Reincarnation Link Summon

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Reincarnation Link Summon

A Reincarnation Link Summon in the anime
A Reincarnation Link Summon in the anime

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Tensei Rinku Shōkan


Reincarnation Link Summon

A Reincarnation Link Summon is a method of Link Summoning a Link Monster from the Extra Deck using a monster with the same name as the only Link Material. This type of Summon was first performed by Takeru Homura to Reincarnation Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo" in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.[1]

Described by Takeru as "the new potential of Link Summoning", this type of Summon bypasses the usual material requirements of the Link Monster that is to be Reincarnation Link Summoned, such as when Takeru used one monster to Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo" while its usual Summoning conditions required at least two monsters. However, this is the result of the effect of "Salamangreat Sanctuary".

In the anime[edit]

When performing a Reincarnation Link Summon, the Circuit created by a regular Link Summon is replaced with a magic circle. The monster to be used as Link Material transform into a stream of flames which then enter the portal. The monster then reemerges with a different appearance, such as added flames on "Salamangreat Heatleo".


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