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  • Baira
Other Kyoko Taki (滝 響子, Taki Kyoko)
Age 30[1]
  • Female
  • Career
Occupation Doctor[1]
Organization Knights of Hanoi
  • Duelist
Deck Virus
Anime debut Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 8: "A Storm is Coming"
Appears in
Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
  • Ami Koshimizu[2]

Kyoko Taki (滝 響子, Taki Kyoko), known as Baira (バイラ, Baira) in LINK VRAINS is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is a member of the Knights of Hanoi.


Kyoko is a thin pale-skinned woman with hazel eyes and dark pink hair with orange highlights that flicks up at the ends. She wears a white jacket over darker clothing. While she was imprisoned, she wore an orange prisoner's overalls. When she worked with Dr. Kogami, she wore a white lab coat over a light grey collared shirt, and a charcoal jacket when she took care of Ryoken.

As Baira, her hair lengthens slightly down the nape of her neck and becomes spikier. Like Faust and Dr. Genome, she wears a steel eyepiece with a red lens over her left eye, but one with neater curves than her fellow Knights, with a gold line encircling the lens, an "L" shaped line at the base, and three feather-like curves at the eyebrow, in addition to a green gem in the diamond shape over her nose. She wears a sleeveless white trench coat with pink and dark pink markings over a white skirt with pink lines, a white top with pink lines and a black fastener strip down her chest, and a white mantle over that with a dark pink lining. She also wears a white cuff with a dark pink lining on her right wrist, with her Duel Disk on the other wrist, white stockings, and white ankle boots with pink cuffs and short heels.



A younger Kyoko working with Dr. Genome, Aso and Kiyoshi Kogami on the Ignis project.

Kyoko aided Kiyoshi Kogami with his Ignis project, alongside Aso and Dr. Genome.[3] Kyoko an Aso acted as older sibling figures to Kogami's son, Ryoken.[4] After Kogami's death, the three helped Ryoken form the Knights of Hanoi to avenge Kogami's death and prevent the Ignis from destroying humans.[4] Baira aided Varis in his attack on the Cyberse five years prior to the events of the series.[5]


Kyoko was one of the doctors who oversaw Skye Zaizen's condition, after she was defeated in LINK VRAINS and infected with a virus created by the Knights of Hanoi.[6]


After losing to Blue Angel, Kyoko activated the removal program in a change of heart, curing all the Another Victims. Consequently, the Knights of Hanoi 'purged' her shortly after for releasing the removal program. Her state and condition are both unknown.


Kyoko uses a "Virus" Deck.[4] To facilitate her use of "Virus" cards, she uses DARK monsters, including the "Dark Mummy" archetype.



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Multiple AI Duelists 24 Win (with Faust)
Skye Zaizen/Blue Angel 25-26 Lose
Echo 69 Win


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