Yuo Goha

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Yuo Goha
Yuo Goha
  • Yuo Goha
OtherGoha Alien Number Five
RōmajiGōha Yuuou
  • Male
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationGoha Enterprises (President)
SchoolGoha Space Elementary
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 05252: "The Final Rush Duel"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Daiki Yamashita[1]
Goha, Yuo

Yuo Goha (ゴーハ・ユウオウ Gōha Yuuou) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime and the main antagonist of the Goha 6 Siblings arc. He is one of the Goha Siblings, and the one who set in motion the plan to challenge Yuga Ohdo and his friends to Duels by holding the Super Rush Robot hostage, though he also has his own goals behind the scenes.



Full-body view of Yuo in his normal attire and suit.

Yuo is a short fair-skinned boy with violet eyes and curly sandy-brown hair resembling Trey's. Like all of the Goha Siblings, he conceals his mouth and nose behind a grey facemask, wears a unique tiara, and wears dark grey clothing with a colored trim on his cuffs, undershirt and torso, a charcoal cape with a high collar, white gloves, and his individual badge between his collar, which makes up a sixth of the logo of Goha Enterprises; Yuo's clothes have a yellow trim that covers his chest and torso in a "T" shape, his tiara is shaped in a similar manner to cat ears with a yellow shape at the center set in a spine, and his badge is the bottom right section of the Goha logo. After losing to The☆Lukeman, he takes up the sixth Goha Sibling's badge; the black and white center right section between his and Yuro's.

When he Duels, Yuo wears a performer's suit, retaining his mask and tiara. He wears a grey suit jacket, a white undershirt with a red string bowtie, a dark khaki waistcoat, charcoal shorts, and dark khaki boots. He pins his badge to his left coat lapel.

As Goha Alien Number Five, Yuo wears a grey starfish-shaped costume with a stereotypical white alien mask with large lenses for him to see through, and a yellow letter "5" on his back.


Yuo is arguably the most cold hearted of the Goha Siblings, coupled with sociopathic tendencies, having no qualms with removing his siblings from their positions once they lose a Duel, and in fact relishes on this, as he wants to monopolize Goha for himself. He is also fairly deceptive, scheming behind his siblings' back although not completely unnoticed by them.

Yuo has shown great cruelty and downright misanthropy, his love for puppets being such because he can manipulate and toy with them as he pleases, calling them his "super cute friends" because they do exactly as he wants them to, going as far as believing Yuga's group to be peasants who struggle in vain, just like his puppets. He seems to have an inferiority complex; while he is reputed as the strongest Duelist among his siblings he becomes easily angered by any perceived disrespect and overreacts, threatening to eject Yuga and his friends into space after learning Yuga had only wanted to know where "Fusion" came from and pettily forcing Nail to Duel for him after Nail warned him not to underestimate Yuga. He has such little faith his siblings like him after his plans that he initially refuses to believe they would still celebrate his birthday.

While Dueling he likens himself to a troupe leader and his monsters as his "troupe members", frequently using performance terms like "show star" or "exiting the stage", and even showing moments of exaggerated excitement. Yuo is fairly sadistic, claiming Yuga was cute like a doll as he winced in pain when taking damage, and even taunted Yuga after defeating him, by constantly rubbing in his face the Fusion Summon he had employed while filling his arena with more and more dolls for a fairly terrifying sight, and having once attempted to scare Yuga's party by filling the school with puppets.

Yuo later displays more positive traits, desiring to learn to thank his siblings for trying to surprise him on his birthday and genuinely appreciating and enjoying the play they put on for him after realizing it was done sincerely. However he still retains his penchant for planning and desires to destroy Rush Dueling again. His siblings later claim Yuo was once much kinder and happier, a persona he reverted to after Yuga Goha wiped his memories of Dueling.



