Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Volume 002

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"Numbers Hunter!!"
EnglishNumbers Hunter!!
Japanese name
RōmajiNanbāzu Hantā!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Contains chapters712
Release dates
JapaneseFebruary 3, 2012
EnglishDecember 4, 2012
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Numbers Hunter!! (ナンバーズ・ハンター!!, Nanbāzu Hantā!!) is the second volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga.

The Japanese version is 200 pages long, and costs ¥420 (including tax). Its dimensions are 17.6 cm × 11.4 cm × 2 cm.[1]

The English version is 176 pages long, and costs $9.99. Its dimensions are 5 inches × 0.2 inches × 7.6 inches.[2]

Promotional card[edit]

The volume includes a promotional card, "Number 50: Blackship of Corn", which is used by Captain Corn in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
ZEXAL Rank 007.jpg
#7 "Numbers Hunter!!" ナンバーズ・ハンター!!
Nanbāzu Hantā!!
When a bandit attempts to rob people in a shopping mall, a "Numbers Hunter" called Kaito appears. After defeating him and taking his "Number", Kaito meets Yuma.
Zexal Rank 08.jpg
#8 "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!!" 銀河眼の光子竜ギャラクシーアイズ・フォトン・ドラゴン!!
Gyarakushīaizu Foton Doragon!!
The mysterious Numbers Hunter, Kaito Tenjo, challenges Yuma for a Duel inside a special barrier created by his servant robot, while his past slowly surfaces...
ZEXAL Rank 009.jpg
#9 "Kaito's True Skill!!" カイトのじつりょく!!
Kaito no Jitsuryoku!!
"Kaito's True Strength!!"
Yuma continues his Duel against Kaito, while Dr. Faker goes on with his plans involving Haruto and the destruction of the Astral World.
ZEXAL Rank 10.png
#10 "New Enemies!!" あらたなてき!!
Aratana Teki!!
After being overwhelmed by Kaito, Yuma's spirit is broken. While his friends try to find a way of helping him collecting the "Numbers", Mr. Heartland goes on with his plans with the aid of three new "Numbers Hunters".
ZEXAL Rank 011.png
#11 "Heartland!!" ハートランド!!
The Numbers Club head to Heartland to find "Number" cards. However, when they started thinking there was no Numbers Hunter in there, an assassin working under Mr. Heartland comes after Yuma.
ZEXAL Rank 012.png
#12 "Corn's Secret!!" コーンのみつ!!
Kōn no Himitsu!!
While Yuma keeps on fighting for his "Number", Captain Corn's past is revealed.