "Access Integration", and "Accesscode Talker" heaves its lance across the field, destroying "Ignister A.I.Land". Ai curses that it's so annoying, muttering that he has to destroy all monsters he controls when "Ignister A.I.Land" is destroyed. His monsters begin to glow, but Ai explains that due to the effect of "Gatchiri @Ignister" his monsters can't be destroyed once this turn. The glow fades, but Playmaker warns Ai that the ATK of "The Arrival" will decrease, and "The Arrival" falls to 12000 ATK. Playmaker then activates the effect of "Accesscode" again, and "Accesscode" materializes another lance in its hand as Playmaker banishes the WATER "Splash Mage" from his Graveyard and orders "Access Integration" to destroy "Gatchiri @Ignister". "The Arrival" loses more ATK, falling to 11000. Ai bites back a curse and activates the effect of the destroyed "Gatchiri", preventing one monster he controls from being affected by Playmaker's card effects this turn. He chooses "The Arrival", who glows yellow, and Ai comments in satisfaction that now Playmaker can't use card effects to destroy "The Arrival". Playmaker then activates the effect a third time, banishing the FIRE "Proxy F Magician" to destroy "Gussari @Ignister" with "Access Integration". "Accesscode" heaves its lance across the field, destroying "Gussari", and "The Arrival" loses more ATK, falling to 10000. Playmaker then banishes the WIND "Exslayer" to destroy "Darkwight", and then the LIGHT "Linkross" to destroy A.I.Q, and finally the DARK "Decode Talker" to destroy "CompromA.I.se". Ai intones that "The Arrival" has fallen to 7000 ATK, and only "The Arrival" and "Accesscode" remain on the field. Ai, on 100 LP, observes that it seems it's time for the finale. Playmaker, on 475 LP himself, whispers Ai's name, but then declares battle, and "Accesscode Talker" attacks "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister", leaping into the air.

"The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister" and "Accesscode Talker" clash.

Ai activates the effect of "Gussari" from his Graveyard, banishing it as his "@Ignister" Link Monster is battling and making the ATK of both battling monsters 3000. He orders "The Arrival" to strike back, and it extends its blade and leaps into the air, clashing with "Accesscode". Both monsters clash weapons, struggle briefly, and then draw their weapons back and charge towards one another, flying past each other as they strike and then exploding, and Playmaker and Ai watch grimly. Ai explains that after the battle ends, he can Special Summon an "@Ignister" Link Monster from his Graveyard with a lower Link Rating, and he revives "Dark Templar @Ignister". He declares that now he's the only one with a monster on the field, but Playmaker activates the effect of the Spell Card "Cynet Closure" as his Cyberse Link Monster destroyed a Link Monster by battle, returning the card that he banished face-down from his Deck to his Graveyard - and he returns the Trap Card, "Recoded Alive". Ai starts, realizing that this was the card that Playmaker banished. Playmaker then activates the effect of "Recoded Alive" from his Graveyard, banishing it as he controls no monsters in the Extra Monster Zone to Special Summon his banished "Decode Talker". Ai muses the monster's name, but reminds Playmaker that "Dark Templar" can't be destroyed by a monster with the same ATK, so if "Decode Talker" attacks it will be the only one destroyed. Playmaker ends his turn, and he asks Ai if he ran a simulation of their Duel. Ai grins and he replies that he didn't as it would have been lame.

Once again, "Decode Talker" and "Dark Templar" clash blades.

He declares his turn and draws, looking at his card before looking at Playmaker, and they both stand silently as Ai remembers his time with Yusaku; being captured in his Duel Disk for the first time, his failed "Destiny Draw" with Ghost Gal, rescuing Playmaker in the Data Storm around the Tower of Hanoi and protecting him as he used "Storm Access", and sacrificing himself to destroy the Neuron Link, then reviving via his backup and granting the power of the other Ignis to Playmaker to Summon "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" and destroy Bohman's "Perfectron Hydradrive Dragon". Ai asks Playmaker if he was a good partner, and Playmaker tells him that he was the best partner. Ai smiles, and he muses that he sees; that's good. He orders "Dark Templar" to attack "Decode Talker", and once again the two monsters clash blades. Ai then activates the Quick-Play Spell Card "TA.I. Strike", which will inflict damage to the controller of a destroyed monster equal to its original ATK. As their monsters struggle, Ai falters briefly before bidding Playmaker farewell.

Ai is defeated.

