Earth (character)

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  • Earth
  • Earth Ignis
NicknamesIgnis (by SOL Technologies and the Knights of Hanoi)
  • Duelist
Anime DeckG Golem[1]
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 1: "Link into the VRAINS"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
JapaneseFumihiro Okabayashi
Earth (character)

Earth (アース, Āsu) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is one of the six Ignis, representing the EARTH-Attribute. His Origin is Spectre. Earth is neutral on the topic of co-existing with humans. He was captured by George Gore and brought to SOL Technologies, who terminated him.



Full body view of Earth.

Like all Ignis, Earth is a small digital humanoid being. Like other Ignis, Earth has markings over his orange body; his markings are brown, which make the orange potions of his body resemble crackled plates of earth covering his form. He has square blue eyes, though they are yellow in his "energy form". In comparison to other Ignis, Earth is "blockier" in form, with a square head and no neck extending into broad shoulders that are tipped with "gems". His elbows, knees, hips, and ankles all bulge with hexagonal shapes, his fists are prominently sized, and his feet normal in size.[2]


Earth is an AI of few words, speaking rarely and believing that a straightforward, logical answer is the best solution to any given situation. He claims to have little social skills, consistently reminding people of this and speaking in only a few words every sentence.


Earth has the ability to create an avatar out of existing plant material in LINK VRAINS, which he can use to Duel. When he Link Summons, the Circuit appears on the ground rather than in the air, as with Spectre.



Earth and the other Ignis were created by Dr. Kogami to be the saviors of humanity; Earth was created from Spectre. Alongside his fellow Ignis, Earth evolved and they created the Cyberse and the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted the AI and humanity would become enemies.[2] Despite this, Earth and the other Ignis continued developing the Cyberse; Earth's sector becoming a large mountain range with floating rocks and a massive rectangular brown tower. In Ai's words, the Ignis would never try to harm humanity, and would rather live in their own world.[3]

Earth is trapped.

Varis launched an attack on the Cyberse with three of his "Cracking Dragons". Earth and the other entities were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Varis and one "Cracking Dragon" chased Ai, who escaped and severed the connection to Cyberse's location. Earth and the others realized that Ai meant to hide their world, at the price of being unable to return. Just as Ai succeeded and gloated about it, the pursuing "Cracking Dragon" devoured him.[4]

At some point, the Cyberse World was destroyed by an unknown agent using the "Judgment Arrows" Link Spell. Earth was separated from an unknown number of the remaining Ignis, including Windy.


Earth uses a "G Golem" Deck that is composed of EARTH Cyberse monsters. His ace monster is "G Golem Invalid Dolmen". He focuses on Summoning materials for his Link Monsters in a single move and continually reviving "Invalid Dolmen", making use of its effect to negate the effects of all cards his opponent controls when it is destroyed.



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 66-67 Lose
George Gore/The Gore 74-75 Lose


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