Yuo's sibling Yuga became hungry for power and printed a forbidden card, "Monster Reborn", that could manipulate people when used during a Duel while a spell was recited. Yuo and his other siblings found him at the Duel Card Manufacturer under the Goha Enterprises Main Office and attempted to stop him, but Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran were all defeated. Yuo was able to use "Monster Reborn" in a Duel against Yuga, sealing away his memories, and Yuo took Yuga's badge and stashed his Duel Disk, which had turned black, in the President Drone. Following those events, the trauma of the Duel also wiped the memories of Yuo and his siblings, and they believed the identity of their sixth sibling to be a mystery.[2]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

After the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Yuo and his siblings returned to Earth.[3]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

When they arrived back at Earth, Yuo and his siblings learned of Rush Dueling, a Dueling format that had been installed in defiance of Goha Enterprises and whose program was contained within the Super Rush Robot on the moon. Yuo came up with a plan to destroy the robot by affixing Forced Gymnastics Armaments to it that would force it to continuously move, but in the interests of fairness the Goha Siblings would challenge the format's creator, Yuga Ohdo, and his friends to Rush Duels to give them a chance to deactivate the armaments.[4] In reality, Yuo plotted to have his siblings lose and give up their positions so that he would be the sole president of Goha Enterprises.[5] As they attached the armaments, space debris crashed into Goha Space Elementary, and Yuo went on a spacewalk to examine the wreckage, finding a Spell Card within called "Fusion".[4][6]

Yuo and his siblings then returned to Goha City, introducing themselves to the citizens and ousting current presidential substitute Mimi Imimi. They challenged Yuga and his friends, warning Yuga that he would become a Goha employee if he lost and Yuro Dueled first, challenging Yuga to a Turbo Rush Duel. Despite a strong showing, Yuro was defeated by Yuga, and Yuo wasted little time in calling a presidential meeting and telling his older brother that failure was unacceptable for a president of Goha and suggesting he step down. Though this elicited outrage from Yujin and Yuka, Yuro nevertheless accepted responsibility for his loss and resigned. That evening Yuka confronted Yuo and asked what he was planning, suspicious of Yuo's motives despite Yuo claiming to only have the destruction of Rush Dueling and restoring the prestige of Goha in mind. Yuo retired to his room to meet with the President Drone, telling it that it was finally time as he examined the "Fusion" card in a capsule.[4]

The following day the siblings prepared for the day, with Yujin training on a treadmill, determined to Duel next and avenge Yuro's loss. Yuo noted that the Rush Duel Club would have two points if Yujin lost, and Yuka sharply rebuked him, Yuo evasively claiming he only wanted Yujin to Duel with the resolve to quit as president if he lost. Yujin then ran so fast he destroyed the treadmill and ran out of the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, ending up in the ocean. He returned the next day and went to Goha #7 Elementary to challenge Yuga to a Duel, now claiming to be a man of the sea and acting even more exuberantly than normal, much to Yuo, Yuka and Yuran's shock; Yuo suggested it might just be a phase. As Yuga couldn't swim in the artificial sea that Nail Saionji had produced for Yujin, Luke instead took up Yujin's challenge and defeated him. Yujin agreed to resign as the final attack threw him into the sea, and Yuo accepted his brother's resignation. Proprietress wondered if Yuran would Duel next, but Yuka declared she would be up next.[7]

Yuka bought a baseball team, the Goha Astro Monsters, explaining to Yuo that every president should own a baseball team. She went to the tryouts where the Rush Duel Club were participating, Yuo explaining her decision to Yuran and Proprietress. Yuka challenged Romin Kassidy to a Rush Duel, but to Yuo's shock she was actually able to defeat Romin, putting the score at 2-1. Yuo confided in the President Drone that evening, and it told him the "Fusion" card he had been analyzing had been confirmed to be usable in Rush Duels, much to Yuo's joy.[8] That weekend, Gavin Sogetsu was asked to substitute for his school's Kendo Club, so Yuran took the opportunity to defeat all the tournament participants in kendo and wait for the Rush Duel Club. As he and Yuka watched Yuran Duel Gavin, Yuo commented that he hoped Yuran would be better than his useless brothers. Yuran was also able to win his Duel, putting the score at 2-2, but Yuo was no longer worried as long as he had "Fusion".[9]

