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Crossed Souls

Crossed Souls is the fourth Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V era.

It introduces the "Void" and "Zefra" archetypes, and contains further support for the "Edge Imp", "Fluffal", "Frightfur", "Galaxy", "Infernoid", "Madolche", "Trap Monsters", "Melodious", "Nekroz", "Performapal", "Raidraptor", "Ritual Beast", "Saber", "Superheavy Samurai", "Shaddoll", "Tellarknight", "Yang Zing" και "Yosenju" , as well as many other archetypes. It also contains other cards from the ARC-V anime.

The OCG version of this pack includes support for the "Atlantean", "Cyber Dragon" και "Fire King" archetypes,and the "Vassal" series, whilst the TCG version includes support for the "Burning Abyss", "Harpie", "Junk", "Number" and "U.A." archetypes.