Yudias Velgear

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Yudias Velgear
Yudias Velgear
  • Yudias Velgear
RōmajiYuudiasu Berugyā
  • Male
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episode 0011: "We're the Ultraterrestrial Trouble Solutions Consultancy!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Voice actors
  • Arthur Lounsberry[1]
Velgear, Yudias

Yudias Velgear is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!. An alien from the Velgear Star Cluster, he was forced to flee his home and learned about Rush Dueling, which he believes can lead his friends and comrades to a new future.



Full-body view of Yudias in his true form.

Yudias is a tall pale-skinned young man with aqua eyes that have yellow crescent-shaped highlights, red lines below his eyes that resemble scars which disappear in his human guise, and spiky hair in two different shades of light blue separated by a black headset; the front layer has two "horns" or "antennae" resembling rabbit ears, while the back layer spikes up and is a lighter blue. In his true form he wears a closed white trench coat with a red lining and gold lines running down each side of the torso, black leggings, and blue and gold boots covered in segmented armor. He wears a golden bangle resembling outstretched wings at his throat, set with a red stone, a single blue and gold pauldron over his right shoulder strapped over his coat, the strap also holding a blue Deck box, blue hip guards with red edges connected by crossed belts, and carries a sword at his left hip with a golden guarded hilt and a blue blade that is the length of a dagger when sheathed, but can extend to longer lengths.

When Yudias first appears to Yuhi and Yuamu Ohdo, he is obscured by a bright white light. He initially wears a police uniform; a blue trenchcoat with a red inner layer and the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, black belts with gold buckles hanging from the shoulders and waist and thick pouches on each lapel, a larger one and a smaller one above it. He also wears a pink shirt with a dark collar and zip, demin blue pants, dark red gloves, red shoes with the laces wrapped around the ankle and a denim blue policeman's hat with a dark blue band and a star-shaped badge resembling a Star Chip, though with six points instead of five. Both his hat and coat have a constantly moving white shimmer throughout. While on the job at UTS, his hat and coat are changed to a bright orange with brown band and belts, the latter featuring a UTS patch on the left breast. Both lose the white shimmer in this state.


Yudias is a serious person with a sense for honor and fair play, calling himself a "proud warrior of Velgear." He holds Rush Duels in high regard due to the legend about their potential to lead his people towards a new future. While he knows little about the game or how this is to occur, he believes that learning more about Rush Duels will help him uncover a way to stop the conflict that forced him to flee his home.[2] After his first Rush Duel, he comes to enjoy Dueling.

Yudias appears to be held in high regard by others from the Velgear Star Cluster, acting as a leader to the 8.88 million others aboard his ship. When speaking to his people, he displays a flare for the dramatic, making grandiose speeches as they chant his name. Yudias is also prone to suspicion, accusing Yuhi of some form of dishonesty or cheating several times when he does something Yudias does not understand. In these cases, he goes as far as restraining him and preparing to perform "Vam Bi Do" against him as punishment.

Yudias has a dislike of sacrifice, stemming from the loss of Zuwijo, and applies this to Rush Dueling as he is initially unwilling to Tribute monsters until Manabu Sogetsu tells Yudias a Tribute is not a meaningless sacrifice, but his monsters entrusting victory to him.

At the start of the series, Yudias does not seem to understand Earth technology and culture to any degree. Prior to his first Rush Duel, he was unaware that sealed packs contained cards and seemingly had never placed his Deck container into his Duel Disk before. When told to "handle the phone" as part of his job at UTS, he interpreted this to mean destroying it when it rang. He also initially wears his shoelaces around his ankles in his human clothes, presumably unaware of their true purpose.


Yudias can transform into a shorter human form, which he uses when first meeting Yuhi and while working at UTS; he transforms back into his true alien form while Dueling. While in his true form, he can fire green laser beams from his eyes.[2] Given his military background, Yudias is extremely athletic and also possesses superhuman strength, able to shatter ice surrounding his body with ease, though he finds himself unable to break out of a mechanical clamp in the Mutsuba Heavy Machinery Garbage Collection Site #8. Yudias believed this was due to the metal of the clamp including a cosmic component. He appears to be unaffected by both extreme heat and extreme cold.


Yudias's name contains the syllable "Yuu", as the names of previous Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists have. However, his name is written in katakana, and thus does not include the usual 「遊」(Yu).

