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This is a listing of opponents in Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004, including how to unlock them, an overview of their Deck and strategies.

Level 1 opponents[edit]

All Level 1 opponents are available at the start of the game.

Level 1
Tea Gardner WC4.jpg
Tea Gardner
Theme: "Maintain LP".

Tea can bring her Life Points up with her Traps and Effect Monsters, but she has no means of removing her foe's cards. Although most of her monsters are weak and effect-less (max. 500 ATK/1400 DEF), she can Fusion Summon the powerful (2800 ATK) "St. Joan", and her component monsters: the 2000 DEF "The Forgiving Maiden" and 1700 ATK "Marie the Fallen One". Other than that, "Nimble Momonga" can provide Tea with a defensive wall, extra Life Points, and potential Tribute fodder, while "Fire Princess" can burn off a massive amount of your Life Points if not disposed of quickly.

Tristan Taylor WC4.jpg
Tristan Taylor
Theme: "High ATK".

Tristan's monsters are extremely weak (max. 600 ATK). The only real threat in his deck is "Goblin Attack Force", which can be easily disposed of after it attacks. His Spells are limited to Equip Cards that can increase ATK (if he would use them!), and he has no Traps at all.

Most of Tristan's Tribute Summons are less than impressive, especially if you can Summon high-level monsters of your own. He does have a fairly strong monster in the form of "Hyozanryu" (2100 ATK/2800 DEF), but it requires two Tributes to summon. If you keep destroying his monsters as fast as he can Set them, Tristan is all but helpless.

Ryou Bakura WC4.jpg
Ryou Bakura (World Championship)
Theme: "Basic".

His Deck is a slightly stronger version of Tristan's Deck with only monsters and equip Spells. The only dangerous non-Tribute monsters in this Deck are the three "Maha Vailos" with the rarely-used Equip Cards and his one copy of "Slate Warrior", who you'll be seeing a lot more of later on. The other monsters have max. 600 ATK. However, Bakura does have a few monsters with 2000 DEF, so you might want to Tribute Summon stronger monsters before attacking his Set monsters.

He often places a "Black Pendant" facedown in the hopes of faking a Trap Card and dealing you 500 points of damage. Unfortunately, he lacks any actual Traps, so Spell/Trap removal is largely unnecessary as long as you can destroy his monsters before Bakura can power them up with his many Equip Cards.

Trusdale WC4.jpg
Theme: "Exodia".

One of the first truly challenging opponents in the game. He uses "Pot of Greed", "Jar of Greed", "Upstart Goblin", and "Graceful Charity" to increase his chances of drawing the pieces of the Forbidden One, "Witch of the Black Forest" and "Sangan" to bring the parts to his hand, and "Backup Soldier" to retrieve pieces from his Graveyard. However, the latter option is useless if he drops the head into the Graveyard, ruining his chances of winning with Exodia if it is discarded.

To protect his Life Points while assembling Exodia, Trusdale has powerful Spells and Traps mainly focused on destroying his opponent's monsters, including "Mirror Force", "Torrential Tribute", and "Dark Hole". Most of his monsters are fairly weak (max. 600 ATK), but his array of Spells and Traps often allows them to attack directly, and their hits add up. To top it off, Trusdale possesses a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which he can and will summon at any opportunity-if it hits the field, he might not even need Exodia to score a victory.

Yugi Muto WC4.jpg
Yugi Muto
Theme: "Basic".

Yugi's deck is full of weak monsters (with 700 ATK), but he has a few strong ones-such as "Gemini Elf", and "Summoned Skull" - that will be troublesome to defeat in direct battle. He also has a broad selection of Spells and Traps which he uses to protect his monsters, clear a path for an attack, or provide an opening for him to Summon something more powerful.


