Collection Pack: Duelist of Revolution Version

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This article is about the OCG Booster Pack. For the TCG Booster Pack, see Battles of Legend: Hero's Revenge.
Collection Pack: Duelist of Revolution Version
Collection Pack: Duelist of Revolution Version
Japaneseコレクションパック -かくめい決闘者デュエリストへん
Baseコレクションパック -革命の決闘者編-
Furiganaコレクションパック -かくめいのデュエリストへん-
RōmajiKorekushon Pakku - Kakumei no Dyuerisuto-hen -
KoreanCOLLECTION컬렉션 PACK 혁명의 듀얼리스트 편
Base textCOLLECTION PACK 혁명의 듀얼리스트 편
Hangul컬렉션 팩 혁명의 듀얼리스트 편
Revised RomanizationKeolleksyeon Paek Heokmyeong-ui Dyueolliseuteu Pyeon
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
  • CP19-JP (jp)
  • CP19-KR (kr)
Number of cards46
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • May 18, 2019
  • July 16, 2019

Duelist of Revolution Version

Collection Pack: Duelist of Revolution Version is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG).


  • Includes new members/support for the "HERO", "Number", and "T.G." archetypes.
  • Introduces the first support for the "Vision HERO" archetype to the OCG.


There are 5 cards per pack and 15 packs per box. The set contains 46 cards:

All Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards also come in Collectors Rare.