His surname, "Velgear," may come from Bevel gear.



Yudias fought to defend the Velgear Star Cluster during the war that consumed it.[2] During one engagement, his commander Zuwijo zir Velgear was unable to battle and asked Yudias to do so instead, vowing to stay behind and hold the enemy off. Not sooner had Yudias ran from cover, an energy blast struck the stairwell where Zuwijo had been standing, apparently killing Zuwijo. The incident gave Yudias a dislike of sacrifice.[3]

Eventually Yudias fled his home system on the ship Valvelgear with 8.88 million of his countrymen. During their travels they learned of Rush Dueling, which originated on Earth, and the legend that said it would save the Velgians. Yudias resolved to seek Rush Dueling out, acquiring Rush Duel booster packs and a Duel Disk through unknown means.[2]

Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!![edit]

Yudias landed Valvelgear on Earth outside Mutsuba Town during the night, and the next day Yuhi and Yuamu Ohdo found Valvelgear despite it being cloaked and entered. Yudias promptly took off with them aboard and transported them to the center of Valvelgear, where he introduced himself and confirmed he was an alien from their perspective, telling them of the war he'd fled from. Yuhi suddenly challenged Yudias to a Rush Duel that Yudias accepted, though Yudias was surprised to see Yuhi holding cards instead of the packs he had. To Yudias' horror, Yuhi cut one of the packs open, and he furiously bound him in electricity for destroying one of his Rush Duels until Yuamu told Yudias to look inside the pack, which contained cards like Yuhi's that were used to play Rush Duels. Entranced by learning more about Rush Dueling, Yudias released Yuhi and told the Ohdo twins he had come to Earth seeking Rush Duels. Yuamu offered to teach Yudias more about Rush Dueling if he defeated Yuhi, but told him he would have to work for their company, UTS, for free if he lost, revealing UTS exterminated troublesome aliens. Yudias agreed to the conditions and Rush Dueled Yuhi, slowly learning about the game and quickly reducing Yuhi to 500 LP with his Galaxy Type monsters. To Yudias' shock Yuhi drew four cards and Yudias strung him up again for breaking the rules until Yuamu informed him players drew until they had five cards each turn. Yuhi summoned three monsters of his own and destroyed Yudias', telling him a Rush Duel could change at any time. On his next turn Yudias drew "Transamu Rainac", a monster he self-identified with due to their resemblance, and he Summoned it and defeated Yuhi. Overjoyed at winning his first Rush Duel and securing a teacher, Yudias promised to help the Ohdo twins however he could while they taught him, joining UTS and explaining to Yuhi that he hadn't taken the Earthdamar he sought. His first mission was to take care of the phone, but Yudias misinterpreted the request as instruction to destroy the phone and used his eyebeams to do so, much to the twins' dismay.[2]

After practicing with his cards outside the UTS office with Yuhi one day, Yudias accompanied Yuhi and Yuamu on a mission to catch a lost cat. Yudias caught the cat despite Yuhi's protests, Yuhi bumping into the invisible Valvelgear. After returning the cat to its owner, Yuamu noted it was different from the cat she and Yuhi had tried to catch before meeting Yudias. At UTS, Yudias asked what the Earthdamar was, though the twins refused to tell him and Mr. Tazaki admitted he didn't know either. Yudias was pouring water while Yuhi and Yuamu were seeing a client when Yuamu shouted at him to run, and as Mr. Tazaki showed Yudias a way out of the UTS office, Yuhi overheard someone admonishing Yuhi for leaving his cards outside. Realizing Yuhi had done so while helping him, Yudias entered the room where Yuhi and Yuamu were confronting their "client" and accepted half the blame for Yuhi's cards. The boy and his cat explained they were from MIK, and they deported troublesome aliens and allowed others to live in specific areas; upon hearing this Yudias refused to surrender his freedom to them, instead challenging the MIK boy to a Rush Duel by appealing to his warrior spirit. The boy, Manabu Sogetsu, agreed to the Rush Duel, but when they did Yudias was shocked when Manabu apparently attacked on his first turn, though Yuamu explained to Yudias it had been a monster's effect. Yudias counterattacked with "Transamu Rainac" and depleted over half of Manabu's LP, but to his shock Manabu Tributed a monster to Tribute Summon another, a practice Yudias found appalling, as it reminded him of the loss of Zuwijo. He was further horrified to draw the high-Level "Galactica Oblivion", but Manabu explained to Yudias that Tributing monsters was not sacrificing them, as the monsters their desire for victory to their Duelists. Embolded by these new revelations, Yudias Tribute Summoned "Galactica Oblivion" and defeated Manabu. Manabu agreed to leave them alone, particularly after Yuamu revealed the number of Yudias' countrymen aboard Valvelgear, and after he left Yudias suggested he was fighting something himself in addition to his MIK duties.[3]

