Yuamu Ohdo

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Yuamu Ohdo
Yuamu Ohdo
  • Yuamu Ohdo
Japaneseおうどう 遊歩ゆあむ
Base王道 遊歩
Furiganaおうどう ゆあむ
RōmajiŌdō Yuamu
  • Female
Yuhi Ohdo (older twin brother)
  • Career
OrganizationUTS (president)
  • Duelist
DeckHigh Tech Dragon[2]
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episode 0011: "We're the Ultraterrestrial Trouble Solutions Consultancy!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Voice actors
  • Koko Fukushima[1]
Ohdo, Yuamu

Yuamu Ohdo (おうどう 遊歩ゆあむ Ōdō Yuamu) is one of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!, and Yuhi Ohdo's younger twin sister. She is the president of UTS.



Full-body view of Yuamu.

Yuamu is a pale-skinned bespectacled girl with purple eyes and waist-length brown hair that has two small red highlights in her bangs and that turns green past her shoulders. She wears a similar orange jumpsuit to her brother Yuhi while working at UTS, but ties the sleeves around her waist and rolls the legs up to expose pink and white striped programming socks. She also wears an aqua top under a white bolero jacket with the short sleeves rolled up to her shoulders, white protective gloves, black and white shoes like her brother's, an aqua choker, a large pink ribbon tying her hair back, and large magenta-rimmed ovular glasses. Yuamu can use these glasses as a thermal scope or to zoom in on faraway objects.

Reference sheets

While Yuamu is wearing more casual clothes, she retains her top and jacket, but removes her gloves to reveal a bracelet around her right wrist and wears light purple short shorts with a dark red belt and uneven black stockings; the stocking on her right leg is held up by a garter, the stocking on her left is slightly shorter, with a short garter leading to a band that reaches the height of her other stocking. She carries a black handbag and wears large black boots with two red straps around each ankle.


Yuamu is level-headed and intelligent, evidenced by her having founded and managed her own company as a fifth-grader. A shrewd businesswoman, she is adept at understanding when a situation can be used to her and her company's advantage, such as when she used the Rush Duel between Yudias Velgear and her brother as an opportunity to recruit the former as an employee.[3] She is also proficient at reading people's true intentions, as she was the first to deduce that Yudias' true goal in coming to Earth was primarily to learn more about Rush Duels.

Compared to her brother, Yuamu is not as excitable or easy to impress, keeping her cool even during situations like being abducted by aliens. Despite being the younger twin, she takes on a more commanding role over her sibling, seen in her directing Yuhi while on the job and referring to him as a mere employee of UTS. Even so, she has a level of confidence in Yuhi's abilities, shown in her willingness to bet on him winning the Duel with Yudias in order to force him to work for their company.


Yuamu is a skilled Rush Duelist, stated in promotional material to be even stronger than Yuhi.[1] These skills were demonstrated when, after seeing Yuhi play his first turn against Yudias, she was able to correctly discern he'd drawn a terrible hand, as well as predict his exact thoughts on the situation and strategy.[3] She is also confident enough in her skills to offer to teach Yudias about the game.

Like her brother, she seems adept at riding a hoverboard.


Yuamu's name contains the character「遊」() that previous Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists (and her brother) have, though her name does not have the usual doubled U. 「遊歩」 means "promenade" or "esplanade", and is usually read Yūho; the reading used is an anagram of Ayumu 「歩む」, which means "to walk". Her last name translates to "Royal Road".



Yuamu was friends with Manya Atachi in preschool, and often spent time with her outside the class keeping up with the trends. Manya eventually moved away to the city to become an actress, and Yuamu promised to watch all the films she appeared in. Manya eventually became a successful child actress, and Yuamu kept her promise, watching every single one of Manya's roles and memorizing details about them.[4]

Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!![edit]

