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Draw a card

This article is about the action. For the Duel result, see DRAW.
Draw a card

Artwork of "Defense Draw", depicting a player drawing
Artwork of "Defense Draw", depicting a player drawing



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Drawing a card (Japanese: ドロー Dorō) is a method of adding the top card of the player's Main Deck to their hand.

Cards can be drawn in one of two ways:

  1. For the turn player's normal draw during their Draw Phase. This does not occur on the first turn of the Duel.
  2. Due to a card effect that specifically uses this term.

It is possible to draw multiple cards at once. For example, "Pot of Greed" and "Guarded Treasure" allow the player to draw 2 cards at once, but each of these effects is only a single draw (for the purposes of cards such as "Solemn Wishes").

Only cards that specifically say that a card is drawn do so. Cards such as "Conscription" and "Reinforcement of the Army" can adds cards from a player's Main Deck to their hand to the Graveyard, but they do not draw cards.

If a player is unable to draw because they do not have enough cards left in their Deck, that player loses the Duel (known as Decking Out).

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