Yuhi Ohdo

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Yuhi Ohdo
Yuhi Ohdo
  • Yuhi Ohdo
Japaneseおうどう ゆう
Base王道 遊飛
Furiganaおうどう ゆうひ
RōmajiŌdō Yūhi
  • Male
Yuamu Ohdo (younger twin sister)
  • Career
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episode 0011: "We're the Ultraterrestrial Trouble Solutions Consultancy!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Voice actors
  • Toshiki Kumagai[1]
Ohdo, Yuhi

Yuhi Ohdo (おうどう ゆう Ōdō Yūhi) is one of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!. Prior to the series a mysterious substance, Earthdamar, was stolen from Yuhi by Tell Kawai, and Yuhi has been searching for aliens ever since to retrieve it. He runs UTS with his twin sister Yuamu.



Full-body view of Yuhi.
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Yuhi is a short young boy with red eyes and spiky hair that has a blonde bottom layer and a brown upper layer, with a red spike at the front of his head resembling a falling meteor. He wears an orange jumpsuit over a dark blue shirt, with a UTS symbol on the left shoulder, white protective gloves and white and black boots. He also wears a headset with a white band, grey earpieces, and a small grey camera, and a convoluted harness strapped over his right shoulder, under his left arm, an crooked over his hips that holds a black Deck box with a red lid.

In his casual clothes, Yuhi wears a yellow jacket with numerous zipper-sealed pockets, a white shirt with a black line down the middle that ends a third of the way down his chest, black baggy pants with tight cuffs, charcoal socks and red shoes with a white underlayer and yellow laces. He carries his Deck box in a simpler harness over one shoulder under his jacket.


Yuhi is an energetic and outgoing boy who faces challenges head-on. Somewhat impulsive, he sometimes finds himself in trouble after charging into situations without thinking. He has a great love for Rush Dueling and confidence in his skills to match. That confidence can lead him astray, though, seen in both his underestimating his opponent and his occasional misplays.[2]

Compared to his sister, Yuhi is the more excitable of the two. Unlike Yuamu, he expressed a natural level of shock and concern upon being abducted by Yudias, acting far more distressed throughout the situation. Even so, he quickly gains composure after challenging the alien to a Rush Duel, excited by the idea of Dueling an alien. Despite being the older twin, he generally follows Yuamu's orders while on the job, with her taking advantage of his abilities for the sake of expanding the company.[1]

Yuhi is interested in aliens and pursues sightings to take them on in Rush Duels. He has expressed a desire to battle any aliens he meets in the hopes of retrieving the Earthdamar he believes one stole from him. He does not appear to actually be prejudiced against aliens, however, as he is more than happy to befriend and work with Yudias after learning he was not the thief he was looking for.


Yuhi is a skilled Rush Duelist. However, he is still prone to making mistakes, such as when a misplay eventually cost him the Duel against Yudias, despite the alien having never played the game before that point. He is also stated to not be as strong as Yuamu.[1] When an alien is near, his hair will spike up.

Like his sister, he seems adept at riding a hoverboard.


Yuhi's name contains the character「遊」(Yu) that previous Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists have, and out of him, Yuamu and Yudias, his name is the only one to do so and retain the full sound. 「飛」 means "flight" and is the Kanji abbreviation of the Shogi piece Rook. His last name translates to "Royal Road".



An alien defeated Yuhi in a Rush Duel and stole the Earthdamar from him, and he began seeking any alien he could find in hopes of getting it back.[2][3]

Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!![edit]

Yuhi heard a loud noise one night, but didn't think much of it and went back to sleep. He told Yuamu about the noise the next day as they worked to capture a cat, though Yuhi bungled the capture and was scratched by the cat. As he and Yuamu headed back, Yuhi lamented the loss of the Earthdamar and vowed to Rush Duel the alien that had taken it, but to his shock Yuamu showed him a crop circle made by fallen trees. Yuamu found an invisible wall that contained a door to a spaceship, which took off as soon as they boarded and left Earth. The ship's occupant, Yudias Velgear, approached them and confirmed he was an alien, and after Yuamu reminded Yuhi, he challenged Yudias to a Rush Duel to get the Earthdamar back. Yudias agreed, though he was unfamiliar with Yuhi's cards and tried to Rush Duel with unopened booster packs. Yuhi opened one for Yudias, but to his shock Yudias bound him in electricity and accused him of destroying his Rush Duels until Yuamu told him about the cards inside. Yudias released Yuhi and explained he and 8.88 million of his people had fled from the Velgear Star Cluster, having heard a legend that Rush Dueling could save his home. To Yuhi's discomfort, Yuamu added conditions to the Duel; they would teach Yudias about Rush Dueling if he won, but if Yuhi won Yudias would work for UTS.[2]

