Yuya's pendant

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Yuya's pendant

Yuya's pendant

English name

Yuya's pendant

Alternate names

 Mysterious Duel Charm
 Pendulum of Ruin (manga)


Yuya Sakaki

The Pendant, also known as the Mysterious Duel Charm, is an item that belongs to Yuya Sakaki in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. In the manga, it is called the Pendulum of Ruin.

This pendant and its abilities are a crucial plot device not only in the sense that it led to the creation of Pendulum Summoning, but also in the sense that it made Yuya relevant to the story. The pendant's creating Pendulum Monsters made Yuya a person of interest for LID, which led to Yuya meeting Sora Perse, which eventually led to Yuya getting involved in the war against Duel Academy.

The Pendant is connected to Pendulum Monsters, as it changed the three Effect Monsters in Yuya's hand ("Stargazer Magician", "Timegazer Magician", and "Odd-Eyes Dragon") to Pendulum Monsters, as well as several of Yuya's other monsters.[1] It also most likely created nearly all of Yuya's other Pendulum cards, as he is seen using them before Leo Corporation started producing them.

The Pendant appears to be related to Yuya's dimensional counterparts, as it activated when he Awakened as a result of Yuto's memories surfacing. It later appears in the backdrop when he merges mentally with Yuto, enraging Yuya even more.

When Yuya Pendulum Summons, a giant version of this Pendant appears, swinging back and forward between the two Pendulum Zones.[1] This is unique to Yuya; instances of others performing a Pendulum Summon do not feature this phenomenon.[2][3][4]

The Pendant also has the ability to create Fusion Monsters such as "Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon"[5] and "Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon"[6]; Xyz Pendulum Monsters such as "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon"[7] and "Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon"[8]; Synchro Monsters such as "Enlightenment Paladin"[9]; and Synchro Pendulum Monsters such as "Nirvana High Paladin".[10]

When Yuya began to turn into Z-ARC after he absorbed all of his dimensional counterparts, the Pendant fell off him, but it was later picked up by Sora.[11] When Sora and Aster were defeated by Z-ARC, Sora passed the pendant on to Shay, who intruded into their Duel alongside Kite.[12] However, when Z-ARC defeated them, Shay passed the pendant on to Gong, who had also intruded into the Duel with Jack Atlas just before their defeat.[13] After Z-ARC defeated Gong and Jack, Gong passed the pendant on to Sylvio, who intruded into the Duel with Crow before their defeat.[14] When Z-ARC defeated Sylvio, Crow, and Leo Akaba, Sylvio passed the pendant on to Declan, who intruded into the Duel during his father's turn. However, after he was defeated by Z-ARC, Declan returned the Pendant to Yuya who had just regained control of himself from Z-ARC's influence.[15]


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