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Yusho Sakaki
Yusho Sakaki
English name
  • Yusho Sakaki
Japanese name
Japaneseさかき ゆうしょう
Base榊 遊勝
Furiganaさかき ゆうしょう
RōmajiSakaki Yūshō
Korean name
신 유승
Sin Yuseung
TranslatedShin Yuseung
Other language names
Yusho Sakaki[1]
  • Male
Anime DeckPerformapal[5]
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode 0011: "Swing Into Action: Part 1"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
English voice
Japanese voice
  • Hiroki Touchi
Other language voices
  • Frank Muth
Sakaki, Yusho

Yusho Sakaki, spelled Yusyo Sakaki[4][6] (さかき ゆうしょう, Sakaki Yūshō) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is Yuya's father, Yoko Sakaki's husband, a Dueltainer and the founder of two You Show Duel School[2] branches.[3] He was also the pioneer of Action Duels and the ARC System.[7][8] Three years before the start of the series, Yusho left the Standard Dimension to attempt to stop the Arc Project the day he was supposed to Duel the Sledgehammer.



Full body view of Yusho.

Yusho has black hair with inky-green shading and a purple top hat with green goggles on the bottom side. Yusho is fair skinned and has golden eyes, and a slight mustache and goatee; he was clean shaven when he met Yoko. He wears a performer's outfit; a red jacket with a purple lining and red pants over an orange waistcoat with a blue collar and lined with yellow. He wears a kerchief around his neck and a purple top hat goggles attached to it. He carries a red staff topped with a blue orb that he currently uses to assist him in walking; his leg was injured during a Duel with Aster Phoenix.



His name may come from ゆうしょう (Yūshō), a term meaning "overall victory, championship", reflecting the fact that he was once the Duel Champion.



A young Yusho rescuing Yoko.

In their youth, Yusho rescued Yoko Sakaki and one of her gang members from a rival gang. He played "Smile World" to get the rival gang to back down. Yoko was grateful for what Yusho did and developed feelings for him.[9] Eventually, the two of them got married and had a son, Yuya Sakaki.

One day, Yusho met Leo Akaba and saw the Solid Vision give "Thunder Kid" mass. He was impressed by it and the two joined forces and developed the ARC System.[10] At some point, Yusho received "Restraining Sword of Impact" from Leo, but couldn't use it in Duels due to a bug where it doesn't disappear when the ARC System goes offline.[11]

At some point, he asked Skip when did he start taking of a baby by himself and where was his wife. When Skip told him does he have to try to remember, Yusho tried to tell him something but said sorry. He learned from Skip that Zuzu didn't have a mother but was a gift from god.[12]

When a young Yuya was upset, Yusho approached him and gave him advice about laughing whenever he felt down. He used Yuya's pendant to further explain this point by saying that when Yuya made other people happy, the happiness would swing back towards him, like a pendulum.[4]

One night, Yusho was at Leo Corporation with Declan who asked Yusho to lead the Lancers and help stop Leo Akaba's ambition after investigating the research his father left behind. Since he and Leo developed the ARC System and Action Duels together, Yusho thought they could talk on equal grounds.[13] He went to use the Interdimensional Travel Device that Declan's research team developed to get to Duel Academy.[13] Yusho left the day of his Duel against The Sledgehammer in the finals of an Action Duel tournament, so he failed to show up. The Sledgehammer accused Yusho of running away, and Yusho was labeled as a coward by the majority of Paradise City.[4]

Yusho in the Xyz Dimension after being attacked by Aster's "Destiny HERO - Dystopia".

However the device ended up sending him to the Xyz Dimension instead, where he taught many people how to Duel, including Allen Kozuki, Saya Sasayama, and Dennis McField. When Duel Academy started the invasion he Dueled Aster Phoenix and defeated him and caused Aster to smile, but his leg was injured during the duel. He offered Aster a "Smile World" card, and he told him to tell the Professor that using Dueling to hurt people was wrong. However Aster was torn by his belief in the Professor's teachings and tore the card in two. When Yusho went pick up half of the card he disappeared, an event that he believed Aster to be responsible for.[3][5][14] When Yusho arrived in the Fusion Dimension, he saved Alexis from the Juvenile Officers but collapsed afterwards. Together they opened a You Show Duel School branch for Duelists who ran away from Duel Academy after invading Heartland.[3][13]

Heartland City[edit]

Yusho in his second You Show Duel School.