Level 2 opponents[edit]

Before Level 2 opponents can be unlocked, all Level 1 opponents must be defeated at least 3 times each. After that, you must have a certain amount of cards from each starting Booster Pack. Since you have a random set of cards (120) in your trunk at the beginning of the game, you might already have some of the cards that can be found in one of the Booster Packs. After acquiring the amount from a particular booster pack, the corresponding opponent is unlocked.

Level 2
Rex Raptor WC4.jpg
Rex Raptor
Theme: "High DEF".

To unlock Rex, you need 30 different cards from the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Booster Pack.

Rex plays a Dinosaur Deck. His strongest low Level monsters are his three copies of "Crawling Dragon #2" and "Two-Headed King Rex", both with 1600 Attack Points. If he gets a "Polymerization" in his hand, he can also fuse one of each into the 2200 ATK "Bracchio-raidus". Additionally, his "Mad Sword Beast" can pierce through the DEF of enemy monsters to hit your Life Points, but with 1400 ATK, it's fairly easy to beat.

Getting past him is a bit tougher than previous opponents, but with no Traps and little card destruction beyond direct battle, Rex is still a fairly simple foe. Most of his monsters don't surpass 800 ATK / 1400 DEF.

Espa Roba WC4.jpg
Espa Roba
Theme: "clairvoyance".

To unlock Espa Roba, you need 30 of the cards from the Red-Eyes B. Dragon Booster Pack.

Espa's Deck is pretty weak (most monsters with max. 800 ATK), but it can be problematic, especially against Decks heavily reliant on Flip Effects. He mainly uses "Witch of the Black Forest" to grab "Jinzo", using its high ATK and ability to deal with his foes. He likes to play "Light of Intervention", which backfires if your monsters are strong, and "Shadow of Eyes", which only poses problems for monsters with Flip Effects. He also tends to play weak monsters, like "Prevent Rat", in Attack Mode as an opening gamble.

Weevil Underwood WC4.jpg
Weevil Underwood
Theme: "Insects".

To unlock Weevil Underwood, you need 25 different cards from the B. Skull Dragon Booster Pack.

Weevil's Deck is tougher than most Decks so far. He has lots of monster-destroying effects such as "Mirror Force", "Torrential Tribute", "Raigeki" and "Man-Eater Bug". He uses "Sangan" to get "Witch of the Black Forest", which in turn gets "Empress Mantis" or "Jirai Gumo", each of which has 2200 ATK. The latter is also a Level 4 Monster, allowing Weevil to summon it without Tributes, but it has a 50% chance of halving his Life Points with every attack-and Weevil has poor luck with coin flips.

Moreover, Weevil is the first opponent to make heavy use of Flip Effects. Apart from his monster-destroying "Man-Eater Bug", his "4-Starred Ladybug of Doom" can wipe out every Level 4 monster on the field at once, while his "Penguin Soldier" returns two monsters of his choice to their owner's hand. He also uses "Needle Worm" to knock out large chunks of his opponent's Deck-and since he has three copies of it, prolonged Duels are very risky. His remaining normal monsters have max. 800 ATK.

Bonz WC4.jpg
Theme: "Traps".

To unlock Bonz, you need 40 of the cards from the Barrel Dragon Booster Pack.

Despite the theme of his Deck being "Traps", Bonz only has a few Trap Cards. He relies heavily on Monster Destruction to keep foes under control long enough for him to get his heavy hitters into play, and his few Traps will ensure that opponents suffer a high cost if they get too aggressive. He has some elements of Deck Destruction as well, including "Gravekeeper's Servant" and the effect of "The Bistro Butcher".

He has several powerful Level 4 Monsters at his disposal, including three copies of "La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp" (with 1800 ATK), two copies of "The Bistro Butcher" (also with 1800 ATK), and a single "Slate Warrior" (1900 ATK). His main power card is the 2500-ATK "Summoned Skull", while his 2600-DEF "Ryu-Ran" is his best option for protecting his Life Points.

His remaining normal monsters have max. 850 ATK.

Mako Tsunami WC4.jpg
Mako Tsunami
Theme: "Big Wave".

