Yugi and Street Fighter's Virtual VS games

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Yugi and Street Fighter's Virtual VS games
Yugi and Street Fighter's Virtual VS games
Game details
GameVirtual VS
Winner(s)Yugi Mutou
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (Toei)
Chapters25: "The One-Inch Terror"
Episodes21: "Completed!! The Ultimate Game Land"

Yugi and Street Fighter's Virtual VS games were a few rounds of the arcade game Virtual VS that Yugi Mutou and Street Fighter played.

Manga events[edit]

Prior events[edit]

Jonouchi and Yugi went to the arcade. Jonouchi tried beating one of the high scores belonging to "KAI" and Yugi played Virtual VS.

The games[edit]

Yugi used the character Bruce Ryu and received an anonymous challenge to play from someone else in the arcade, Street Fighter. Yugi accepted and saw that the other guy was also using Bruce Ryu. Yugi defeated him using the "One-Inch Punch". After that Yugi received multiple challenges from him, beating him every time. Jonouchi watched and after seeing Yugi win for what he thought was the thirtieth time left to buy drinks.


Yugi's challenger got mad and came over to Yugi. He proceeded to beat him up and take his Millennium Puzzle as a prize. When Jonouchi got back, he saw what had happened and went after Street Fighter. Jonouchi beat him in a fight, winning back the Millennium Puzzle.

Anime events[edit]