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Yuro Goha
Yuro Goha
  • Yuro Goha
OtherGoha Alien Number One
RōmajiGōha Yuuro
  • Male
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationGoha Enterprises (President)
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 05252: "The Final Rush Duel"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Takuya Eguchi[1]
Goha, Yuro

Yuro Goha (ゴーハ・ユウロ Gōha Yuuro) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is a Turbo Duelist and the eldest of the Goha Siblings, and the first to challenge Yuga and his friends. Following his Duel with Yuga he enrolls in Goha 7th Elementary and attends many of the Duels between his siblings and Yuga's friends.



Full-body view of Yuro in his normal attire and his Turbo Suit.

Yuro is a tall fair-skinned boy with blue-eyes and blonde hair swept back, with three bangs hanging over his eyes akin to Yuga Ohdo's. Like all of the Goha Siblings, he conceals his mouth and nose behind a grey facemask, wears a unique tiara, and wears dark grey clothing with a colored trim on his cuffs, undershirt and torso, a charcoal cape with a high collar, white gloves, and his individual badge between his collar, which makes up a sixth of the logo of Goha Enterprises; Yuro's clothes have a green trim that covers his chest and the middle of his torso, befitting his use of WIND monsters, his tiara is composed of a simple band with a yellow crescent moon and an angular silver teardrop marked with a green diamond, and his badge is the top right section of the Goha logo.

Yuro wears a Turbo Suit while Turbo Dueling that he can switch to in an instant; an ash-white jumpsuit with green cuffs, collar, shoulders, boots and strips across his ribs and belt, and grey gloves. He retains his mask and tiara, and his badge is pinned over his heart; a red and blue stripe are on the opposite side of his chest. His badge is removed after his Turbo Rush Duel with Yuga. He continues to wear this outfit until being reinstated as president.

As Goha Alien Number One, Yuro wears a grey starfish-shaped costume with a stereotypical white alien mask with large lenses for him to see through, and a green letter "1" on his back.


Yuro is a straightforward individual with a passion for speed, which is shown in his speech patterns, in which he used various racing terms. While being a Goha president, he admits to enjoy Rush Dueling as it fits his high speed mentality. He is also humble as seen when he took his loss to Yuga with a smile and accepted his removal from Goha without protests. Following his enrollment at Goha 7th Elementary, Yuro maintains a respectful and friendly demeanor as he bore no hostility toward Yuga and his friends, even saving Romin after she fell.


Yuro uses the polite and gender-neutral pronoun "watashi". He peppers his speech with various racing terms, referring to increasing the ATK of his monsters as "speeding them up" and Tributing them as "pit-stopping" them.


Team Battle Royal[edit]

After the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Yuro and his siblings returned to Earth due to space debris forcing them back home.[2][3]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

When they arrived back at Earth, Yuro and his siblings learned of Rush Dueling, a Dueling format that had been installed in defiance of Goha Enterprises and whose program was contained within the Super Rush Robot on the moon. Yuo came up with a plan to destroy the robot by affixing Forced Gymnastics Armaments to it that would force it to continuously move, but in the interests of fairness the Goha Siblings would challenge the format's creator, Yuga Ohdo, and his friends to Rush Duels to give them a chance to deactivate the armaments.[3]

