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Yuka Goha
Yuka Goha
  • Yuka Goha
RōmajiGōha Yuuka
  • Female
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationGoha Enterprises (President)
SchoolGoha Space Elementary
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 05252: "Battle Royal Finale"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Akari Tadano[2]
Goha, Yuka

Yuka Goha (ゴーハ・ユウカ Gōha Yuuka) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is the only female member of the Goha Siblings.



Full-body view of Yuka in her normal attire and her baseball uniform.

Yuka is a fair-skinned girl with pink eyes and long brown hair. Like all of the Goha Siblings, she conceals her mouth and nose behind a grey facemask, wears a unique tiara, and wears dark grey clothing with a colored trim on her cuffs, undershirt and torso, a charcoal cape with a high collar, white gloves, and her individual badge between her collar, which makes up a sixth of the logo of Goha Enterprises; Yuka's clothes have a red trim that covers her torso, her tiara is composed of two gold claws with a red circle at the center connected by a white wire, and her badge is the middle left section of the Goha logo. She also wears black tights.

While playing baseball, Yuka wears a white baseball uniform with her badge pinned to her left sleeve, a red character over her heart, a long-sleeved black shirt under her baseball shirt, black shocks, white shin-guards, red shoes and a white baseball cap with her tiara emblazoned across it. She retains her mask and removes her gloves. She continues wearing these clothes after losing to Roa Kassidy, but returns to her usual outfit after being reinstated as president.

As Goha Alien Number Three, Yuka wears a grey starfish-shaped costume with a stereotypical white alien mask with large lenses for her to see through, and a red letter "3" on her back.


Yuka initially maintains a calm and collected demeanor but is later shown to be more emotional. Yuka believes strongly that the Goha Siblings should be united and she along with the rest were appalled by Yuo's decision to have Yuro step down as president following his loss to Yuga, as well as having faith that Yujin would not lose. Yuo's later claim that Yuro and Yujin were useless for losing greatly angered her. She is also perceptive as she seemed suspicious of Yuo's motives following Yuro's loss and resignation and is quick to jump on his apparent distaste for Yuran's win, though she underestimated just how far he was willing to go and was hurt by the notion he wanted to run Goha Enterprises without her and her siblings.

Yuka is prideful, angrily vowing to win her Duel with Roa Kassidy to prove the Goha Siblings were stronger united while powering through her injured shoulder. She is angered by Romin Kassidy's claim their request for aid in defeating Yuo is entitled given their actions in enabling him and almost reconsiders asking for the Rush Duel Club's help until calmed by her brothers. Her failure to defeat Roa drives her to tears, both due to her loss and the knowledge it has only progressed Yuo's plans.

Yuka shows a quirkier side while playing baseball and Dueling, commentating her own Duels and acting much more passionately and hot-blooded. She bought the Goha Astro Monsters simply because she felt every president should own a baseball team and despite defeating Romin Kassidy in a Duel, she was impressed by her skills and tried to sign her up for the team. Yuka also interjects baseball terms into her commentary, referring to moves in a Duel as akin to progression in baseball. Yuka can be somewhat distracted by food, paying more attention to the ramen she was eating at the Ramen Hut and enjoying Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry with little heed to the chaos caused by the Rush Duel Club's visit.


Team Battle Royal[edit]

After the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Yuka and her siblings returned to Earth.[3]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

When they arrived back at Earth, Yuka and her siblings learned of Rush Dueling, a Dueling format that had been installed in defiance of Goha Enterprises and whose program was contained within the Super Rush Robot on the moon. Yuo came up with a plan to destroy the robot by affixing Forced Gymnastics Armaments to it that would force it to continuously move, but in the interests of fairness the Goha Siblings would challenge the format's creator, Yuga Ohdo, and his friends to Rush Duels to give them a chance to deactivate the armaments.[4] As they activated the armaments, Goha Space Elementary was struck by space debris, forcing them to return to Earth in the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross.[4][5]

Yuka and her siblings returned to Goha City, introducing themselves to the citizens and ousting current presidential substitute Mimi Imimi. They challenged Yuga and his friends, warning Yuga that he would become a Goha employee if he lost and Yuro Dueled first, challenging Yuga to a Turbo Rush Duel. To Yuka and Yujin's shock, Yuro was defeated by Yuga, and Yuo called a presidential meeting and suggested Yuro step down. Yuro accepted responsibility for his loss and resigned. Afterwards Yuka confronted Yuo and asked him what he was planning, and Yuo claimed he only sought the destruction of Rush Dueling and the restoration of the prestige of Goha Enterprises. Yuo also remarked on the timing of their return, and Yuka wondered what space debris had forced them back, though Yuo dismissed it as an old satellite.[4]