Intending to Duel next, Yuo recapped their progress with Yuka and Yuran, expressing surprise that Yuran won. Yuka accused him of sounding unhappy at his brother's victory, despite Yuo's claims he was super-happy Yuran had won. Yuo met with the President Drone afterwards, confident in his ability to gain sole control over Goha Enterprises as he added the "Fusion" card he'd been analyzing to his Deck. He placed his army of puppets within Goha #7 Elementary and used a remote-controlled puppet of Yuga to lure Luke away from him before descending from the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross to find Yuga, Yuro, Romin, Gavin, Swirly and Advisor M waiting for him. Yuo was disappointed that Yuro was there, as it minimized his chance to shock Yuga and his friends, and after Romin called his taste in friends poor taste, Yuo compared the group to his puppets. Yuga promptly challenged Yuo to a Duel, and Yuo had Nail provide a circus tent for them to Duel in. Yuga started strong with three powerful Warrior Type monsters, and Yuo praised him for making a more exciting stage before beginning his own performance. He brought out "Daigyakutenno Megami" and used her effect to successfully destroy Yuga's two "Lydacross" monsters while weakening Yuga's remaining monster with "Imaginary Ark Tower", dealing significant damage in his first turn. On his next turn Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", and Yuo was entranced by the powerful Maximum Monster. He attempted to prevent Yuga from attacking with "Imaginary Ark Turret", but Yuga was able to destroy Yuo's Field Spell and weaken "Daigyakutenno Megami", then lower the ATK of "Vast Vulcan" enough to attack past "Imaginary Ark Turret" while substantially reducing Yuo's LP with effect damage. Before he could attack, the Forced Gymnastics Armaments finally dislodged the Super Rush Robot's right arm, which contained the data for Maximum Monsters, but the robot reattached the arm of its own accord, allowing "Vast Vulcan" to remain and attack, reducing Yuo to 500 LP. Despite his predicament, Yuo praised Yuga for dancing along to his tune and drew "Fusion" on his next turn, assembling the materials and Fusion Summoning "Metallion Asurastar". Using its effect to gain the ATK of the Warrior Type "Vast Vulcan", Yuo destroyed "Vast Vulcan" and defeated Yuga, taunting him with the name of the Summon.[5]

The following day Yuo crowed about his victory over Yuga, believing him to frustrated and asking how dare he think he could challenge Yuo, the head of Goha Enterprises. His words alerted Yuran to his plan, though any confrontation was interrupted by something crashing into Sixross. Yuo found that Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin and Yuga's modified Drone Kaizo had crashed Yuga's hovering Road through the Gohanium hull of Sixross and landed in Yuka's baseball field. As Yuka's baseball Drones set upon them Yuga stated he'd come to see Yuo, so Yuo dropped Luke, Romin and Gavin into the kitchen and had the President Drone grant Yuga an audience with him. He believed Yuga had broken into Sixross for revenge and Yuga asked where "Fusion" had come from, but to Yuo's shock, his admission he didn't know where "Fusion" had come from excited Yuga and as Yuga's friends arrived, Yuga explained he hadn't slept since his Duel with Yuo over anticipation for where "Fusion" had come from and that he found the thought they didn't know yet exciting before passing out. Incensed at what he perceived to be disrespect, Yuo set his puppets on the kids and chased them through Sixross, intending to lock them in his iron maiden and eject them into space. To his shock Kaizo returned with Luke's sister Tiger and she and her clubmates began fighting Yuo's puppets. Yuo tried to capture Tiger in his iron maiden, but Kaizo was caught instead and launched into space, allowing the Goha #7 Elementary students to escape in the confusion. Yuo scoffed over the events as he sat in his room later, still believing himself to be invincible with "Fusion".[6]

Yuka confronted Yuo over his plans and Yuo admitted he'd always found the idea of six presidents silly and had been waiting to seize power for himself, claiming he would be the last one standing due to "Fusion". Despite knowing of Yuo's plan, Yuka still Rush Dueled that evening as if was her turn to Duel again, Dueling Romin's cousin Roa. During the Duel Yuka injured herself while she was drawing, Proprietress explaining that drawing and pitching in Earth's gravity had strained her, though Yuo was unconcerned and scoffed at Yuka's angry claim that the Goha Siblings were the six of them working together. Yuka was eventually defeated by Roa and she fled the stadium in tears, claiming Yuo wouldn't be able to become the sole Goha President without their sixth sibling's badge.[10]