Yusho was sitting in his office at the second You Show Duel School when Alexis brought Zuzu Boyle to see him.[3] Upon seeing Zuzu, Yusho recognized her and learned that everyone was worried about him after disappearing. When Zuzu asked him why he was in the Fusion Dimension, Yusho told her that he was in the Xyz Dimension, but during its invasion, Aster Phoenix sent him to the Fusion Dimension.[5] He learned from Zuzu that Declan was leading the Lancers and told her that he left the Standard Dimension because of him. Yusho revealed that Declan crossed dimensions to find his father and asked Yusho to lead to the Lancers to stop Leo. After hearing Declan's desire, Yusho crossed dimensions the same day of his championship match against The Sledgehammer. However, he was sent to the Xyz Dimension instead and taught the Duelists there how to bring smiles before Duel Academy invaded. Before he could finish, he left to have his treatments for his injuries with two of his students.[13]

When everybody at You Show was ready to battle Duel Academy, Yusho told them he was coming as well. While everybody was against him pushing himself, Yusho didn't want the students who tried so hard to escape go back there. Plus, he wanted to go talk to Leo in person because they could talk on equal grounds, but Dennis McField appeared and told him the Professor won't see him. He muttered Dennis' name who surprised everyone that Yusho was his teacher. When Dennis believed he surpassed Yusho in mesmerizing the audience, Yusho thought otherwise. He then accepted Dennis' challenge to a Duel and only set one card on the first turn. Dennis was angry cause of this but, Yusho told him that its a setup. When he was attacked by Dennis' "Performage Trapeze Magician", Yusho activated "Miraculous Hats", hiding himself under one of the hats. He told Dennis that they were now going to play a game; one of the hats contained a Spell Card while the other one contained Yusho, if Dennis could guess which had was hiding Yusho, he would win the Duel. Dennis pointed out that because "Trapeze Magician" could attack twice he was guaranteed to guess correctly. His first attack revealed "Wonder Balloons" so Yusho declared he missed. Dennis attacked the second hat only to find "Paper Doll" behind it. Dennis realized that Yusho had used the hat guessing game to distract him while everyone ran away, with Alexis helping Yusho.[15]

They both made it to the ship and Yusho wanted Alexis to disembark so he could face Leo alone. But, Dennis caught up with them and challenged Yusho again until Kite arrived. Surprised, Yusho learned from Kite that Yuya opened Aster's heart and got Duel Academy's army to rebuild the Xyz Dimension. He watched his students Duel each other, and he recognized Saya's "Little Fairy" when Kite used it. After Kite's victory, Yusho led the entire boat in applause for the Duel. Yusho tried to convince Dennis to join them, but refused and watched in dismay as his student sealed himself into a card. He caught the card and glanced at it with sadness.[16]

Yusho and Alexis meet up with Declan in the halls of Duel Academy.

Yusho arrived at Duel Academy with Alexis and Kite, wondering if they were walking into a trap when there were no Duel Academy soldiers waiting for them. He suspected it was because Leo anticipated their arrival. Yugo arrived and after briefly tangling with Kite, he learned where Rin was. Yusho tried to warn him that there might be a trap but Yugo sped off. Kite left to rescue Lulu, and Yusho suggested to Alexis that they go to see Leo.[17] On their way, Yusho reunited with Declan and told him he's not planning to cause him any trouble this time. However, both groups were confronted by a boy,[18] who Yusho mistook for Yuya. He, Declan, and Riley managed to pass the fence Sora lowered to block the boy off while Alexis faced him. He ask Declan that who the was and learn he was Yuri. He then continued to go see the Professor with Declan and Riley.[19] They were then confronted by Duel Academy students, who took them directly to the Professor.[20]

Duel Academy[edit]

Yusho asked Leo why did he invade the Four Dimensions for a "utopia". He reminded him that he's a genius that created the ARC System from scratch and that if didn't existed, Action Duels and his Dueltaining wouldn't have either. He even told him that one encounter with Leo changed his fate and he still appreciate it now. However, he was surprised when Leo revealed that he didn't create it and that it already existed. He also learned about the Original Dimension and how Leo created the ARC System, which caused Duel Monsters to evolve but lead to the world's ruin. He then learned about a Duelist named Z-ARC who destroyed the world after fusing with his four dragons, becoming the Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC due to the people's selfish desires for violent Duels, shocking Yusho.[10]

Yusho reunites with Yuya for the first time in three years.