Yuro and his siblings then returned to Goha City, introducing themselves to the citizens and ousting current presidential substitute Mimi Imimi. They challenged Yuga and his friends, with Yuro speaking for the siblings and warning Yuga that he would become a Goha employee if he lost. Yuro Dueled first, challenging Yuga to a Turbo Rush Duel and having Nail Saionji prepare a racetrack for them. He offered spare Speed Loaders to Yuga, though Yuga instead Dueled from one of his "Roads". Yuro started strongly with "Cyber-Tech Alligator" and "Follow Wing World", finding himself enjoying the Rush Duel, though Yuga was able to bring out "Sevens Road Magician" with "Sevens Road Witch" and increase its ATK higher than "Cyber-Tech Alligator". On his next turn Yuro Tribute Summoned "Air Formula Eagle" and Special Summoned "Sky Dragon" and "Cyber-Tech Alligator" with its effect before passing into the tunnel section of the track, which he navigated skillfully. Although Yuro's monsters had enough ATK to wipe Yuga's LP out, he took the cautious approach and lowered the ATK of his monsters to destroy Yuga's Set "Dark Revelation", allowing him to attack unhindered and reduce Yuga to 500 LP. Yuga brought out "Lightning Voltcondor" on his next turn, intending to reduce the ATK of all of Yuro's WIND monsters, but Yuro prevented him from attacking as long as "Follow Wing World" was on his field. To his surprise, Yuga was able to draw a Spell to destroy "Follow Wing World" and allow him to attack, defeating Yuro. After the Duel, Yuro experienced the winds of Earth and admitted he'd enjoyed the Duel, releasing one of the armaments imprisoning the Super Rush Robot's head and neck. To Yuro's shock, Yuo called a presidential meeting after the Duel and suggested Yuro step down. Yuro accepted responsibility for his loss and resigned, considering it no large loss as it gave him new freedom on life.[3]

Afterwards, Yuro enrolled in Goha 7th Elementary to enjoy his newfound freedom. When Yujin arrived two days later to challenge Yuga to a Rush Duel, he had Nail create an artificial sea for him that Romin Kassidy nearly fell into; Yuro saved her in the nick of time, noting his timing had been perfect and explaining he had enrolled at their school. He watched Yujin's Rush Duel with Luke, noting Yujin's new Sea Serpent Deck with interest and learned that his brother had received the cards from a dolphin, claiming it to be the treasure of the sea. Yuro considered this notion, admitting it might be true after witnessing the powerful effect of "Levia-Dragon - Daedalus". Despite this, Luke was able to defeat Yuro and blasted him into the sea, and Yuro watched his younger brother go, murmuring his name.[4]

With two armaments disabled from the Super Rush Robot, Romin believed that defeating the rest of the Goha Siblings would be easy, and Yuro warned her that his siblings would not be opponents they could take lightly. Gavin Sogetsu zoomed over to protest over Yuro breaking regulations by riding his Speed Loader on school ground, though Yuro claimed their overly strict rules could not tie him down and drove away.[5] That weekend Yuro went to Goha Martial Arts Stadium where he found Yuran Kendo Rush Dueling Gavin and explained to them how Yuran Dueled; by analyzing his opponent's voice and thoughts and the information gained from them. Sure enough, this strategy allowed Yuran to defeat Gavin, and Yuro watched his younger brother leave with the Proprietress.[6]

One evening at Goha 7th Elementary, Yuro found the hallways full of Yuo's puppets and he ran them down, explaining to Yuga, Romin, Gavin, Swirly and Advisor M who they belonged to as Yuo descended from the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross. Yuo was disappointed by Yuro's presence, as it meant he couldn't shock his opponents as much, and Yuro joined Romin, Gavin, Swirly and Advisor M in the circus tent Nail provided for Yuo to watch them Duel. He praised Yuga's opening move of Summoning three strong Warrior monsters, though Yuo gained an early lead over Yuga despite this. On his next turn Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", and Yuro believed the checkered flag would fly for Yuga, but was shocked when the Super Robot's right arm came off, which contained the data for Maximum Summoning. However, the robot was able to reattach the arm of its own will, and Yuro sensed a burning friendship from the action. Though Yuo's Trap prevented Yuga from defeating him, he still reduced him to 500 LP. On his next turn Yuo began using a strange strategy, making Yuro wonder what his brother was up to. He was shocked when Yuo fused his monsters, Fusion Summoning "Metallion Asurastar". Advisor M excitedly asked Yuro if he'd known about Fusion Summoning, and Yuro admitted he'd had no idea it existed. Yuo defeated Yuga with "Metallion Asurastar", taunting him with the name of the new Summoning method.[7]

