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ゼアル サード


Zearu Sādo

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episode 123123: "Assimilation, Part 2"

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ZEXAL III (ゼアル サード Zearu Sādo) is the third and strongest version of ZEXAL in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime.


ZEXAL Field[edit]

ZEXAL III creating a "ZEXAL Field"

ZEXAL III allows Yuma and Astral to utilize a new ability called "ZEXAL Field" (ゼアル・フィールド Zearu Fīrudo) as a method to counter the detrimental effects that the Barian Field would usually have on their bodies.[1]

Destiny Shining Draw[edit]

ZEXAL III performs a Shining Draw.

ZEXAL III retains the ability to perform a "Shining Draw". In the dub, it is referred to as Destiny Shining Draw in this form.


ZEXAL III up close

ZEXAL III was created by the bonds between Yuma and Astral growing stronger, because of Yuma's happiness with reuniting with his partner during their Duel against Mr. Heartland. Similar to the previous forms of ZEXAL, Yuma and Astral use ZEXAL Morph to combine into one being; as they do so they are cloaked by an aura: Yuma with red mist and Astral with blue mist.[1]

Back view of ZEXAL III.

This new form is similar in appearance to "Number 39: Utopia", including the golden armor and silvery wings. His hair becomes more defined and luminous with hetero-chromatic gold and orange eyes. Their D-Pad is also gold colored and shaped like an X.

Line Art of ZEXAL III

With the new ZEXAL form, Yuma and Astral were able to perform the Shining Draw, creating "ZS - Vanish Sage". They used its "ZEXAL Field" ability to counter Heartland's Barian Field. Yuma then used the effect of "Vanish Sage" in conjunction with the banishing effect of "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" to banish all of Heartland's "Infection Bug Tokens". They then used "Galaxy-Eyes" to attack directly and win the Duel, defeating him and disbanding the Fearsome Four of the Dark Dueling World.[1]

During the final Duel against Don Thousand, Yuma and Astral utilized this form in a final effort to defeat the Barian deity.[2]

Yuma and Astral would later use this form one more time during their final rematch against Nash.[3][4]

The previous forms of ZEXAL are still accessible. During the penultimate Duel against Don Thousand, all three forms were utilized in succession.[2]


  • The card "Zexal Field" is based on this form's ZEXAL Field ability.
  • The monster "ZS - Utopic Sage" wields a staff with a symbol on its end, which is based on the front yellow hairstyle of ZEXAL III.

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