Aware that his siblings would likely attempt to stop his plans, Yuo hacked Proprietress and used her to spy on Yuran's meeting with their deposed siblings the next day, learning their plan to hide Yuran so Yuo would have to Duel next.[11] However Yuo still had the sixth Goha Sibling's presidential badge so he would be able to retain his presidency if he was defeated by Yuga or one of his friends.[11][2] That afternoon, Yuo had Nail provide two pillars for him to Duel on at the Goha 6th Quarry when Yuga, Romin, Gavin, Swirly and Tiger arrived, but as he descended from Sixross, Luke emerged from the forest wearing a draconian helmet and calling himself "The☆Lukeman", accepting Yuo's challenge. Yuo began with "Daigyakutenno Megami" and attempted to prevent The☆Lukeman from attacking with "Imaginary Ark Turret", but The☆Lukeman used the effect of his "The☆Star Dragon" to lower the ATK of both monsters, bypassing Yuo's Trap and destroying "Daigyakutenno Megami". Having been ready to counter Luke's Dragon Type monsters, Yuo fused "Imaginary Actor" with "Serpainter" on his next turn into "Metallion Vritrastar", using its anti-Dragon effect to destroy "The☆Star Dragon" and powering it up to wipe The☆Lukeman out in one attack, but The☆Lukeman survived with "The☆Barrier". To Yuo's utter shock The☆Lukeman used his own copy of "Fusion" on his next turn, Fusion Summoning "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F", and Yuo attempted to destroy it with "Imaginary Ark Turbulence" since he had the Dragon Type "Serpainter" in his Graveyard. To his shock, The☆Lukeman revealed "Dragiastar F" was a High Dragon Type monster and Yuo's Trap resolved without effect, allowing The☆Lukeman to use one of "Dragiastar F's" Multi-Choice Effects to defeat him. Yuo retreated to Sixross, furious that he was no longer the only one with "Fusion", and was confronted by Yuran when he arrived, who stripped him of his presidential badge and tried to reinstate his siblings. Yuo then revealed the sixth sibling's badge and stripped Yuran of his badge for conspiring with former presidents, leaving him the sole Goha President.[11]

Although Yuo had achieved his goal of becoming the only president, his defeat and Yuran's eviction had removed all but one of the Super Rush Robot's restraints, while Yuga and his friends had only lost three times. Unwilling to risk another Duel with Luke and eager to gain his power, Yuo and Doll approached Luke as he was digging for "Fusion" in the Goha 6th Quarry and claimed Luke to be the sixth Goha Sibling given his strength in Rush Dueling. As he had hoped, Luke was easily swayed by the promise of power, so Yuo showed him around the Goha Enterprises Main Office, where they ran into Roa, Mimi and Swirly, who had infiltrated the building. Yuo took the opportunity to have the day's Rush Duel, suggesting Roa Duel Luke and taunting Roa when he initially refused. Luke broadcasted his new identity across Goha City as they Dueled and he Summoned the Fusion Materials for "Dragiastar F", but was unable to draw "Fusion". Roa countered with "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", cowing Luke with insults over switching sides and almost defeating him, but Luke was able to survive by drawing enough monsters with "7 Chance" to gain enough LP to endure Roa's attacks. He brought out "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", "Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias" and "Steelstrike Dragon Metagias" on his next turn, defeating Roa, who Yuo had evicted from the building alongside Mimi and Swirly, who had snuck into Yuo's office during the Duel.[12]

To Yuo's disgust, Luke began calling him "big brother" despite being younger than him and Yuo showed him around Sixross, telling him he could stay in his room. As Doll raised concerns about Luke's apparent lack of "Fusion" with Yuo, Luke suddenly went wild at the sight of Yuo's gear-patterned wallpaper and began tearing it down as Sixross and Doll deactivated, forcing Yuo to frantically assure Luke he'd get it changed. To by himself time to remove the wallpaper, Yuo sent Doll with Luke to get Luke's spare underwear from his family's mansion. As he was taking down the wallpaper, he received a video message from Doll showing Luke Dueling Tiger and wondered if Luke would remain an annoying younger brother or become one of his puppets. Although Tiger initially easily cornered Luke, to Yuo's joy Luke emerged from one of her attacks wearing the helmet again and once again claiming to be The☆Lukeman, and on his next turn he used "Fusion" to Fusion Summon "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" and defeat Tiger with its other Multi-Choice Effect. Yuo seized the chance to collect The☆Lukeman and Doll, bidding everyone else goodbye as Sixross left the Kallister grounds.[13]