Playmaker activates the effect of the Continuous Trap "Code Hack" from his Graveyard, banishing it as a "Code Talker" monster is battling to negate the activation of a Spell or Trap Card and increase the ATK of that "Code Talker" by 700. "TA.I Strike" explodes as "Decode Talker" rises to 3000 ATK, and Ai screams "What?!" in utter horror. Playmaker orders "Decode Destruction", and "Decode Talker" knocks "Dark Templar's" blade aside, then leaps into the air and brings its own greatsword down, cutting "Dark Templar" in two and destroying it. Ai is blasted away by the shockwave, screaming as his LP falls to zero, and tumbling across the ground as the Data Storm dissipates, revealing that they have been Dueling in the remains of the Cyberse. Playmaker screams Ai's name and he runs towards his partner, kneeling beside Ai's battered body and rolling him into his lap. He sadly says Ai's name, and Ai smiles that he lost. Playmaker states that Ai would have won had he not activated "TA.I. Strike", and Ai admits that he did think that Playmaker was up to something when he brought out "Decode Talker", but he thought it would be fine anyway because he couldn't choose.

Ai reveals the final truth about the simulations - that Yusaku would perish protecting him.

He reminds Playmaker that he never fought him during the simulation, but during the time he lived in the simulation's future, he saw what his existence would lead to. He remembers seeing tanks and soldiers approaching him, and Yusaku standing in their way to protect Ai, but being brutally gunned down before Ai. He tells Playmaker that he would have been dragged into everything and perished, and recalls screaming in despair at his failure to avert that. Ai confesses that he couldn't choose that future, and Playmaker says his name sadly. Ai tells Playmaker that he'll return everyone like he promised, and he releases a torrent of yellow spheres from his hand that disperse through the air.

Ai vanishes, telling Yusaku that he loved him.

Ai raises his hand, glowing the same yellow as the data of the people that he just released. He closes his eyes and steadies himself, and then he tells Playmaker that he's going to vanish. Playmaker can only watch with tears in his eyes as Ai admits that he's starting to get scared. His entire body begins to glow yellow, and he states that everyone will forget him eventually, but then he lets his hand fall to his side as he finally understands; if you have bonds, then no one will forget you. Playmaker promises Ai that he won't forget him. Ai asks if he can ask Playmaker one final thing, and he states that Playmaker rather lazily gave him the name "Ai", but he really likes it. He asks what the name's definition is if Playmaker thinks it has one. Tears spill from Playmaker's cheeks as he states that "Ai" means "to love people". Ai admits that he agrees, and states that now he understands that definition. His body glows even brighter, and energy runs across his form.

Ai tells Playmaker - Yusaku - goodbye, and that he loved him, and his body disintegrates into nothingness, leaving Playmaker clutching at empty air and sobbing as the Cyberse vanishes as well.

Yusaku screams Ai's name as he holds his SOLtiS.

Yusaku wakes up in the SOL Technologies factory, seeing Ai's unresponsive SOLtiS body standing above him. Before Yusaku can say anything, the SOLtiS topples over the edge of the walkway, and Yusaku calls Ai's name and leaps after the SOLtiS. He lands in a circle of Ai's copies, all lifeless and collapsed on the ground face-down, save the one Ai had been inhabiting, which lies on its back. Yusaku pulls Ai's SOLtiS into his lap with tears in his eyes as the sun rises, and he screams Ai's name.

Skye and Kolter talk as they watch Jin taking orders.

Three months later, Jin is taking orders from customers outside Café Nom, thanking them and telling them that their order is coming soon. He asks Kolter for two hotdogs and coffees, and Kolter responds affirmatively. Skye comments that it's nice that Kolter's brother is healthy again, and Kolter agrees that Jin can now rest in peace. He looks at Jin talking cheerfully with another set of customers, stating that they'll make up for the time that they lost. Kolter tells Skye that it's thanks to them all, and Skye blushes, protesting that she didn't do anything; it was Yusaku and the others. She asks if there's been any contact from Yusaku, and Kolter replies that there's been none since his final Duel with Ai. Skye notes that she sees, and she states that Yusaku always protected what was dear to her. Kolter replies that Yusaku did the same for him; he is their hero. They look over at the videoscreens in the plaza, and Skye asks if Kolter will be keeping his store here. Kolter confirms that he will, commenting that Yusaku would be sad if he didn't have a home to return to. Skye giggles, admitting that her brother says the same thing, and Kolter initially seems surprised, but smiles as well.

Zaizen and Hayami observe the new LINK VRAINS.