When Yusho tried to say something to Leo, he was interrupted by a Duel Academy member who revealed that Yuya escaped the Doktor's lab, surprising him. He was happy to see him when he arrived at the inner chambers and hugged him. He learned that Zuzu was captured and tried to convince Leo not to involve the children and tell him the full story. However, he was surprised when Leo told him Yuya wasn't his son and bringing Zuzu and her counterparts to the room. When Leo was going to seal the Doktor into a card, Yusho wanted him to stop but was shocked that he did it. He then learned the rest of Leo's past of how he created four cards that could defeat Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC but were stolen by his daughter Ray and was surprised that Leo had a daughter. He also learned how Ray defeated Z-ARC and Leo being sent to a strange town, where he recreated the ARC System and just met Yusho. Yusho then realized that the technology for the ARC System was already there and was shocked when Leo revealed that Ray might be somewhere in the Four Dimensions due to his memories coming back. He listened to Declan's past going to Duel Academy to find Leo and was surprised Leo found traces of Ray in Duel Academy. He learned that Ray had spilt into Zuzu, Celina, Lulu, and Rin and was surprised Leo was going to resurrect Ray. He saw the ARC-V Reactor and was shocked to learn that it would bring the back the fifth dimension and Ray. When Declan wondered if Yuri was Z-ARC's incarnation, Yusho was surprised and learned that his son was one of Z-ARC's incarnations. When Leo said that Declan's belief will bring about a ruined world, Yusho grabbed a card and watched as Yuya and Declan challenged Leo to a Duel.[21]

He listened to Leo reveal that he already started the process to fuse the girls back into Ray and the Four Dimensions back into one. While watching Yuya and Declan Duel Leo, Yusho thought about when he instilled his belief of Dueling with a smile to Yuya at an early age. However, he can't remember since when and thought back to when he asked Skip when did he start taking care of a baby by himself and where was his wife. He then wondered what he and Yoko were doing when Yuya was born and came to the conclusion that those day-to-day memories never happened. He was surprised when Leo used Pendulum Summon and the effect of "Spirit Tech Force - Pendulum Governor" to destroy Yuya's "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". When Yuya Awakened, Yusho wondered what was wrong with him. He thought about how Z-ARC was forcibly spilt by Ray and revive in each of the Four Dimensions but now wants to become one for some purpose. He found out the purpose might be to regain his former self and in order to regain himself that reign at the top of the world, Z-ARC chose Yusho to resurrect him as a Duelist by sending his incarnation to raise as a Duelist to encourage his awakening. Yusho then checked on Riley who passed out from Yuya's anger and thought about how he unknowingly lent a hand to the devil's resurrection.[12]

Yusho using "Restraining Sword of Impact" on Yuya.

When Declan Tributed his monsters to Summon "D/D/D Doom King Armageddon", Yusho noted that Leo can't use the Pendulum Effects of "Spirit Reactor" and "Pendulum Governor". When Leo used "Dis-Swing Fusion" to take control of "Doom King Armageddon" and Fusion Summon "Master Spirit Tech Force - Pendulum Ruler", Yusho noted how Leo set all that up by reading Declan and Yuya. He thought about how Declan couldn't forgive Leo for using humans as fuel to revive his daughter. He pulled out "Restraining Sword of Impact" and wanted to save Zuzu but was afraid to use it to help resurrect a demon. He was surprised when Yuya went for an Action Card to protect himself from Leo's attack. He muttered Yuya's name when watching him make contact with Declan. When Yuya was about to defeat Leo with "Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon", Yusho used "Restraining Sword of Impact" to bind Yuya to a pillar, which terminated the Duel. He told Leo the card he received from him was a failure due to a bug where it doesn't disappear when the ARC System goes offline. He brought the card to remind Leo the basics and thought of using it to bind him but never on his own son. He told Zuzu he was convinced for he realizes that she and her counterparts were Ray's alter egos and Yuya was Z-ARC's. He also told her that she became Skip's daughter in order to remain close to Yuya and prevent Z-ARC's revival due to Ray's will. He handed Riley to Declan and told the girls to hold fast, as the Four Dimensions peace is maintained by them. He then told Declan that he was going to prevent Z-ARC's revival since Yuya is not a demon.[11]

