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Link Rating



Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Rinku no Sūjibun

Japanese (translated)

Link Number


Link Rating

A Link Rating (Japanese: LINKリンクすうぶん Rinku no Sūjibun, "Link Number"), often referred to as simply Link (Japanese: LINKリンク Rinku), is a property exclusive to Link Monsters, in place of a Level or a Rank. The original Link Rating of a Link Monster Card is located next to its ATK, in the space normally taken up by the DEF on other Monster Card types.

A Link Monster's Link Rating is equal to the number of Link Arrows it has, and also the number of Link Materials that must be used for its Link Summon. If a Link Monster is used as Link Material, it can either be treated as either a single Link Material or multiple Link Materials equal to its Link Rating.

ATK Pattern[edit]

Like Levels and Ranks, the original ATK assigned to Link Monsters seems to influenced by their Link Rating, with each Link Rating having a corresponding maximum value to be given to Link Monsters of that Rating. So far, the highest values are:

  • 1500 ATK for Link-1 monsters
  • 2100 ATK for Link-2 monsters
  • 3000 ATK for Link-3 or higher monsters


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