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The following is a list of policies for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki Chat.

Chat moderators are overseers of the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki chat. They are entrusted to ensure the chat is civil by the community and by the administration. They are elected by the community, to serve the community, and as such can be removed by the community if they become incapable of performing their duties.


All administrators are automatically given chat moderator status. Users who directly received the chat moderator rights, include:

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Users who are clearly disruptive to the chat, or fail to behave appropriately towards other contributors may be removed and/or blocked from chat. When participating in chat, please be mindful of these rules.

  • NO spamming.
  • NO personal attacks, bigotry, and/or racist or sexist name calling.
  • NO harassment, sexual or otherwise.
  • NO explicit use of profanity/cursing directed towards another user.
  • NO violation of personal privacy, this includes asking for and revealing personal information about users without their consent. (real name, location, age, gender, etc.)
  • NO trolling, general irritation or disruption of other users.

Please be mindful of sensitive topics (religion, politics, etc.).