The next day Yuro met with Yuka at the Ramen Hut and told her about "Fusion", which she hadn't known about, though Yuka was more interested in her ramen and why Yuro had enrolled in Goha 7th; Yuro claimed he'd intended to learn more about Yuga to defeat him later. He decided to return to Sixross to determine Yuo's motive and ran into Yuran and Proprietress. Yuran told Yuro he was still their brother and explained that Yuo had found "Fusion" in the space debris that had hit Goha Space Elementary, and that he intended to become the sole Goha President by having his siblings lose to Yuga and his friends. He found Yuga in Yuo's room, chuckling over seeing Yuga fall asleep, as he hadn't slept since losing to Yuo due to his excitement over where "Fusion" had come from. Yuo ended up pursuing Yuga and his friends in rage, though Yuga's modified Drone Kaizo brought Luke's sister Tiger to rescue them. After Kaizo was launched into space in Yuo's iron maiden, Yuro helped Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Tiger and her Concert Band Clubmates escape from Sixross. After dropping Tiger and her clubmates off, Yuro took Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin to Yuga's Road Laboratory and helped Yuga fix his air conditioning Road, then told Yuga where "Fusion" had come from before leaving.[8]

Yuka was defeated by Romin's cousin Roa, leaving only Yuran and Yuo as presidents, in addition to Yuro's fifth sibling.[9] As a result Yuran called a meeting between himself and Yuro, Yujin and Yuka on the Goha 7th Elementary. He suggested they ally with Yuga and his friends, but Yuro refused, believing Yuo was their problem to solve. They instead decided to have Yuran disappear before the next Rush Duel so Yuo would have to Duel in the hopes he would lose and they would have an excuse to stand him down. Their plan worked; Yuo Rush Dueled Luke, who was wearing a draconian helmet and calling himself "The☆Lukeman", and he defeated Yuo with his own copy of "Fusion". Yuran stripped Yuo of his badge and position after he returned to Sixross, but to Yuro's shock Yuo revealed he had the sixth Goha Sibling's badge and removed Yuran for his position for treason, having spied on their meeting by hacking Proprietress.[10]

Yuro watched from the Tahayasty as Luke proclaimed himself the sixth Goha Sibling during his Rush Duel with Roa.[11] Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and a freed Yuran visited Yuga's Road Laboratory afterwards to ask for his help in defeating Yuo, and the Rush Duel Club did at least agree they needed to stop Luke, who Tiger confirmed wasn't part of the Goha family.[12]

To Yuro's shock, Yuga came to Yuro and his siblings and explained that he believed The☆Lukeman, who had appeared again and been taken away by Yuo, to be an electronic lifeform created from Luke's The☆Lukeman that had created the "Fusion" cards from Program storage cards in the Goha satellites that Nail had destroyed as a child.[12][13] As Yuga believed The☆Lukeman simply desired to fuse with Luke and fight evil as they had in the manga, he tasked Yuro, his siblings and Mimi with helping him achieve that goal by preparing costumes for a scenario where Yuga would pretend to be part of the Majin Empire from Luke's manga before revealing himself as an ally to The☆Lukeman, The☆Yugaman, and during which his friends could do so as well, while the Goha Siblings would play the part of the aggressors to continue a Rush Duel between Yuga and The☆Lukeman so the Super Rush Robot could still be saved. They did as he asked, arriving during the Rush Duel between "Majin Yuga" and The☆Lukeman to explain Yuga's plan to the Rush Duel Club and Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Yuro explaining most of the history behind The☆Lukeman and "Fusion". After Yuga took on the costume of The☆Yugaman, Yuro donned the guise of Goha Alien Number One and joined his siblings in holding "The☆Beauty Romin" hostage, warning The☆Lukeman not to abandon the Rush Duel.[13][14] After Yuga destroyed The☆Lukeman's "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" with "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", The☆Lukeman returned three Spells from his Graveyard to his Deck and increased their LP, prompting Yuo to throw off his costume in a rage and ask if they were Dueling seriously. Yuro explained to Yuo that they were Dueling seriously and Yujin explained that The☆Lukeman had intended to return "Fusion" to his Deck and draw it again. The☆Lukeman Fusion Summoned "Full Moon Dragon Umbrlancer F", reviving "Dragiastar F" and almost defeating Yuga. Yuga revived "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn, but The☆Lukeman returned the monsters in Yuga's Graveyard to his Deck to prevent him using the effect of "Sevens Road", forcing Yuga to gamble with "1/Infinity", which would damage him enough to lose if he and The☆Lukeman didn't draw the same card. Unfortunately The☆Lukeman drew "Fusion" again, which Yuga didn't have, but then a meteor entered the atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, and Yuga blocked it with his Duel Disk. Yuro and his siblings realized it had been one of the satellites containing "Fusion" and were proven correct when Yuga drew it, Fusion Summoning "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight", which could gain ATK for monsters in both Graveyards. Successfully sending the monster he needed to the Graveyard to activate the effect, Yuga defeated The☆Lukeman.[13]