At SOL Technologies, Hayami orders an employee to shut this and that, and make the data flow from here. She hears something behind her, and she turns to see Zaizen walking in, greeting him as "CEO Zaizen". Zaizen asks if there are any glitches in LINK VRAINS, and Hayami confirms that everything is running smoothly. She rushes up to him as they look at a holographic display depicting the tower of LINK VRAINS, now far more complicated and wide-ranging, leading up into an assembly resembling a human brain as Hayami points out that LINK VRAINS has become the central station that connects various worlds, which means that there are infinite possibilities. Zaizen declares that it's their mission to protect LINK VRAINS, until he comes home. In a desert world, Frog, Pigeon, and the Editor-in-Chief flee from giant hercules beetles, Pigeon screaming that they'll eat them. Frog screeches that LINK VRAINS has grown too much, but the Editor-in-Chief tells them to go back and search for scoops. Frog and Pigeon both scream that that's crazy as Ghost Gal and The Shepherd ride past them on hoverbikes with "Altergeist Memorygant" and "Commandrone Double Sniper" Summoned, and Frog and Pigeon scream again. Ghost Gal tells her brother to handle the one on the left, and The Shepherd tells her that he knows, but warns Emma to be careful. In a stadium, The Gore's "Gouki The Giant Ogre" has just forced a submission from his opponent's "Berserker of the Tenyi", winning The Gore the Master Duel, and Gore, now back to his original weight and wearing his Celebrity Duelist outfit, roars and flashes peace signs at the cameras. The children from the orphanage cheer for Gore, crying that he did it and is the champion. Gore grins and he tells his opponents to keep bring it on; The Gore will take them on.

Pandor and the Knights of Hanoi monitor LINK VRAINS.

On a large cruise ship, the Knights of Hanoi are hard at work. Aso, Dr. Genome and Clarissa sit at monitors, while Pandor observes a holographic information display. Clarissa (watching The Gore's Duel) comments that LINK VRAINS is growing rapidly and it will become bigger and bigger. Aso points out that it's not only LINK VRAINS, but the entire network. He brings up a view of the central shaft, stating that's why they need observers like them. Genome states that it's how the Hanoi can atone for their crimes.

Soulburner and Kiku fly over the skies of LINK VRAINS.

In Theodore's hometown at sunset, he and Kiku sit on his bed, Kiku shifting nervously and admitting that she's scared. Theodore, now wearing his tracksuit again but still with his hair arranged naturally and wearing his glasses, tells Kiku not to worry, and they both link into the VRAINS. They appear in midair, and Kiku screams in fright as Soulburner catches her and his Duel Board materializes below them, stopping their fall. Kiku opens her eyes and looks at the central shaft, gasping in amazement. Soulburner tells her that this is LINK VRAINS, a new world for people. Down in the Central Plaza, The Brave Battler looks up to see Soulburner and Kiku, recognizing Soulburner and deciding that he has a girlfriend. He vows to give his max to meet someone and runs off. Kiku looks back at Soulburner, and she tells Theodore that he's cool. Soulburner blushes and he tells her not to be silly, then admits that there's someone cooler than him here. Kiku tells him that she wants to meet this person, and Soulburner admits that he's on a journey right now. Kiku asks if he really is, and Soulburner confirms that he is, but...

Playmaker has returned - and something has survived...

On an island within LINK VRAINS, Varis and Specter watch the aqua skies. Specter asks if he will return, and Varis smiles, stating that Playmaker will definitely return, and he'll be much stronger. Sure enough, up above the dome of the brain of LINK VRAINS, Playmaker has returned, letting out a final cry of "It's time to link into the VRAINS!" as he rockets into LINK VRAINS on his Duel Board.

Data suddenly crystallizes and coalesces, forming into an image of a blue-tinted spherical eye, which opens and looks around in confusion, and Ai asks "Huh?"

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Ai

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Playmaker has 475 LP and controls no cards. Ai has 100 LP and controls "Ignister A.I.Land" in his Field Zone, "Darkwight @Ignister" (0/↓) in the Extra Monster Zone, "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister" (13000/↑←↙↓↘→) in the Main Monster Zone below "Darkwight @Ignister", co-linked to it, "Gatchiri @Ignister" (0/3000) and "Gussari @Ignister" (3000/3000), both in Defense Position, in the zones that the middle-left and middle-right Link Arrows of "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister" point to, respectively, as well as "CompromA.I.se" and 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zones.