The following day Yujin was training on a treadmill while Yuka and her siblings had breakfast, training she wasn't sure applied to Rush Dueling. Yuo didn't care, as he only wanted his brother to Duel with the resolve to resign as president if he lost, and Yuka sharply rebuked him for thinking Yujin would lose. Yujin then ran so fast he destroyed the treadmill and ran right out of the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross and into the ocean. The next day Yujin went to Goha #7 Elementary to challenge Yuga to a Rush Duel, now calling himself a man of the sea and Yuka wondered when her older brother had become like that. Due to Yuga's inability to swim Yujin ended up Dueling Luke and he was defeated, resigning as president. After the Duel Proprietress asked if Yuran would Duel next, but Yuka declared it was her turn to bat.[6]

Yuka bought the Goha Astro Monsters baseball team, explaining to Yuo that every president should own a baseball team. When the tryouts were held, she was surprised to see that Yuga, Luke, Romin Kassidy and Gavin Sogetsu were attending, so she seized the chance to Duel them, descending to the baseball stadium and challenging Romin, who had done the best out of the group in the tryouts, to a Duel. Although Romin inflicted early damage to Yuka, Yuka Tribute Summoned "Player #39: Home Run Hitter" and destroyed Romin's "Esperade the Smashing Superstar". On her next turn, Romin Tribute Summoned a monster Luke had given her, "Sportsdragon Closer", which was powered up by Yuka's "Feverous Spirit Stadium" Field Spell and almost defeated Yuka, though Yuka was able to remain in the Duel with "Requesting 9". On her next turn Yuka retrieved "Home Run Hitter" and re-Summoned it, this time activating its effect to double its ATK and destroy "Sportsdragon Closer", defeating Romin and giving the Goha Siblings one point to the Rush Duel Club's two. Despite Romin's loss Yuka had been impressed by her skills and offered for Romin to join her atop the Dueling baseball world, but Romin refused despite Yuka chasing her around the stadium.[7]

That weekend Yuran went to the Goha Martial Arts Stadium to wait for Yuga and his friends, as Gavin was substituting in the kendo tournament for Goha 7th's Kendo Club. Yuka and Yuo watched Yuran's Kendo Rush Duel with Gavin from the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, Yuo commenting that he hoped Yuran wouldn't be as useless as Yuro and Yujin, a sentiment that angered Yuka.[8] Yuran was able to defeat Gavin, and the three siblings watched the footage of the Duel on the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross as Yuo called Yuran's victory a surprising turn of events. Yuka commented that Yuo seemed unhappy they'd won, though Yuo denied this and Yuka and Yuran left him alone.[9]

Yuo later defeated Yuga in a Rush Duel, and Yuro, who had watched the Duel, took Yuka to the Ramen Hut and told her Yuo had used Fusion Summoning to defeat Yuga, something Yuka had no knowledge of, though she was more interested in the ramen she'd been served. Yuka didn't return to the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross until the evening and found one room in ruins after Yuo had chased down Yuga and his friends, remarking in everything that had happened while she was away. Romin had left some pink curry behind that Yuka sampled and found to her liking, so she put the leftovers in the fridge for later.[5] Afterwards Yuran informed Yuka that Yuo intended to have them both lose to Yuga and his friends and removed as presidents, leaving him the sole Goha President. Yuka angrily confronted Yuo over this and Yuo confirmed it was true, claiming it was silly there were six presidents and that he'd been waiting for the chance to seize power, believing he'd never lose as long as he had "Fusion", a Duel Monsters card that had crashed into Goha Space Elementary.[10]