Despite The☆Lukeman's loss, Yuo refused to accept the result and tried to destroy the Super Rush Robot with Sixross, but Kaizo returned to Earth as well and crashed into Sixross, detonating Prima Guitarna Curry that Romin had left on the ship and crashing it, forcing Yuo to release the Super Rush Robot. After The☆Lukeman released Luke and left for outer space, Mimi suggested Swirly could replace Yuo as he was the sixth Goha Sibling, but the sixth sibling's badge rejected him, so Yuga suggested Yuo remain president, but reinstate Yuro and his other siblings, while Yuga joined Goha Enterprises as they had initially asked him to if he lost six times.[14]

Goha Employee[edit]

The following day was Yuo's birthday, so Yuro and his siblings planned to throw a surprise party for him using the costumes they'd prepared for Yuga's Rush Duel with The☆Lukeman. As they still had to clean the Prima Guitarna Curry out of Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, they told Yuo they would handle the cleanup and ensured his schedule was free, while tasking Romin and Gavin with planting the idea of a surprise party in Yuo's head to make him open to the idea. When Gavin and Romin returned to Sixross, they swapped costumes so Gavin was the hostage in need of rescue and when Yuo returned Yuro and his siblings began putting on the play, Yuro joining Yujin in "torturing" Gavin. Yuo almost left until Yuro and his siblings confirmed this was a birthday surprise to him and wished him a happy birthday, and Yuo joined them in their play. Afterwards they had a birthday dinner for Yuo.[15]

Afterwards, Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran returned to Goha Space Elementary in Sixross, allowing Yuo to remain at the Goha Enterprises Main Office to directly lead Goha Enterprises. As they left, Yuro recalled that Yuga had asked Yuo to reinstate Nail, though Nail had refused the offer.[16] Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran kept in contact with Yuga, now working in the Duel Development Department, and suggested some ideas to him that he found interesting, Yuga claiming he had interesting ideas of his own.[17] Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran learned that Yuga was apparently their fifth sibling, something Yuro admitted was a full-throttle surprise.[18]


Yuro uses a WIND Deck, containing Winged Beast, Machine and Dragon-Type monsters, focused heavily on a beatdown strategy using Normal Monsters. His ace monsters can fill his field with high-ATK Normal Monsters: "Air Formula Eagle", can Special Summon a Normal Monster from his hand and another from his Graveyard, namely including "Cyber-Tech Alligator", which is empowered to 3000 ATK by his Field Spell "Follow Wing World". Despite his straightforward strategy, Yuro is a cautious Duelist and includes countermeasures against his opponents.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Goha 77 Lose (flashback)
Yuga Ohdo 54 Lose


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