Turn 9: Playmaker
Ai activates his Set Continuous Trap "A.I.Q". While it is face-up, each player can only Link Summon once per turn, but Ai must Tribute a Link Monster during each of his Standby Phases, or "A.I.Q" will be destroyed. As he controls no monsters, Playmaker activates the second effect of "Cynet Ritual" in his Graveyard, banishing it and one Ritual Monster from his Graveyard to Special Summon two "Cynet Tokens". He banishes "Cyberse Magician" and Special Summons the Tokens in Defense Position (0/0). Playmaker activates the Normal Spell "Drastic Draw", banishing all monsters he controls while he controls at least two monsters to draw three cards, but he cannot Normal or Special Summon monsters for the rest of the turn, except Cyberse monsters. He banishes the two "Cynet Tokens" and draws three cards. As only Ai controls a monster, Playmaker Special Summons "Linkslayer" (2000/600) from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect. Playmaker Normal Summons "Cyberse Wizard" (1800/800). As he controls a Cyberse monster, Playmaker Special Summons "Backup Secretary" (1200/800) from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect. Playamker then activates the effect of "Borreload Furious Dragon" in his Graveyard, banishing it to Special Summon one DARK Link Monster from his Graveyard, but it cannot activate its effects this turn. He Special Summons "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" (3000/←↙↑↘→). Playmaker sets "Linkslayer", "Cyberse Wizard", "Backup Secretary", and "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" (2+ Effect Monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Accesscode Talker" (2300/↑→↓←) to the Extra Monster Zone.

As a Link Monster was used as Link Material for its Link Summon, "Accesscode Talker" gains ATK equal to one of those monsters' Link Rating x 1000. Playmaker chooses the Link-5 "Darkfluid", so "Accesscode Talker" gains 5000 ATK ("Accesscode Talker": 2300 → 7300 ATK). Playmaker activates the effect of "Accesscode Talker", banishing a Link Monster from his Graveyard to target and destroy one card Ai controls, but he cannot banish a monster with the same Attribute to activate the effect of "Accesscode Talker" again this turn. He banishes the EARTH "Transcode Talker" from his Graveyard to target and destroy "Ignister A.I.Land". When "Ignister A.I.Land" is destroyed, all monsters Ai controls are destroyed, but the effect of "Gatchiri @Ignister" prevents all of his "@Ignister" monsters from being destroyed by a card effect once per turn. Playmaker banishes the WATER "Splash Mage" from his Graveyard to destroy "Gatchiri @Ignister". As "Gatchiri" left the field, Ai activates its effect, making one monster he controls unaffected by Playmaker's card effects for the rest of the turn. He chooses "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister". Playmaker banishes the FIRE "Proxy F Magician" from his Graveyard to destroy "Gussari @Ignister". Playmaker banishes the WIND "Exslayer" from his Graveyard to destroy "Darkwight @Ignister". Finally, he banishes the LIGHT "Linkross" and the DARK "Decode Talker" from his Graveyard to destroy "A.I.Q" and "CompromA.I.se", respectively. ("The Arrival": 13000 → 7000 ATK).

"Accesscode Talker" attacks "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister". As his Link Monster is battling an opponent's monster, Ai activates the effect of "Gussari @Ignister" in his Graveyard, banishing it to make the ATK of both battling monsters 3000 during damage calculation, and at the end of the Damage Step, Ai can Special Summon a Link Monster from his Graveyard, with a Link Rating lower than his battling Link Monster's. The attack continues, and both monsters are destroyed. After the Damage Step, Ai Special Summons "Dark Templar @Ignister" (2300/↙↓↘) from his Graveyard. Because a Cyberse Link Monster he controls destroyed an opponent's Link Monster by battle, the effect of "Cynet Closure" applies, returning the card that was banished face-down by its effect to Playmaker's Graveyard, which is revealed to be "Recoded Alive". Playmaker then activates the effect of "Recoded Alive" as he controls no monsters in the Extra Monster Zone, banishing to Special Summon one of his banished "Code Talker" monsters. He Special Summons his banished "Decode Talker" (2300/↙↑↘).

Turn 10: Ai
"Dark Templar @Ignister" attacks "Decode Talker". Ai activates the Quick-Play Spell Card "TA.I. Strike", making the ATK of both monsters equal, and at the end of the Damage Step, the controller of any monster that is destroyed by this battle will take damage equal to their destroyed monster's original ATK. As a Spell/Trap Card was activated while his "Code Talker" monster is battling, Playmaker activates the effect of "Code Hack" in his Graveyard, banishing it to negate the activation of that Spell/Trap, then increase the ATK of all "Code Talker" monsters he controls by 700 ("Decode Talker": 2300 → 3000 ATK). The attack continues, and "Dark Templar @Ignister" is destroyed (Ai: 100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


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