He ran into Kite and Aster and learned from them that something strange happened to Yuya, thinking the Doktor might be controlling him. However, he told that wasn't it and revealed to them that Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri are alter egos of Z-ARC and are trying to revive him by becoming one. He then learned from Aster that Yugo and Yuri were Dueling now and tried to go stop before being caught by Kite from falling. He was asked by Aster to let himself stop them due to learning Yusho's smile philosophy from Yuya and was surprised Aster still had the torn "Smile World". Yusho arrived during the middle of the Duel and muttered Aster's name when watching him tell Yugo that he and Yuya were one person before and how Duels are for smiles and not conflict. When Aster told Yugo he will hold on until he regain his true self, Yusho thought to himself how Yuya was being swallowed by the darkness and begged Aster to rescue him from the abyss. When Aster freed Yugo from his awakening, Yusho was happy but was worried when Yuri was about to defeat everyone with the effect of "Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon". When Aster and Kite were defeated, Yusho picked up Aster's half of "Smile World" and was about to say they wasted something until Yugo told him they didn't waste anything.[22]

Yusho thought to himself for Yugo to endure so Z-ARC won't resurrect as long as he remain himself. When Yugo used the effect of "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" to increase its ATK, Yusho stated that "Greedy Venom's" is 1000 lower. However, he was surprised when Yuri defeated Yugo[23] and watched Yuri absorb him. He tried to stop Yuri from close to Yuya but was sent flying into the chambers and told Declan how they failed to prevent Yugo's absorption. He was sent flying to the ground again and threatened Yuri to stay away from Yuya, wanting to avenge to his carded students as well. He challenged Yuri to a Duel and told him how he disappointed with his turn. He Tribute Summoned "Performapal Sky Magician" and told Yuri he use a Performapal Deck. He then began his Dueltaining with "Magician's Right Hand" and told Yuri he was going to destroy his trump card or lose failing. He used the effect of "Sky Magician" to increase its ATK for a Continuous Spell Card and attacked "Predaplant Cephalotusnail" but Yuri used "Dark Seed Planter" to change Sky Magician's" Attribute to Dark and negate the attack. However, Yusho used the second effect of "Sky Magician" to return "Magician's Right Hand" to his hand and use "Magician's Left Hand" to negate the trap. "Sky Magician" gained more ATK and continued the attack but Yuri used the effect of "Cephalotusnail" to prevent its destruction and halve the damage. When Yuri thought he failed, Yusho told him how everything went according to his plan and used "Clairvoyance" to guess if the card is Magic or Trap and draw two cards. He told Yuri he already knew the card's name but first revealed how he found out. After revealing everything, Yusho announced the card's name, "Super Polymerization" and guessed right.[24]

Yusho seeing his son as he is defeated.