Yuamu spotted a light in the sky one night, and the next morning, Yuhi reported hearing a loud noise in the night. Yuamu and Yuhi were contracted to find a cat, so they headed to the outskirts of Mutsuba Town, where Yuamu used her glasses to spot the cat, but Yuhi bungled their attempt to catch it, much to Yuamu's disappointment. On their way home as Yuhi was grumbling about his Earthdamar, Yuamu spotted trees knocked down in a crop circle and told Yuhi he might get his chance to meet an alien. As they documented the site, Yuamu walked into an invisble wall, which revealed a door to a spaceship that left Earth once they boarded. The ship's occupant, Yudias Velgear, revealed himself and claimed to be an alien fleeing from a war engulfing his home system, so Yuamu suggested Yuhi challenge Yudias to a Rush Duel as he'd wanted. To her surprise, Yudias agreed, though he was unfamiliar with Yuhi's cards and demanded they Duel with booster packs instead. When Yuhi cut open a pack, Yudias bound him in electricity and prepared to punish him in front of his 8.88 million countrymen for destroying his Rush Duels until Yuamu showed him the cards inside the packs and explained what they were. Yuamu asked if Yudias' true purpose had been to Rush Duel, and Yudias confirmed they had heard a legend that they would guide his people to a new future. Yuamu took the opportunity to add conditions to the Rush Duel; they would teach Yudias about Rush Dueling if he won, but Yudias would work for UTS if Yuhi won. Even after she explained the purpose of UTS to Yudias, he agreed to the Rush Duel. Yuamu tutored Yudias throughout the Rush Duel, interested by his Galaxy Type monsters and noting to her dismay that Yuhi had drawn a bad hand and was going easy on Yudias since he was a beginner. Yudias consequently reduced Yuhi to 500 LP in one turn, and bound Yuhi in electricity again when he believed he'd broken the rules by drawing until he had five cards until Yuamu explained the rule to him. Yuhi counterattackd and Yuamu noted he likely had Trap Cards to counter high-Level monsters, but Yudias drew "Transamu Rainac", a Level 4 monster he seemed fixated on due to its resemblance to him, which had 1600 ATK, defeating Yuhi without triggering his Traps. As they'd promised, Yuamu told Yudias they would teach him about Rush Duels, and when he offered to help them, she decided to enlist him in UTS while he learned. However, his first effort to help was to destroy their phone when it rang, much to Yuamu and Yuhi's horror.[3]

Yuamu took Yuhi and Yudias on their mission to catch a missing cat, and this time Yudias successfully caught the cat and returned it to its owner, though Yuamu noted it was different from the cat they'd seen before meeting Yudias. After they returned to the UTS office, Mr. Tazaki explained they had a new client, who requested help finding his dog. However Yuamu deduced the "client" was really the owner of the cat that had clawed Yuhi from the color of the cat hair on his clothes and that he was looking for Yudias, who she ordered to run while confronting the client, an MIK agent. The MIK agent, Manabu Sogetsu, confiscated some of Yuhi's cards contaminated by Yudias, refusing to Rush Duel Yuhi due to his carelessness at leaving them outside, while the cat they'd tried to catch was revealed to be able to speak and confirmed they were surrounded. Yudias then entered the room and took half the blame for Yuhi's cards, as Yuhi had been helping him, and at Yuamu's suggestion he challenged Manabu to a Rush Duel by appealing to his warrior's spirit. Yuamu continued to teach Yudias through the Rush Duel about Effect Monsters and Tribute Summons, noting Yudias' shock at the notion of Tributing his monsters, eventually realizing he viewed it as sacrificing his allies to win, given how he'd identified with "Transamu Rainac". Manabu told Yudias Tributing his monsters had them entrust victory to him, convincing Yudias to Tribute Summon "Galactica Oblivion" and defeat Manabu. Afterwards Yuamu warned Manabu he was lucky to have lost, revealing Valvelgear and its personnel to Manabu, who quickly retreated with the other MIK agents, warning them to stay out of trouble.[5]

A client came to Yuamu reporting an alien yelling "chupa chupa" had stolen his "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan", and soon Yuamu heard of other requests from people who had their "Meeeg-chan" cards and even art stolen. As Yuamu was having dinner with the rest of UTS one night, Mr. Yagi was attacked by the alien while getting more meat for his yakitori, and Yuhi promptly proclaimed the alien that had stolen his Earthdamar was responsible and ran off with Yudias despite Yuhi's protests. Realizing the alien had likely got Yagi's declaration of "Not baaaaad" mixed up with "Meeeg-chan's" flavor text, Yuamu had Ms. Purisaki make her a "Meeeg-chan" costume and went to the park to lure the alien out, successfully doing so and stunning him. Yuhi, Yudias and Yagi also arrived, Yuamu dismayed to see Yuhi and Yudias in a yakitori costume. Noting Yuhi's hair reacting to the alien, Yuamu explained her costume, only for the alien, Chupataro Kaburagi to go on a rant about how her costume differed from the real "Meeeg-chan". Manabu and his cat Nyandestar then arrived to arrest Chupataro, and Yuamu convinced Chupataro to Rush Duel her over his freedom, Yudias again talking Manabu into allowing the Rush Duel. Yuamu took an early lead, though Chupataro pushed her into a corner with his own "Meeeg-chan" and "Meet and Greed". Fortunately Yuamu drew "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" and powered her Dragon Type monsters up with "Dragonic Gacharge", defeating Chupataro and convincing him to stop his attack, before Manabu took him away. As a result of solving the case, UTS' reputation improved and they began receiving more requests, though Yuamu noted the sudden increase in alien activity since meeting Yudias.[2]