Yuka had Nail Saionji provide a baseball stadium for her near the Big Seven Arena, where the Rush Duel Club had been watching for the Goha Meteor Shower with Romin's band. Yuka challenged the group's best slugger, and though Romin was eager to Duel Yuka again, her cousin Roa Kassidy, the leader of RoaRomin, accepted Yuka's challenge instead. Although Yuka Summoned "Home Run Hitter" and backed it up with "Feverous Spirit Stadium" and "Gagagaguts", Roa Tribute Summoned "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" and backed it up with "Royal Rebel's Arena", using the effect of "Doom Metal" to destroy "Home Run Hitter" and preventing her from destroying it with "Gagagaguts", though Yuka was still able to block Roa's attack with her revived "Home Run Hitter". On her next turn Yuka injured her shoulder while drawing, having strained it from pitching constantly in Earth's gravity, and she was forced to draw again when she activated "Ten Thousand Knocks", hoping to draw two FIRE monsters to destroy "Arena". Roa asked if she was injured and Yuka snapped the physical pain was nothing compared to the pain of betrayed by Yuo, yelling at Sixross that the Goha Siblings belonged together and vowing to win. Yuka succeeded in drawing enough FIRE monsters to destroy "Arena" and she Tribute Summoned "Player #99: Grand Slam Dragon", increasing its ATK and reviving "Home Run Hitter". Roa was able to revive "Doom Metal" after Yuka destroyed it and prevent its destruction, but Yuka crushed his spirit after he claimed the vocalist of RoaRomin could shine on any stage, as she had never previous heard of the band due to her disinterest in music. Yuka reinforced her advantage with "King Shift of Fire" to prevent Roa's trademark high-Level monsters from attacking, but to her shock Roa switched to using weak Normal Monsters and backing them up with Spell Cards to increase their ATK and reduce the ATK of her monsters, defeating Yuka. Yuka's loss brought her to tears over the thought of Yuo becoming closer to his goals and she fled the stadium in her craft, telling Roa she hated him and vowing that Yuo would be unable to succeed without the sixth Goha Sibling's presidential badge.[10]

After she deactivated the third restraint from the Super Rush Robot, Yuka convened with Yuran, Yuro, and Yujin at Goha #7 Elementary to discuss dealing with Yuo. The siblings rejected the notion of accepting aid from Yuga and his friends, as they believed Yuo was their problem to solve, and Yuka warned Yuran he was in line to Duel next and Yuo would be expecting him to lose. Yuran reassured her he wouldn't, suggesting they needed to find the sixth Sibling's badge. Yuran's plan to remain absent for the day's Duel worked, as Yuo challenged Luke, who was wearing a draconian helmet and calling himself "The Lukeman", to a Rush Duel and was defeated by The Lukeman's own "Fusion". After Yuo retreated back into Sixross, Yuran stripped him of his position and tried to reinstate Yuka, Yuro and Yujin, but Yuo revealed he had the sixth badge in his possession and stripped Yuran of his rank for conspiring with Yuka, Yuro and Yujin, having spied on them through a hacked Proprietress, leaving Yuo the sole Goha President.[11]

Yuka watched from Goha Baseball Stadium as Luke proclaimed himself the sixth Goha Sibling during his Rush Duel with Roa.[12] Yuka, Yuro, Yujin, and a freed Yuran visited Yuga's Road Laboratory afterwards to ask for his help in defeating Yuo, though Yuka was angered by Romin's suggestion they were acting entitled after initially agreeing with Yuo's plan. The Rush Duel Club did at least agree they needed to stop Luke, whose sister "Tiger" confirmed wasn't part of the Goha family.[13]

Yuga came to Yuka and her siblings and explained that he believed The Lukeman, who had appeared again and been taken away by Yuo, to be an electronic lifeform created from Luke's The Lukeman that had created the "Fusion" cards from Program storage cards in the Goha satellites that Nail had destroyed as a child. As Yuga believed The Lukeman simply desired to fuse with Luke and fight evil as they had in the manga, he tasked Yuka, her siblings and Mimi with helping him achieve that goal by preparing costumes for a scenario where Yuga would pretend to be part of the Majin Empire from Luke's manga before revealing himself as an ally to The Lukeman, The☆Yugaman, and during which his friends could do so as well, while the Goha Siblings would play the part of the aggressors to continue a Rush Duel between Yuga and The Lukeman so the Super Rush Robot could still be saved. They did as he asked, arriving during the Rush Duel between "Majin Yuga" and The Lukeman to explain Yuga's plan to the Rush Duel Club and Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Yuka providing the proof of their claims, then providing costumes for everyone else after Yuga took on the costume of The☆Yugaman.[14] Yuka donned the guise of Goha Alien Number Three and joined her siblings in holding "The☆Beauty Romin" hostage, "torturing" her when she protested. After Yuga destroyed The Lukeman's "Hyperstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" with "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", The Lukeman returned three Spells from his Graveyard to his Deck and increased their LP, prompting Yuo to throw off his costume in a rage and ask if they were Dueling seriously. Yuro explained to Yuo that they were Dueling seriously; The Lukeman's true goal had been to return "Fusion" to his Deck and draw it again, and he Fusion Summoned "Full Moon Dragon Umbralancer F", reviving "Dragiastar F" and almost defeating Yuga. Yuga revived "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn, but The Lukeman returned the monsters in Yuga's Graveyard to his Deck to prevent him using the effect of "Sevens Road", forcing Yuga to gamble with "1/Infinity", which would damage him enough to lose if he and The Lukeman didn't draw the same card. Unfortunately The Lukeman drew "Fusion" again, which Yuga didn't have, but then a meteor entered the atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, and to Yuka's utter shock Yuga blocked it with his Duel Disk. Yuka and her siblings realized in disbelief that the meteor had been one of the satellites containing "Fusion" and were proven correct when Yuga drew it, Fusion Summoning "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight", which could gain ATK for monsters in both Graveyards. Successfully sending the monster he needed to the Graveyard to activate the effect, Yuga defeated The Lukeman.[15]