He then made Yuri return it to his Deck while he get to draw two cards, proclaiming the first act of Dueltaining is over. He used the effect of "Sky Magician" to return "Magician's Left Hand" to his hand and use "Magician's Right Hand" to negate "Rapid Seed Fire". He then used "Performapal Sky Ring" to negate the second effect of "Rapid Seed Fire", protecting his cards. However, Yuri used "Ivy Bind Castle" to negate the effects of Yusho's cards, prevent him from attacking, and inflict damage for every monster on the field. Yuri wondered if Yusho could still pull his Dueltaining in this state and wanted Yusho to show him. When Yuri wondered if he could still pull off his Dueltaining, Yusho didn't know either unless he tried. In response to Yuri's request, he accepted and started the second act of Dueltaining, Sky Magician's Great Escape Show. He then took damage from the effect of "Ivy Bind Castle" while "Sky Magician" escaped from "Ivy Bind Castle". Yusho used the effect of "Sky Magician" to destroy "Ivy Bind Castle" when it leaves the field and Special Summoned "Performapal Sky Pupil", using the effect of "Sky Pupil". He then ended the Great Escape Show and used "Magician's Restage" to bring back "Performapal Revue Dancer". He then treated "Revue Dancer" as two Tributes to Tribute Summon "Sky Magician" again and used "Magician's Left Hand" to increase "Sky Magician's" ATK and destroyed "Predaplant Lilyzard". He then use the effect of "Sky Pupil" to double its ATK when "Sky Magician" is on the field and destroyed "Cephalotusnail", negating its effects, proclaiming the second act of Dueltaining is over. When Yuri started to get frustrated, Yusho was disappointed since he wanted to make him smile. When Yuri said becoming one with Yugo was destiny, Yusho refute it because the future was in their own hands. But, he was surprised when Yuri revealed that "Super Polymerization" wasn't his trump card, but "Ultra Polymerization" was to Fusion Summon "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon". He was also surprised when Yuri used the effect of "Ultra Polymerization" to turn "Lilyzard" into a Tuner monster. When Yuri Synchro Summoned "Clear Wing", Yusho used "Sky Illusion" to send the attacks to "Sky Magician" and cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. However, the effects of "Sky Magician" were negated and stolen by the effect of "Starving Venom" while "Magician's Right Hand" and "Magician's Left Hand" were destroyed by Yuri to use "Destruction Flower" to decrease "Clear Wing's" ATK by 3000 and bring back "Starving Venom" and "Destruction Fruit" to inflict damage to Yusho and lower "Sky Magician's" ATK by the difference between that and its original ATK. He was hit by this combo three more times again and told Declan not to interfere, already knowing he can't win will continue with the pride of a Dueltainer, stating this form will forever burn in his children's hearts, even though Yuya is not his son. He was defeated by "Starving Venom" and looked at Yuya one more time while thinking for Yuya to smile before being sealed into a card by Yuri.[25]

Following the battle against Z-ARC and the Standard Dimension's rebirth into the "Pendulum Dimension", Yusho was freed from his card and assisted Declan in helping Yuya regain his memories in order to overcome a big wall. When Henrietta started to worry, he told her that she thought if Yuya would lose then that was his limit as a Duelist.[26] When Yuya regained his memories of Zuzu, Yusho learned from Declan that Riley expelled her own soul in order to seal Z-ARC's soul and was reborn as a baby without a smile due to the dimensional spilt. Yusho then told Yuya that the real trial begins now.[27] When Yuya wondered how to save everyone with his Dueltaining, Yusho told him the answer was inside of him and that he must continue to win the Junior Arc League Championship or risk losing Riley and Zuzu. He was surprised Yuya relied on a gamble to stop Gong's attack. He told Declan this was the type of match Yoko would like.[28] He watched Yuya and Dennis' Duel and watched Yuya defeat Dennis.[29] When Jack Atlas appeared in the Fusion Dimension, Yusho wondered who he was and learned from Declan that he is a Synchro Dimension Duelist who had a fierce Duel with Yuya and helped Duel against Z-ARC. He learned that Yuya refused to use the Four Dimensional Dragons due to the fear of hurting Riley and tried to her smile without them. He to listened to Declan explain his reason for agreeing with Jack to Yuya and watched the Multiverse Speedway activate. While watching the Duel, he learned that Yuya is afraid of summoning the four dragons was because something might happen to Zuzu, Celina, Lulu, and Rin as well. When Yuya summoned the Four Dimensional Dragons, Yusho patted Riley on the head, saying she had to endure it and that the true fun was about to begin.[30] Watching Yuya control fierce monsters, Yusho wanted to see if his son could become a pro Duelist in more than just name and the Dueltainment he believe in. He watched his son defeat Jack[31] and Declan and appeared at the stadium, telling Yuya his fight began the moment he passed his test. He then challenged his son and asked him was he prepared to continue fighting as a pro.[32]


Yuya Sakaki[edit]

Yusho reunites with his son after three years.

Yusho deeply cares for his son, having given him advice in the past several times. He is proud of his son and is the one who gave him his pendant. After learning that Yuya is one of Z-ARC's alter-egos, Yusho feared that Z-ARC had used him to fuel his revival, but remained assured that Yuya is indeed his son and not a demon. He was forced to use "Restraining Sword of Impact" to restrain him from finishing off Leo and Declan brutally, and declared that he will stop Z-ARC's revival without destroying Yuya.