Yuamu took Yudias shopping one Sunday after Ms. Maki informed them Yuhi had already left. While they were shopping, Yudias disappeared on the way to the hardware store and Yuamu found meat skewers like the ones Chupataro had left behind beside the shopping bags Yudias had been carrying, deducing Chupataro to be responsible. She tracked the skewers to Mutsuba Heavy Machinery Garbage Collection Site #8, informing MIK of the situation. They found Yudias imprisoned in a mechanical clamp and Chupataro attacking Yuhi; the MIK agents arrested Chupataro and Yuamu released Yudias, informing him and Yuhi of how she found them and admitting she'd been worried. Outside Yuamu noticed Valvelgear was broken, and Yudias thanked Yuhi for saving it and repaired the broken gravity control unit, causing the Velgians aboard to praise Yuhi and accept him as one of them; Yuamu wasn't impressed by Yuhi's confidence over the matter and suggested they head home.[6]

Yudias destroyed the UTS washing machine, so Yuamu sent Yuhi to Kappa Heavenly Cleaning with their laundry while she took Yudias to purchase a new one. They returned to the UTS office with a new machine, only to learn from Mr. Tazaki that Yuhi still hadn't returned. Yuamu and Yudias reached Kappa Heavenly Cleaning as Valvelgear transformed into a Duel Disk for Yuhi to Rush Duel Tell Kawai, the alien who had stolen Yuhi's Earthdamar, and Yuhi nervously blamed Yuamu's best dress being ruined on Tell's constantly drenched state. Yuamu taught Yudias about Set monsters as Tell countered Yuhi's attacks, and Tell helped her teach Yudias about Trap Cards, comparing Yudias' thirst for Rush Dueling knowledge to his own for the secret behind Yuhi's Earthdamar; Yuamu realized Tell wanted to use Yuhi as a test subject. Yuhi tried to defend with "Jointech Bumper", though it struggled to activate due to the Velgians having trouble replicating the Duel Disk's function. Fortunately the Velgians succeeded in permitting the Trap, destroying Tell's monsters so Yuhi could counterattack on his next turn with "Jointech Rex" and defeat Tell. Yuamu congratulated her brother, smiling at Yudias' notation Tell had found Yuhi as interesting as Yudias himself had. She was disgusted by the appearance of Yuhi's Earthdamar, but to her shock an alien Yudias called "Zuwijo" suddenly appeared and stole the Earthdamar. Manabu and Nyandestar then arrived to inform them Chupataro had been communicating with someone from Velgear and asked Yudias if he knew who, though Yudias was reluctant to answer.[7]

As Yuamu observed Yuhi's trauma from seeing the Earthdamar, Yudias explained Zuwijo was his former commanding officer, who he had thought dead. Yuamu and Yuhi offered to help Yudias look for Zuwijo, but their search turned up nothing after a week, forcing them to return to work. At Mr. Omaeno's suggestion, they investigated urban legends: Yuamu investigated a tale about the bronze statue outside Mr. Sannomiya's place vanishing at sundown, though it turned out to simply be moved by the groundskeepers to keep it safe. She and Yuhi, whose legend also had a mundane solution, met with Yudias at a warehouse, where the chair Yudias was sitting on revealed herself to be an alien, Mitsuko Hiramori, and she challenged Yudias to a Rush Duel. Although Yudias gained an initial lead, Mitsuko kept them level with a Trap and Yudias misplayed his "Nebula Power" Trap, resulting in Mitsuko being able to destroy "Transamu Rainac". Fortunately Yudias Summoned "Galactica Oblivion" on his next turn and powered it up with "Galactica Force", defeating Mitsuko, who Yuamu deduced to be responsible for the urban legends to keep people away from the factory. Yudias deduced she was hiding Zuwijo and Zuwijo revealed himself, asking Yudias to join in in using Rush Dueling to defeat their enemies and denouncing Yudias when he refused. MIK then arrived, arresting Mitsuko, but failing to capture Zuwijo.[8]

