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How can I edit a page?[edit]

Just click the Edit link at the top of the page, make your changes as you like and then save the page. You may also like to click Show preview to see if the page looks as you want it to.

How do I create a page?[edit]

Simply click on a red link that links to the page you like to create, or search the page name and click on Create this page.

How can I join the team?[edit]

Simply edit a page! Membership in the editing community here is informal and participation-based.

How can I revert vandalism or an inappropriate edit?[edit]

They can be easily reverted by entering the page history and click on last on the left side of the vandalized revision. Then click on undo and save the page. If there are several wrong revisions, it is recommended to revert to the last version before them on the history.

I want to edit a page, but it says it is protected. What's going on?[edit]

An administrator locked it to prevent it from being edited, likely because it has been vandalized or edited in counterproductive ways more than one time. You can request the page's unprotection by leaving a message on its talk page or by contacting an administrator.

I want to edit, but I can't because it says that the database was locked. What can I do?[edit]

The database is sometimes locked temporarily, usually due to maintenance. Refresh the page and if it still says the same, you'll have to wait some minutes until it is unlocked.

It says I can't edit because my account or IP address was blocked. What's going on?[edit]

You were blocked, because your account/IP address was used for vandalism or was behaving badly, like secretly using more than one account. If the block is wrong or you feel it's unfair, you're still able to edit your talk page so administrators can reconsider to remove the block.

How can I upload an image?[edit]

Click on "Upload file" under the search bar, then click on Browse and select the image from your computer. Before uploading an image, be sure to read our image policy.

Who are the administrators?[edit]

Administrators are editors who have been granted special editing rights, such as page deletions and user blocks. For more information, and a list of current and former administrators, see Project:Administrators.

How does someone become an administrator?[edit]

If you feel you, or someone else, has become a respected and reliable user in the community, you may nominate them on the requests page. If the user accepts the nomination, other members of the community will comment on whether they agree the nominee should become an administrator or not. After a few days, a bureaucrat will determine consensus based on what people have commented and grant the user administrator access if successful.

I found a spam page. How can I get it deleted?[edit]

Edit the page and add {{Delete}} at the top. If you want to add a reason for deletion, use {{Delete|reason=reason for deletion}}; for other usage instructions, see Template:Delete.

A page is named wrong. How can I move it to the correct name?[edit]

Renaming pages is limited to movers and administrators. Becoming a mover is pretty easy, and can be requested at Project:Requests for mover. If you aren't a mover and don't want to be or had a request declined, you can still tag pages to be renamed. Edit the page and add {{Rename}} at the top; see Template:Rename for detailed instructions. Do not copy the contents of a page to a new title.

Where can I go to talk to other editors?[edit]

If you want to talk to a specific person, you can leave a message on their talk page, or if you have a question or comment about a specific page, you can leave a message on its talk page. More general discussion can happen in the Forum:Index. If you're interested in more real-time discussion, many editors are already present on the wiki's official Discord server.