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English name
  • Zigzix
Japanese translatedAkutsu
Japanese name
  • Male
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 4: "A Blast From The Past Part 1"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
English voice
Japanese voice

Zigzix, known as Akutsu in the Japanese anime is head of the Ener-D Research Department in New Domino City. He serves as a henchman to Rex Goodwin and his successor Lazar.



Zigzix has a large shock of brown hair that he wears in a style resembling the blade of an axe. He has long bangs and wears amber-tinted glasses.


Zigzix gets overenthusiastic when describing things as he tends to do wild gesticulations while doing so (in the Japanese version Rex tolerates his antics, whereas in the dub, Rex is less patient with him).[1] However, he can briefly act serious, such as when the power went out[2] or when he warned the gang that the Divine Temple was going to fall on New Domino City.[3]


Zigzix is an underling of Rex Goodwin's who heads up R.R.D., the Reactor Research Division for KaibaCorp. He is responsible for ensuring that all of Domino City gets the energy it needs to function. Zigzix was in the process of proposing a new "Ener-D machine" to Goodwin when his demonstration was interrupted by Goodwin's secretary, Mina Simington.[1]

During the Duel between Yusei and Jack, Zigzix called Goodwin to inform him that the Enerdy Machine was malfunctioning. This appeared to be because of the appearance of the mysterious Red Dragon at the stadium. The Red Dragon's power causes the Ener-D machine to shut down, shutting down all the power within two blocks of the city. Zigzix manages to restore power within seconds.[2]

Zigzix, Lazar and Rex Goodwin later talk about the footage involving the Crimson Dragon in Yusei and Jack's previous Duel. Zigzix was eventually ordered to enlarge a card image by Jack.[4]

During the Fortune Cup, Zigzix and Rex conspire to root out Signers in the tournament. Zigzix bugs the stadium with a D-Sensor that, when Duel energy is released, causes extreme pain to Signers. He is initially dissatisfied with the results, as what he takes to be Luna is not producing any reaction. However, her non-Signer brother, Leo, is Dueling in her place. Later, Zigzix spots the actual Luna in the audience, and reports his findings back to Goodwin.[5]

Zigzix meets with more success later on in the tournament. When Luna and Akiza's birthmarks glow, Zigzix gets the reading on his D-Sensor. Each time he gets a reading, he informs Goodwin.[6][7]

When the Crimson Dragon finally appears during Yusei's Duel with Jack at the finale of the Fortune Cup, Goodwin orders Zigzix to turn his machine off, with the risk of a similar incident to the one that occurred at Greiger's hometown occurring again.[8]

He later explains to Team 5D's and Lazar why the Ener-D in New Domino City has stopped working, and that the Ark Cradle is about to crash onto it in twelve hours.[3]


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