Yudias agreed and he and Yuhi began Rush Dueling, Yuamu tutoring Yudias, while Yuhi only drew one monster, "Tamabot", so he decided to go easy on Yudias since he was a beginner, but to his shock Yudias Summoned three Galaxy Type monsters and reduced Yuhi to 500 LP in one turn. Despite his predicament, Yuhi believed he could make a comeback, though he found himself bound in electricity again when Yudias believed he was cheating by drawing four cards until Yuamu explained the rules. Yuhi Summoned three monsters and destroyed Yudias', telling him that a Rush Duel could change in an instant. He believed his three Trap Cards could counter any monsters Yudias Summoned if they were high-Level or he increased their ATK, but to his shock Yudias revealed "Transamu Rainac", a Level 4 monster with 1600 ATK that he defeated Yuhi with. Although Yuhi had been skeptical of Yudias' claim "Transamu Rainac" resembled him, in the instant it attacked he saw Yudias in the monster. Yuhi shook hands with Yudias afterwards and as they had promised, Yuamu agreed to teach Yudias about Rush Dueling, getting him to agree to work for UTS while she did. However, once they returned to Earth, Yudias revealed he hadn't stolen the Earthdamar and misinterpreted their request to handle the phone to destroy it, much to Yuhi and Yuamu's horror.[2]

After getting Yudias to pack his cards up from the sidewalk one morning, Yuhi, Yuamu and Yudias tracked down a missing cat again; Yuhi tried to catch it, but bumped into the invisible Valvelgear; fortunately Yudias caught the cat. After they returned it to its owner, Yuamu noted it was different from the cat that had clawed Yuhi and Yuhi grumbled over not getting the Earthdamar back again, though he didn't explain it to Yudias. A new client came to them requesting they find his dog, Yuhi immediately believing the alien that stole his Earthdamar to be responsible. However, Yuamu revealed the client was lying due to beig covered in cat hair and he revealed himself as Manabu Sogetsu from MIK, who was hunting Yudias with his partner, the cat that had scratched Yuhi that was capable of speech. Manabu confiscated some of Yuhi's cards that he'd found outside; Yuhi had left them while helping Yudias and tried to challenge Manabu to a Rush Duel, but Manabu refused due to Yuhi's carelessness. Yudias then came in, taking part of the blame for Yuhi's cards and challenging Manabu himself by appealing to his warrior's spirit. Manabu's burn strategy proved effective at reducing Yudias' LP, and Yudias hesitated at one point; Yuamu deduced Yudias didn't want to Tribute his monsters, something Yuhi found silly and he urged Yudias to Tribute Summon. Yudias eventually did so after Manabu assured him his monsters entrusted him with victory when they were Tributed, defeating Manabu and ensuring his safety. Afterwards Yuamu revealed the 8.88 million Velgians in Valvelgear to MIK, Yuhi joining her in impressing the numerical different on Manabu and his cat, and MIK retreated.[4]

Yuhi was having dinner at UTS when Mr. Yagi was attacked by an alien that ate the yakitori skewers he was preparing. Incensed by the loss of their food and believing the alien responsible had also stolen the Earthdamar, Yuhi set off in hot pursuit with Yudias, and they disguised themselves in a yakitori costume in an attempt to lure the alien, but only found Mr. Yagi, who had mistaken them for the alien. They then heard the cries of a girl dressed as "Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan" being menaced by the alien; Yuamu had disguised herself to lure it out, as the alien had been responsible for serial attacks all involving "Meeeg-chan". Manabu and his cat, Nyandestar, arrived to arrest the alien, Chupataro Kaburagi, and Yuamu challenged Chupataro to a Rush Duel to ensure his cooperation, Yuhi congratulating Yudias on ensuring Manabu's cooperation again. Yuhi explained Spell Cards to Yudias during the Duel, Yuamu was pushed into a corner by Chupataro's "Meeeg-chan" and "Meet and Greed" Spell, but Yuamu defeated Chupataro with "Blue-Tooth Burst Dragon" and her own "Dragonic Gacharge". After the Duel Yuhi was dismayed to learn Chupataro also didn't have his Earthdamar before he was taken away by Manabu and Nyandestar; Yuhi, Yuamu, Yudias and Mr. Yagi returned to UTS to continue their meal.[5]

As Yuhi finished breakfast one Sunday he accidentally knocked Valvelgear off a table and broke off one of its gravity control units. Fearing he'd killed all 8.88 million Velgians, Yuhi ran off without Yuamu and Yudias to a craft store, first trying to tape the unit back onto the ship and then crafting a decoy from paper to buy him time to make proper repairs. He eventually discovered Valvelgear and the Velgians were still alive, but their panicked reaction caused them to land in a garbage truck, which Yuhi tracked to Mutsuba Heavy Machinery Garbage Collection Site #8. As he spotted Valvelgear landing in a conveyor belt, he saw the alien who had stolen the Earthdamar bathing in the river outside the Garbage Collection Site, and Yuhi was torn between saving Valvelgear and pursuing the alien, but eventually rescued Valvelgear. To his surprise he found Chupataro had imprisoned Yudias in a mechanical clamp, and Chupataro stole Valvelgear from Yuhi, but accidentally took the paper model instead and threatened Yudias' countrymen. Knowing he had the real ship, Yuhi goaded Chupataro into dropping the model and revealed his deception. Chupataro tried to attack Yuhi, but was captured by MIK agents called by Yuamu after she noticed Yudias had gone missing; Manabu and Nyandestar allowed Yuhi and Yudias to leave without charge for their help. Afterwards Yudias repaired Valvelgear and confirmed the other Velgians had accepted Yuhi as one of them, and Yuhi looked at the spot where the other alien had been bathing.[3]


Yuhi uses an Machine Deck, spearheaded by his ace monster, "Jointech Rex".


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Tell Kawai 4 Lose (flashback)
Yudias Velgear 1 Lose
Tell Kawai 5 Win


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