Yuo immediately analyzed The☆Lukeman's "Fusion" and confirmed it was real, though he was irritated at The☆Lukeman sleeping in his room to recover energy after Doll informed him. Determining that Nail had created "Fusion" as he had with Maximum Monsters he and Doll went to Nail's Nexus in the Garden of Curiosity and Yuo used Absolute Presidential Obedience Mode to neutralize Seatbastian when he tried to stop them from seeing Nail. He accused Nail of creating "Fusion", but Nail claimed he couldn't have, as while he had added the data for Maximum Monsters to the Rush Dueling code, "Fusion" cards themselves contained the program that made them function. Yuo wondered if Otes had created "Fusion" and Nail admitted he couldn't think who else could have but noted that Yuga not only likely thought differently, but had deduced who created "Fusion" and he warned Yuo not to underestimate Yuga. Angered by Nail's advice, Yuo asked who's side Nail was on and he claimed he was merely the Duel overseer, so Yuo ordered him to Duel for him in the next match. He brought Nail and Seatbastian to Maximum Mountain, where the Rush Duel Club had met with the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to stop Tiger from training herself into exhaustion after losing to The☆Lukeman, and after Asana Mutsuba accepted the day's challenge, Yuo, Doll, Nail and Seatbastian transported down to face her. Nail Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" on his first turn and Asana opposed him with "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" backing it up with support tied to her friends' ace monsters. Seatbastian criticized this as Asana "tainting" her Wyrm Deck with other Types, an accusation Yuo scoffed at given his own multi-Type Deck. Although Asana increased the ATK of "Buildragon" to match "Yggdrago", Nail returned it to his hand to negate her attack and Maximum Summoned it on his next turn again. Asana defended with her friends' monsters, and to Yuo's shock Nail Tributed "Yggdrago" to Tribute Summon "Viskam Nanotron" after destroying two of Asana's monsters, though Yuo quickly realized Nail intended to add "Yggdrago" back to his hand and re-use its effects to destroy Asana's last monster. Even after that Asana was able to reduce the ATK of "Yggdrago" enough to survive and Summoned a new ace, "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon", reviving "Buildragon" and "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush", then increasing the ATK of "Dracrush" and reducing the ATK of "Yggdrago" again. Nail had lost, but prolonged the Duel by protecting "Yggdrago" from Asana's first attack. Afterwards Yuo lambasted Nail for losing even though he had "Yggdrago", though Nail claimed that strong cards didn't guarantee victory and that he was always alone. He resigned from Goha and left with Seatbastian, ignoring Yuo's protests.[14]

The score now stood at 5-5, though Gavin tried to argue it should be 3-5 due to two of Yuo's victories being won by Luke. Yuga however told Yuo the score could remain at 5-5 and challenged The☆Lukeman to a Rush Duel, who had just arrived from Sixross.[14] Yuo agreed to allow the Duel and tried to boast about the slim chance Yuga had of winning, though The☆Lukeman claimed Yuo didn't need to boast about him winning. To Yuo's shock he and Doll were forced to avoid a costume appearing around The☆Lukeman that he termed his "Perfect Mode", and Yuga donned a costume as well and claimed to be "Majin Yuga". Yuo then watched in shock as his siblings arrived with Mimi, explaining that The☆Lukeman was an electronic life form created from Luke's The☆Lukeman manga when Tiger struck a fax machine containing it, and that it had created "Fusion" from Program storage cards in the Goha satellites Nail had destroyed as a child and desired to fight evil with Luke. The☆Lukeman almost defeated Yuga with "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F", but Yuga survived and donned a new costume, The☆Yugaman.[15] To Yuo's bewilderment, his siblings revealed costumes for everyone else as well, including him and Doll, and he was dressed up as "Goha Alien Number Five" and watch as Yuga and his friends convinced The☆Lukeman they were his allies, while his siblings took "The☆Beauty Romin" hostage to ensure the Rush Duel continued. After Yuga destroyed "Dragiastar F" with the effect of "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", The☆Lukeman used the effect of his "Peace Dragon" to return three Spells to his Deck and increase both of their LP, which was the final straw for Yuo, who ripped off his costume and furiously demanded to know if The☆Lukeman was Dueling seriously or if he'd pretended to be on Yuo's side. Yuro and Yujin explained to Yuo that The☆Lukeman was indeed being serious; his goal had been to return "Fusion" to his Deck and redraw it, which he succeeded in doing, Fusion Summoning "Full Moon Dragon Umbrlancer F" and reviving "Dragiastar F". Yuo celebrated what he believed to be The☆Lukeman's victory, though to his disappointment Yuga survived the turn. Yuga revived "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn, though to Yuo's joy The☆Lukeman returned the monsters in Yuga's Graveyard to his Deck to blunt the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", forcing to Yuga to gamble with "1/Infinity", which returned their Spells to the Deck and would damage Yuga enough to lose if he couldn't draw the same card The☆Lukeman did. Yuo insisted the odds were against Yuga and maliciously rubbed them in his face when The☆Lukeman drew "Fusion", which Yuga didn't have. To his utter shock a meteor entered the atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, who blocked it with his Duel Disk. Everyone else began wondering if the meteor had been one of the Goha satellites with "Fusion" in it and Yuo tried to protest Yuga should be disqualified, but Yuran informed him the rules permitted the Duel to continue if the Duelist hadn't intended to alter their Deck, much to Yuo's disappointment. Yuga successfully drew his new "Fusion" and Fusion Summoned "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight", which could gain ATK for monsters in both Graveyards and defeated The☆Lukeman.[16]

