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We strive to catalog everything we can on Yu-Gi-Oh!, but there are limits to what is, and is not acceptable.

Not Acceptable[edit]

Unofficial Proxy Card Images[edit]

We are not to use self-made "fan" images for cards. If an Anime/Manga/Video Game card image isn't available, we don't create one, instead preferring an image of the card effect/monster on the field.

Fan-Made card articles are not allowed on the main namespace, and we strongly encourage you to use the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Wikia.

Incorrect Rulings Pages[edit]

We're just an easy-to-access Repository for Rulings. We're fine with that, but if a ruling doesn't exist on Upper Deck Forums, Konami or if a link to the Konami FAQ is not given, it will be deleted.

See also: Project:Card Rulings

Silly/Stupid/Unworkable OTKs[edit]

By their very nature, this is a "Common Sense" policy. A Good or Historic OTK is fair enough, but if one does not work based on TCG or OCG Rules, we don't list it. The only exceptions to this, are ones that has been proven to work using a flaw in a specific Video Game. We also delete on sight OTKs that need more than six cards, and those that need more than one turn to set up.

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