To unlock Mako Tsunami, you need 17 of the cards from the Black Luster Soldier Booster Pack.

Mako Tsunami is one of the most aggressive opponents so far. He uses "Umi" and "A Legendary Ocean" to Summon "The Legendary Fisherman" easily and raise the already-impressive ATK of "Amphibian Beast". He also has six Level 4 monsters with 1800 ATK, which often goes even higher thanks to his Field Spells, so you will probably need Spells or Traps of your own to overcome them.

With "Torrential Tribute" and "Raigeki" to destroy your monsters and "Tornado Wall" to negate their damage, Mako's Life Points can be difficult to deplete. However, he tends to destroy his own "Tornado Wall" by changing his Field Spell, or you can get proactive and change the field yourself. Either way, Spell and Trap removal will prove most useful against this foe.

His remaining normal monsters have max. 900 ATK.


Level 3 opponents[edit]

Level 3 opponents can only be unlocked after all Level 2 opponents have been defeated at least 5 times each. In addition, each duelist requires the player to have a certain card (or cards) in their Trunk, but not in their Deck.

Level 3
Mai Valentine WC4.jpg
Mai Valentine
Theme: "Harpie".

The player must have "Harpie's Feather Duster" in their Trunk and none in their Deck to unlock Mai. This keycard can be found in the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Booster Pack. Her Deck relies on Harpie Lady and other Wind-Attribute monsters, powered up by her Rising Air Current. In this state, few monsters can match her in battle, and her Harpie's Feather Duster makes setting Traps risky until it is used.

Bandit Keith WC4.jpg
Bandit Keith
Theme: "Machines".

The player must have "Barrel Dragon" in their Trunk and none in their Deck to unlock Keith. This keycard can be found in the Barrel Dragon Booster Pack. His Level 4 Machine monsters are fairly tough, but it's high-level cards like "Cyber-Tech Alligator" and "Barrel Dragon" that make him a serious threat. On the other hand, he lacks Traps to protect him from attacks (although his "Trap Hole" cards will make summoning riskier), and his "Gamble" often backfires on himself, causing him to lose turns. He senselessly uses Limiter Removal on his own defense position monsters.

Joey Wheeler WC4.jpg
Joey Wheeler
Theme: "High ATK".

The player must have "Jinzo" in their Trunk and none in their Deck to unlock Joey. This keycard can be found in the Jinzo Booster Pack which is unlocked after 10 wins against Weevil Underwood. Unlike Tristan, most of his monsters actually are quite strong, and his "Time Wizard" can clear the field to let them hit his enemies directly. If he manages to pull off a Tribute Summon, expect even bigger problems from "Jinzo", "Summoned Skull", and "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", and his "Polymerization" can bring forth one of three deadly Fusion Monsters; one with potential for Direct Attacks, and another with 3200 ATK!

Maximillion Pegasus WC4.jpg
Maximillion Pegasus
Theme: "Toonized".

The player must have "Toon World", "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon" and "Toon Summoned Skull" in their Trunk and none in their Deck to unlock Pegasus. This keycards can be found in the Toon Summoned Skull Booster Pack.

Pegasus plays a Toon Deck. He pays a lot of Life Points for cards like his Toon Monsters and "Mirror Wall", but uses "Nimble Momonga" and several Trap Cards to gain more. If his Toons fail him, expect to see a "Relinquished" equipping his foe's strongest monster and using its power against its original owner. (Strangely, however, despite also using the 0 ATK/DEF "Thousand-Eyes Idol", he never seems to summon "Thousand-Eyes Restrict". This is because Pegasus' deck has no Polymerization in it.)


Level 4 opponents[edit]

After all Level 3 opponents have been defeated at least 7 times each, the player can then select random Ghouls as opponents. When all five Ghouls have been defeated in a row, Marik Ishtar will be unlocked. After Marik is defeated, the random Ghoul opponent is replaced by the individual Ghouls.