Refusing to accept the result, Yuo returned to Sixross and declared his intention to use it to destroy the Super Rush Robot. To his shock something crashed into Sixross and pink curry began filling the ship; Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry that she'd left behind when she visited had been detonated by Kaizo, who had been freed from the iron maiden after it was caught in the Goha Meteor Shower. With Sixross crashed by the curry, Yuo had no choice but to release the Super Rush Robot. After The☆Lukeman released Luke and left Earth, Tiger suggested Yuo should step down for his failure and Doll insisted that Yuo couldn't leave the position of Goha President unfilled. Mimi claimed Swirly was the sixth Goha Sibling, only to be proven wrong when the sixth Sibling's badge rejected him. Yuga then offered to let Yuo retain his position if he reinstated his siblings and even offered to join Goha Enterprises as Yuo had originally wanted him to if he lost.[16] Yuo was initially in disbelief at the notion, but agreed to Yuga's proposal.[17]

Goha Employee[edit]

The following day Yuo tried to join his siblings in cleaning up the Prima Guitarna Curry covering Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, but they told him they'd do the work for him. Yuo also found his schedule was free and he went to a park in Goha City to think, wondering why his siblings were being so nice to him and if they knew he was planning something again. The☆Beauty Romin and The☆Professor Gavin then arrived and Yuo tried telling them to leave, lacking the energy for a confrontation, but Gavin convinced him to stay by warning him that Romin might "fuse" her curries with explosive consequences if Yuo angered her, as she'd enjoyed their cosplay. They asked Yuo what was wrong, and after Gavin convinced Yuo to buy Romin an ice-cream when she used her "Miracle Beauty Problem-Solving Beam" on him, Romin deduced Yuo's siblings were planning a surprise birthday party for him. Yuo suddenly remembered Dueling someone and realized he'd forgotten it was even his birthday and believed the possibility unlikely, though Gavin suggested Yuo's siblings didn't hate him as much as he believed. They suggested Yuo practice saying "thank you", something Yuo hadn't ever said before, and Yuo soon found himself roped into lessons on thanking people, eventually taking them seriously. He returned to Sixross that evening, determined to thank his siblings, but to his shock he found them dressed in their Goha Alien costumes with Gavin and Romin, who had switched costumes so Gavin was now held hostage as "The☆Beauty Romin". Romin encouraged Yuo to save "The☆Beauty Romin" and Yuo turned to leave, thinking he was being made fun of. Yuro urged Yuo to stay, and they revealed a banner wishing Yuo a happy birthday, much to his joy. After his siblings wished him a happy birthday, Yuo happily took up The☆Beauty Romin's staff and struck down his siblings, freeing Gavin. Afterwards they enjoyed a birthday dinner, Yuo eagerly agreeing with Yuka's sentiment they should do so more often, but to his surprise the notion triggered another memory of him Dueling someone and he wondered what it was.[18]