Yoko Sakaki[edit]

Zuzu Boyle[edit]

Skip Boyle[edit]

Declan Akaba[edit]

Yusho fully trusts Declan and was ready to lead the Lancers when Declan asked him to. Three years Yusho kept his word to go meet Leo and talk him out of the Arc Project. When Declan found out Yusho was on his way to Duel Academy, he knew right away that Yusho was still following their plan. When the two reunited, they greeted each other in good terms and worked together to go confront Leo.

Kite Tenjo[edit]

Allen Kozuki[edit]

Saya Sasayama[edit]

Alexis Rhodes[edit]

Aster Phoenix[edit]

Aster completely despises Yusho and everything he stands for. They first met during Heartland's invasion when Aster heard that Yusho was spreading nonsense about Dueling with smiles. Yusho claimed that he was, but his words were not nonsense. Aster did indeed smile when Yusho Dueled him, but he could not deal with his loss and his beliefs in the Professor's teachings and he tore the "Smile World" card that he was offered in half. Yusho vanished immediately afterwards and Aster has been looking for him since, vowing to prove that the Dueling of Duel Academy is superior to Dueltaining.[14] Yusho was relieved and proud when he found out that Aster had changed his ways.

Leo Akaba[edit]

When Yusho and Leo met, Leo showed him a prototype of the ARC System which impressed Yusho. The two quickly befriended and worked together to develop the system and Action Duels and spread them to the world. While working together Leo had trusted Yusho enough to give him "Restraining Sword of Impact", a defective card that continued to exist in real mass after a Duel had concluded.

When Declan told Yusho about Leo's actions following his disappearance, Yusho agreed to go Duel Academy to prevent the Arc Project, as they thought they might be able to talk on equal grounds. Three years later, he still remained confident that he could to talk some sense into Leo.[13] Yusho had planned to use "Restraining Sword of Impact" to resrain Leo in order to bring him to his senses and remind him of his passion for Solid Vision research, but was forced to use it on Yuya, his own son.[11]

Despite strongly disapproving Leo's actions and calling them "foolish", Yusho continues to respect him as a genius and is still glad that the two met, as it was thanks to Leo that Action Duels as well as Dueltainment were created.

While Declan was skeptical about Leo's story regarding the Original Dimension, Yusho knew Leo was telling the truth. However he couldn't forgive that Leo is putting his son in danger and used countless innocents as fuel for his goals, and was shocked when Leo carded The Doktor.

Dennis McField[edit]

Being one of Yusho's students Dennis' passion to be a Dueltainer from seeing his teacher's performance in Heartland. However, after meeting him again in the Fusion Dimension, Dennis believed he had surpassed Yusho and challenged him to prove him.[15] After Dennis was defeated by Kite Yusho tried to convince him to join his side and that Duel Academy can change it's ways. Yusho was saddened and dissapointed when Dennis turned down the offer and chose to seal himself into a card instead.[16] Yusho kept Dennis' card afterwards.


Yusho uses a "Performapal" Deck,[5] centered on his ace monster "Performapal Sky Magician". Unlike Yuya, he does not appear to rely on Pendulum Summon and instead uses Tribute Summoning. Part of his strategy involves using misdirection, manipulating a seemingly set situation all for the sake of surprising both his opponent and spectators alike similar to how a magician performs tricks in a magic show. In that vein, several of his cards emphasize the support of Spellcaster-Type monsters.[15]

Yusho runs a large amount of Continuous Spell Cards to repeatedly take advantage of the effects of "Sky Magician" while also misdirecting his opponent by quickly switching Continuous Spell Cards when the situation calls for it.

Yusho also uses cards based on the iconic cards of Yami Yugi, such as "Miraculous Hats" to "Magical Hats" and "Restraining Sword of Impact" to "Swords of Revealing Light".

Other cards[edit]

Yusho carries half of a torn copy of "Smile World",[5] that he offered to Aster Phoenix, who tore the card after being defeated.[14]


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Duelist 133 Unknown (flashback)
Aster Phoenix 110-111 Win (flashback)
Dennis McField 112 No result
Yuya Sakaki, Declan Akaba, and Leo Akaba 129 No result
Yuri 132-133 Lose
Yuya Sakaki 148 Not shown


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