Despite The Lukeman's loss, Yuo refused to accept the result and tried to destroy the Super Rush Robot with Sixross, but Yuga's modified Goha Enterprises Drone Kaizo returned to Earth as well and crashed into Sixross, detonating the Prima Guitarna Curry Yuka had been saving and crashing it, forcing Yuo to release the Super Rush Robot. After The Lukeman released Luke and left for outer space, Mimi suggested Swirls could replace Yuo as he was the sixth Goha Sibling, but the sixth sibling's badge rejected him, so Yuga suggested Yuo remain president, but reinstate Yuka and her other siblings, while Yuga joined Goha Enterprises as they had initially asked him to if he lost six times.[15]

Goha Employee[edit]

The following day was Yuo's birthday, so Yuka and her siblings planned to throw a surprise party for him using the costumes they'd prepared for Yuga's Rush Duel with The Lukeman. As they still had to clean the Prima Guitarna Curry out of Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, they told Yuo they would handle the cleanup and ensured his schedule was free, while tasking Romin and Gavin with planting the idea of a surprise party in Yuo's head to make him open to the idea. When Gavin and Romin returned to Sixross, they swapped costumes so Gavin was the hostage in need of rescue and when Yuo returned Yuka and her siblings began putting on the play. Yuo almost left until Yuka and her siblings confirmed this was a birthday surprise to him and wished him a happy birthday, and Yuo joined them in their play. Afterwards they had a birthday dinner for Yuo, Yuka noting it was nice to do something like this every so often.[16]

Afterwards, Yuka, Yuro, Yujin and Yuran returned to Goha Space Elementary in Sixross, allowing Yuo to remain at the Goha Enterprises Main Office to directly lead Goha Enterprises. As they left, Yuka noted how nosy Yuga was likely to be.[17] Yuka, Yuro, Yujin and Yuran kept in contact with Yuga, now working in the Duel Development Department, and suggested some ideas to him that he found interesting, Yuga claiming he had interesting ideas of his own.[18] Yuka, Yuro, Yujin and Yuran learned that Yuga was apparently their fifth sibling, though Yuka was skeptical.[19]


Yuka uses a Baseball Deck largely composed of FIRE Warrior monsters that are baseball-themed parodies of Yuma Tsukumo's "Onomat" monsters, and her ace monsters, "Player #39: Home Run Hitter" and "Player #99: Grand Slam Dragon", being based on Yuma's and Astral's own aces, "Number 39: Utopia" and "Number 99: Utopic Dragon".

Her strategy revolves around using the Field Spell Card "Feverous Spirit Stadium" to support her monsters by increasing their ATK and enabling their effects, such as that of "Dododo Second", which can easily bring out her higher-Level monsters. In addition to the effect of "Grand Slam Dragon", she also uses "The Warrior Returning Alive" to revive her aces should they get destroyed.

"Home Run Hitter" and "Grand Slam Dragon" contribute the main power of the Deck, with their effects netting them explosive damage potential (raising themselves to 5000 and 4000 ATK respectively) while being further boosted by "Feverous Spirit Stadium".


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Goha 77 Lose (flashback)
Romin Kassidy 56 Win
Roa Kassidy 61 Lose


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