Afterwards, Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran left Earth in Sixross, allowing Yuo to remain behind with Doll to oversee Goha Enterprises directly. Yuga also asked if Nail could be reinstated, as he desired to work on Maximum Monsters with him. Yuo agreed, though Nail refused to return, so Yuga hired his friends instead; Luke, Romin, Gavin, Swirly, and Gavin's aides Rayne and Rino. Noting how unusual Yuga was, Yuo began to set his next plan to destroy Rush Dueling in motion.[17] As he looked over Goha City one day with Doll, Yuo reflected that he needed to hurry his preparations for the Yuo Troupe, but to his shock alarms sounded in the Goha Enterprises Main Office as recreation time for the "Become a zombie" event began. Yuo promptly headed for the emergency Drone on the building's helipad, leaving just as Gavin arrived and claiming it was for Goha President's use, but to his shock he was attacked by Tracker, playing the part of a zombie waiting to trap the selfish, and the Drone crashed, Yuo getting stuck in a tree. Once the event ended at 3pm, Yuo ranted that they couldn't just go on recreation time without Goha President's permission.[19]

Yuo called Yuga to an emergency meeting to propose his plan; fusing Goha Duels with Rush Duels, but Yuga didn't show up and Yuo and Doll confirmed he wasn't with his friends, so Yuo had Doll begin making preparations for the meeting.[20][2] Doll eventually confirmed Yuga wasn't in the Goha Enterprises Main Office and that he'd left his phone behind, so Yuo resorted to calling Yuga's house, though he received no answer other than a pre-recorded message telling him he would incur interstellar charges for calling, claims Yuo wasn't sure to be a joke or not. Eventually Yuga answered the phone, having forgotten about the meeting, and came to Yuo's office with Luke, Romin, Gavin and Swirly, though he expressed surprise the other Goha Siblings weren't present.[21] Yuo made his proposal to Yuga, and though it received vehement opposition from Yuga's friends, Yuga himself claimed he didn't mind and agreed to the idea. Yuo promptly had Doll begin the upload of "New Goha Duels" to the Goha Duel Server, but to his shock he learned there was a queue in place for uploading rules and Yuga revealed he'd launched an application, Original Duel Development, which allowed anyone to upload their own rules and use them as he had with Rush Dueling. Yuo was incensed Yuga had used Goha's resources for this and tried to fire him, but Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran vetoed his decision, though Yuga claimed he didn't mind being fired if they told him about the forbidden card. He explained Nanaho Nanahoshi had used it to manipulate Swirly and Nail had told them about it, and though Yuo didn't remember the card, Yuran had detected activity underground which Luke revealed was likely a Duel Card Manufacturer. Yuo joined his siblings and the Rush Duel Club to visit the machine, which despite Luke's account of it being buried had been restored, and Proprietress used it to print "Monster Reborn", which Yuo picked up. The sight of the card drove Swirly into a frenzy, Doll ejecting the black Duel Disk, and Yuo once again remembered Dueling someone, this time with "Monster Reborn" and refused to give it to Yuga, challenging Swirly to a Rush Duel himself. As he Dueled, Yuo recalled himself uttering curious words, and he used "Monster Reborn" to assemble the Fusion Materials for "Metallion King Cobrastar" to counter Swirly's Reptile Type monster, chanting the spell he'd heard. He successfully broke the spell, but remembered too late that it would unlock his brother Yuga's memories, and Yuga broke out of Swirly's costume and vowed revenge against Yuo for sealing him away. He used "Monster Reborn" himself, casting a "Duel Seal" instead of a "Persona Release", and Tribute Summoned "Predator Gunleon", using its effect to defeat Yuo, before flying away with Doll.[2]

The Duel Seal sealed Yuo's memories of Dueling, and he reverted to a happier mental state where he was content to play with his puppets. As Mimi Imimi visited Yuo and his siblings, Yuo noticed Yuga Goha's approach and noted that something was coming; his siblings and Mimi left him to his own devices and headed for the helipad.[22]


Yuo uses a LIGHT Deck that includes a wide array of monster Types and employs card effects to weaken non-LIGHT monsters and monsters of specific Types. After discovering the "Fusion" card that crashed into Goha Space Elementary and learning it could be used in Rush Dueling, Yuo incorporates it into his Deck. His Metallion Fusion Monsters are created by fusing the Machine Type "Imaginary Actor" with monsters of other Types to create Cyborg Type Fusion Monsters that include devastating anti-support effects for the non-Machine-Type they were fused from.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Goha 77 Not shown (flashback)
Yuga Ohdo 58 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister (as The☆Lukeman) 62 Lose
Swirly/Yuga Goha 77 Lose


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