Zombie Warrior (ROD)

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Zombie Warrior
Andetto Wōriā
Undead Warrior
Level 3
Number 030
Type Zombie
Summon Fiend
Deck Cost 121
ATK / DEF 1200 / 900

A skeletal warrior that is equipped with a sword and shield.
It appears weak, but it strikes with quick, sharp stabs.

Password 31339260

Obtained by

"Zombie Warrior" can be purchased in the shop.

  • When the player wins a Duel, a number of cards are added to the shop. Each has an intended probability of 25/30,000 being this card. But due to a bias in the random number generation, it is actually a probability of 75/65,536.
  • When the player enters this card's password (31339260), it appears in the shop.

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