The Ghouls are also the first opponents with illegal Decks, using multiple copies of powerful Limited cards such as "Raigeki" or "Pot of Greed".

Level 4
Arkana WC4.jpg
Theme: "Tributes".

Arkana's Deck is focused on Tributing, mainly for Cannon Soldier's effect and high-Level Monsters. A Mask of Restrict could be recommended to combat this. He also has several revival cards to bring back his sacrificed creatures. His normal monsters that he can bring out without tributing all have an ATK of 1100.

Smartness of AI: He never seem to use Snatch Steal although he has 3 copies of it in his deck.

Rare Hunter WC4.jpg
Rare Hunter
Theme: "Exodia II".

Rare Hunter uses an illegal "Exodia" Deck, including multiple copies of many Limited cards, such as "Graceful Charity", "Pot of Greed" and the "Exodia" pieces, but only one copy of Exodia the Forbidden One. Unlike Trusdale, he relies solely on drawing Exodia for victory, thus all of his cards are for either getting the pieces of Exodia into his hand or preventing his opponent from attacking (usually through monster destruction). His strongest monster is the 1400 ATK Mystic Tomato. Try to drop Exodia the Forbidden One in the Graveyard and he is almost out of options to win.

Smartness of AI: he never Summons or Sets an Exodia part from his hand.

Umbra and Lumis WC4.jpg
Umbra and Lumis
Theme: "Masquerade".

Umbra and Lumis use a Beatdown Deck, themed around various masked cards. They are reliant on Tributes to get their stronger monsters in play, but also make use of Mask of Brutality and Mask of Weakness to give their cards the edge in battle.

Strings WC4.jpg
Theme: "High DEF".

Strings' Deck is nothing out of the ordinary-just standard Monster-based Beatdown with associated Spells and Traps. The only problem comes from his multiple copies of powerful Limited cards like Raigeki and Premature Burial. He does have several Level 4 Monsters with 1900 ATK, all others don't exceed 1200 ATK.

Odion WC4.jpg
Theme: "Trap Wave".

True to his anime portrayal, Odion's Deck is brimming with Trap Cards-including specialized counters to several popular Spells. His Monster and Spell cards are relatively sparse, but designed to punish those who think they can out-stall him, and his arsenal of Traps makes taking the direct route difficult. Bringing a Jinzo or a Royal Decree to this Duel may not be a bad idea...


Level 5 opponents[edit]

With the exception of Marik Ishtar, all Level 5 opponents are only available if all Level 4 duelists have been defeated at least 10 times.

Level 5
Ishizu Ishtar WC4.jpg
Ishizu Ishtar
Theme: "Lightning".

The player must have only monsters in their Deck to unlock Ishizu. Her Deck is designed to raise her Life Points as both a defense against damage and as a way to activate the effects of Dark Elf and Fire Princess. Offensively, she prefers powering up her Dunames Dark Witch, but will attack whenever she has an opening. Although she has cards in her fusion deck zone she has no possibility of fusion summoning.

Marik Ishtar WC4.jpg
Marik Ishtar
Theme: "Darkness".

Marik Ishtar is unlocked by defeating 5 Rare Hunters in a row. His Deck focuses on forcing the opponent to discard, activating the damaging effect of Magical Thorn. He prefers Flip effect monsters and Beatsticks.

Seto Kaiba WC4.jpg
Seto Kaiba
Theme: "blue eyes' evolution".

Seto Kaiba is unlocked after 10 wins against Bakura, Mai, Joey, Odion, and Ishizu. His Deck's theme is pure power, with strong Monsters and destruction effects. As usual, his Blue-Eyes White Dragon makes an appearance or three, and if given a chance, he will not hesitate to summon their combined form.

Shadi WC4.jpg
Theme: "balance on the edge".