Yudias came to Yuhi with a request for training to become a Rush Dueling Expert. Yuhi refused, claiming Yudias needed to do so on his own, though Yuamu knew her twin was just being lazy and tricked him into agreeing by claiming she'd train Yudias instead and be much better at doing so. While Yuhi worked on something to help Yudias, Yuamu showed him Mr. Tazaki's garden, but she was unimpressed by Yuhi's Special Training Mecha being a simple rear car for Tazaki's tractor. To Yuamu's shock, the tractor went out of control and drove through the fence, and Yuamu and Tazaki followed the path of destruction to the nearby CAFÉ, before abandoning it when it reached the woods. Yuhi and Yudias returned that evening, having completed Yudias' training, and Yuamu was impressed by the Deck Yudias had built as a result, though a request from Yudias to be trained as a Rush Duel Master sent Yuhi fleeing in panic.[9]

Manya returned to Mutsuba Town to challenge a local elementary school team in Rush Duels for a live TV event, so Yuamu used her connections with Mutsuba Cable to secure UTS as Manya's opponents. When Manya arrived at the Mutsuba Cable Studio, she claimed not to recognize Yuamu and seemed disinterested by the Duels; Yuamu quickly realized Manya was acting and decided to play the role of a friend helping Manya remember what she had left behind. When the event started, Manya quickly broke schedule by putting herself in the first Dueling spot, so Yuamu did so as well to ensure she Dueled her friend. Yuamu gained an early lead, but Manya's Field Spell tactics almost defeated her on the next turn in combination with her "Dian Keto the Cure Maiden". On her next turn, Yuamu skillfully combined her Beta Burn Dragons and the effect of "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" to deplete Manya's LP and defeat her, prompting Manya to quote one of her movies in despair. Yuamu recognized and named the quote, much to Manya's pleasure, and they revealed they had been acting the entire time to the audience, something both girls found nostalgic.[4]

To Yuamu's surprise, Manya declared her dog Bochi would be the next opponent, Dueling Manabu, who had been in the audience, despite him not being on the UTS team. Bochi was revealed to be an alien Manabu had known in his youth, and Yuamu was displeased by how readily Yuhi and Yudias accepted the strange turn of events. During the Duel, Bochi explained he had befriended Manabu to defeat his Sogetsu Style with his Wicked Fist of the Beloved Dog Style, a technique Yudias was familiar with. However when Manabu defeated Bochi with "Chemicalize Salamander", Bochi admitted he had discarded the style to become Manya's protector after realizing it to be cowardly. Despite UTS having won the matches, Yuhi argued for them to continue as he hadn't Dueled yet and Manabu wasn't really one of them, but Chupataro broke through the wall and demanded to Rush Duel.[10] Yudias agreed to Duel, desiring to determine what was wrong with Chupataro, and Yuamu quickly noticed Chupataro's Duel Disk appeared to be glowing. Yudias took a tremendous lead when Chupataro used a Trap to reduce the ATK of one of his monsters just to draw "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan", but when Chupataro Summoned her, Yuhi's Earthdamar appeared from his Duel Disk and drained his energy when it entered "Meeeg-chan", materializing her in the physical world. Meeeg-chan continued the Rush Duel for Chupataro, physically attacking and injuring Yudias and causing nausea to Yuhi throughout the Duel. Desipte Meeeg-chan attacking Yudias on his own turn, Yudias refused to break the rules himself and Summoned "Galactica Amnesia", using a monster effect for the first time to Summon the Tributes for "Galactica Oblivion", powering it up and defeating Meeeg-chan, while also curing Yuhi's nausea. Afterwards MIK took Chupataro away.[11]


Yuamu uses a High Tech Dragon Deck, composed of LIGHT Dragon monsters that are thematically based on computer science technology and terminology. The primary playstyle of the Deck seems to revolve around powerful beatdown tactics. She is said to be even stronger than Yuhi.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuhi Ohdo 11 Win (flashback)
Chupataro Kaburagi 3 Win
Manya Atachi 8 Win


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