Mr. Yagi taught Yudias to cook yakitori skewers one night, but was attacked by an alien that stole the next batch of yakitori. Yuhi proclaimed it the alien that stole his Earthdamar and rushed off in pursuit with Yudias. They disguised themselves in a yakitori costume, Yuhi hoping to lure the alien out, but only succeeded in catching Mr. Yagi, who had mistaken them for the alien. They then found a girl dressed as the Monster Card "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan" and the alien they'd been looking for. The girl explained several people had been attacked due to their ownership of "Meeeg-chan" cards or art and revealed herself to be Yuamu in disguise. Manabu and Nyandestar arrived to arrest the alien, Chupataro Kaburagi, but Yuamu convinced Chupataro to Rush Duel over his freedom and Yudias talked Manabu into allowing the Duel, reminding him Rush Duels were the tools of a warrior. During the Duel Yudias learned about Set cards and Spell Cards from Yuhi, interested by Yuamu's High-Tech Dragon Deck and shocked by the power of Chupataro's "Meet and Greed" Spell. Chupataro claimed he wanted to own every copy of "Meeeg-chan" in hops of meeting the real monster, a desire Yudias found profound. Yuamu was able to Summon "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" and power it up with her "Dragonic Gacharge" Spell, defeating Chupataro and impressing Yudias at winning despite having such low LP; Yuhi explained to him that the Duel wasn't over until you had no LP, so it didn't matter how many LP you had, prompting Yudias to declare RUsh Dueling as truly profound again, After Manabu took Chupataro away, Yudias returned to UTS to continue his cooking tutelage under Mr. Yagi again.[4]

Yuamu took Yudias on a shopping trip one Sunday, a venture Yudias was nervous about doing for the first time; Yuhi had left earlier, so Yudias accompanied Yuamu to the local shopping center. As they were finishing, Chupataro approached Yudias to apologize for his actions and offered to teach him more about Rush Dueling. He took Yudias to Mutsuba Heavy Machinery Garbage Collection Site #8 and they broke in so Chupataro could teach Yudias about Trap Cards. Yudias was wary of trespassing, but eager to learn, and thus followed Chupataro's instructions. However he was trapped by several hazards, upon which Chupataro explained different Trap Cards to him; Yudias was able to escape these traps and warned Chupataro away from them each time. He believed Chupataro wanted to give him the cards and still remaining faithful in Chupataro as a friend even when Chupataro refused, interpreting this as desire by Chupataro to go so far just to show him the cards. The third trap, a mechanical clamp, successfully trapped Yudias and Chupataro claimed this had been his true goal. To Yudias' surprise he saw Yuhi in the Garbage Collection Site, and Chupataro stole Valvelgear from Yuhi's backpack and threatened the Velgians with the blast furnace unless Yudias told him about the Earthdamar. Before Yudias could answer Yuhi goaded Chupataro into dropping Valvelgear, revealed to be a paper copy Yudias believed he'd prepared for such a situation, insight he praised Yuhi for. Chupataro attacked Yuhi in a rage, but was arrested by MIK agents Yuamu had called, having tracked Yudias and Chupataro to the Garbage Collection Site. Outside Yudias realized the gravity control unit on Valvelgear had been broken and showed the twins how to repair it; upon doing so the Velgians praised Yuhi and accepted him as one of their own, a sentiment Yudias conveyed to Yuhi, noting a lot had happened that day.[5]


Yudias uses a Galaxy Deck, composed of the new Galaxy Type monsters. His ace monsters are "Transamu Rainac" and "Galactica Oblivion".

Owned cards[edit]

Additionally, Yudias owns several other cards pulled from card packs:[2][3]


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuhi Ohdo 1 Win
Manabu Sogetsu 2 Win
Mitsuko Hiramori 6 Win
Chupataro Kaburagi 10 TBA


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