Shadi is unlocked after 10 wins against Bakura, Mai, Yugi, Joey, Marik, Ishizu, and Kaiba. He uses elements of Burn/Lockdown/Deck Destruction Decks, designed to inflict damage through Chain Energy and Magic Thorn, while limiting his opponent's options. He also uses strong LV 4 monsters as well as 3 weak normal monsters (with 1400 ATK/1200 DEF) which seam to be suited to be destroyed by searchers like Shining Elf.

Since he has no cards against your spells or traps you might set all your cards from your hand onto the field so they are safe and you won't have to pay for Chain Energy later.

Smartness of AI: You might just want to wait until he depletes his own LP with his Chain Energy because in this game he is able and willing to do so.


Level 6 opponents[edit]

Level 6 opponents are only unlockable when all Level 5 opponents have been defeated at least 15 times each. They are all unlocked by defeating certain opponents three times in a row, and will Duel the player when the opponent is chosen a fourth time. If defeated, they will remain unlocked for the rest of the game.

Level 6
Simon WC4.jpg
Theme: "Exodia III".

Defeating any combination of Tea, Tristan, and Trusdale in a row causes Simon to challenge you when you go for a fourth round against any of them.

His Exodia Deck only uses one copy of the Forbidden One's components. Compared to Trusdale's Exodia deck he prefers monsters with high ATK instead of destruction effects and has multiple copies of cards that can add Exodia parts to his hand.

Yami Bakura WC4.jpg
Yami Bakura
Theme: "Destiny Board".

Defeat Bakura 3 times in a row to make Yami Bakura replace him for a fourth duel. He has a variety of options for victory, including straight offence (via his strong Level 4 monsters and Equip Spells), Effect Damage (provided by several of his Traps), Deck depletion (the effects of The Bistro Butcher and Gravekeeper's Servant), and his Destiny Board.

Marik Ishtar Yami WC4.jpg
Marik Ishtar
Theme: "Low Level High ATK".

Yami Marik will appear if you defeat Marik three times and challenge him again. His Deck employs a combination of Deck depletion and low-level Monsters, with cards like Fairy Box and Gravity Bind to protect the latter. The theme of his deck probably refers to his Muka Muka that he can use in combination with Infinite Cards. Compared to his previous deck he traded all the high ATK monsters as well as the effect damage elements for more deck depleting elemens.

Duel Computer WC4.jpg
Duel Computer
Theme: "Mirrored Deck".

Defeat Seto Kaiba 3 times in a row to force out the Duel Computer when you challenge him again. The KaibaCorp machine uses a similar Deck to Kaiba himself, but even more focused on summoning strong monsters (+2 Slate Warrior, +3 Gemini Elf, + 1 Cyber-Stein, +2 Monster Reborn, +2 Raigeki) and clearing their path for a direct attack. Once again, the appearance of Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is a very real possibility.

Yami Yugi WC4.jpg
Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi will appear if Yugi is challenged after losing three consecutive duels to the player. His Deck focuses on progressively increasing his field presence as the Duel drags on, with defeated Dark Magicians powering up his Dark Magician Girls. If the player is truly unlucky, they may see Yami Yugi unleash all three of his Magician of Black Chaos cards in rapid succession, whose demise will raise Dark Magician Girl's ATK to nigh-unstoppable levels (maxing out at 3800 if all of his Dark Magicians and Magicians of Black Chaos are in the Graveyard, and reaching 5600 if the player has the same in their Graveyard for some reason). As expected for the final opponent of the game, he also uses multiple copies of several Limited Spells, which leave even stalling decks in a less-than-secure position.


Normal Monsters

Effect Monsters

Ritual Monsters

After you beat Yami Yugi the game ends and a trailer appears. In the background you will see some of the cards you used in your deck to win this final duel. Then a screen appears showing the percentage of achieved cards so far. If you chose to continue your game in the start screen you can see the "complete percentage" in your main menu now. Additionally now new cards are highlighted by a bulb in front of the cards name when chosing a pack after beating an opponent to help you collect the remaining cards.