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
CP19-JP000"Five-Headed Dragon"F・G・Dファイブ・ゴッド・ドラゴン20th Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
CP19-JP001"Ipiria"「イピリア」RareEffect Monster
CP19-JP002"Water of Life"いのちみずRareNormal Spell
CP19-JP003"Gold Moon Coin"ほしきんCommonNormal Spell
CP19-JP004"Gingerbread House"「おかしのいえCommonContinuous Spell
CP19-JP005"Vision HERO Minimum Ray"V・HEROヴィジョンヒーロー ミニマム・レイ」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP006"Vision HERO Multiply Guy"V・HEROヴィジョンヒーロー マルティプリ・ガイ」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP007"Vision HERO Increase"V・HEROヴィジョンヒーロー インクリース」Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Monster
CP19-JP008"Vision HERO Poisoner"V・HEROヴィジョンヒーロー ポイズナー」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP009"Vision HERO Gravito"V・HEROヴィジョンヒーロー グラビート」RareEffect Monster
CP19-JP010"Vision HERO Faris"V・HEROヴィジョンヒーロー ファリス」Ultra Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Monster
CP19-JP011"Vision Release"幻影ヴィジョンかいほうRareNormal Spell
CP19-JP012"Vision Fusion"幻影ヴィジョンゆうごうCommonNormal Spell
CP19-JP013"Apparition"しゅつげんCommonNormal Trap
CP19-JP014"Elemental HERO Avian"E・HEROエレメンタルヒーロー フェザーマン」CommonNormal Monster
CP19-JP015"Elemental HERO Burstinatrix"E・HEROエレメンタルヒーロー バーストレディ」Normal RareNormal Monster
CP19-JP016"Elemental HERO Sparkman"E・HEROエレメンタルヒーロー スパークマン」CommonNormal Monster
CP19-JP017"Fortune Fairy Hikari"うらなじょ ヒカリちゃん」Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Monster
CP19-JP018"Fortune Fairy En"うらなじょ エンちゃん」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP019"Fortune Fairy Hu"うらなじょ フウちゃん」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP020"Fortune Fairy Swee"うらなじょ スィーちゃん」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP021"Fortune Fairy Ann"うらなじょ アンちゃん」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP022"Fortune Fairy Chee"うらなじょ チーちゃん」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP023"Unacceptable Result"れがたいけっCommonQuick-Play Spell
CP19-JP024"Miracle Stone"かいうんミラクルストーン」CommonContinuous Spell
CP19-JP025"Lucky Loan"こううんまえり」RareNormal Spell
CP19-JP026"T.G. Gear Zombie"TGテックジーナス ギア・ゾンビ」Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Tuner monster
CP19-JP027"T.G. Drill Fish"TGテックジーナス ドリル・フィッシュ」RareEffect Monster
CP19-JP028"T.G. Metal Skeleton"TGテックジーナス メタル・スケルトン」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP029"Sonic Stun"「バトル・スタン・ソニック」RareNormal Trap
CP19-JP030"Number 26: Spaceway Octobypass"No.ナンバーズ26 げんこうオクトバイパス」Normal RareEffect Xyz Monster
CP19-JP031"Number 60: Dugares the Timeless"No.ナンバーズ60 とき不知しらずのデュガレス」Ultra Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CP19-JP032"Number 76: Harmonizer Gradielle"No.ナンバーズ76 かい調ちょうこうグラディエール」Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CP19-JP033"Number 97: Draglubion"No.ナンバーズ97 りゅうえいしんドラッグラビオン」Ultra Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CP19-JP034"Battlewasp - Pin the Bullseye"B・Fビー・フォースひっちゅうのピン」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP035"Battlewasp - Dart the Hunter"B・Fビー・フォースついげきのダート」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP036"Battlewasp - Sting the Poison"B・Fビー・フォースどくばりのニードル」RareEffect Tuner monster
CP19-JP037"Battlewasp - Twinbow the Attacker"B・Fビー・フォースれんげきのツインボウ」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP038"Battlewasp - Arbalest the Rapidfire"B・Fビー・フォースはやちのアルバレスト」CommonEffect Monster
CP19-JP039"Battlewasp - Azusa the Ghost Bow"B・Fビー・フォースれいきゅうのアズサ」RareEffect Tuner Synchro Monster
CP19-JP040"Battlewasp - Halberd the Charge"B・Fビー・フォースとつげきのヴォウジェ」CommonEffect Synchro Monster
CP19-JP041"Battlewasp - Hama the Conquering Bow"B・Fビー・フォースごうきゅうのハマ」Ultra Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CP19-JP042"Battlewasp - Ballista the Armageddon"B・Fビー・フォースけっせんのビッグ・バリスタ」Super Rare
Collectors Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CP19-JP043"Summoning Swarm"いっせいほうCommonNormal Spell
CP19-JP044"Revival Swarm"せいほうぎょくRareNormal Spell
CP19-JP045"Battlewasp - Nest"B・F・Nビー・フォース・ネストCommonContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
CP19-KR000"Five-Headed Dragon""F・G・D"Extra Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
CP19-KR001"Ipiria""이피리아"RareEffect Monster
CP19-KR002"Water of Life""생명의 물"RareNormal Spell
CP19-KR003"Gold Moon Coin""별의 금화"CommonNormal Spell
CP19-KR004"Gingerbread House""과자의 집"CommonContinuous Spell
CP19-KR005"Vision HERO Minimum Ray""비전 히어로 미니멈 레이"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR006"Vision HERO Multiply Guy""비전 히어로 멀티플리 가이"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR007"Vision HERO Increase""비전 히어로 인크리스"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
CP19-KR008"Vision HERO Poisoner""비전 히어로 포이즈너"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR009"Vision HERO Gravito""비전 히어로 그래비토"RareEffect Monster
CP19-KR010"Vision HERO Faris""비전 히어로 화리스"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
CP19-KR011"Vision Release""비전 해방"RareNormal Spell
CP19-KR012"Vision Fusion""비전 융합"CommonNormal Spell
CP19-KR013"Apparition""출환"CommonNormal Trap
CP19-KR014"Elemental HERO Avian""엘리멘틀 히어로 페더맨"CommonNormal Monster
CP19-KR015"Elemental HERO Burstinatrix""엘리멘틀 히어로 버스트 레이디"Normal RareNormal Monster
CP19-KR016"Elemental HERO Sparkman""엘리멘틀 히어로 스파크맨"CommonNormal Monster
CP19-KR017"Fortune Fairy Hikari""점쟁이 마녀 히카리"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
CP19-KR018"Fortune Fairy En""점쟁이 마녀 엔"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR019"Fortune Fairy Hu""점쟁이 마녀 푸"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR020"Fortune Fairy Swee""점쟁이 마녀 수이"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR021"Fortune Fairy Ann""점쟁이 마녀 안"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR022"Fortune Fairy Chee""점쟁이 마녀 치"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR023"Unacceptable Result""받아들이기 힘든 결과"CommonQuick-Play Spell
CP19-KR024"Miracle Stone""개운 미라클 스톤"CommonContinuous Spell
CP19-KR025"Lucky Loan""행운의 가불"RareNormal Spell
CP19-KR026"T.G. Gear Zombie""TG테크지너스 기어 좀비"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Tuner monster
CP19-KR027"T.G. Drill Fish""TG테크지너스 드릴 피시"RareEffect Monster
CP19-KR028"T.G. Metal Skeleton""TG테크지너스 메탈 스켈리턴"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR029"Sonic Stun""배틀 스턴 소닉"RareNormal Trap
CP19-KR030"Number 26: Spaceway Octobypass""No.26 차원공로 옥토바이패스"Normal RareEffect Xyz Monster
CP19-KR031"Number 60: Dugares the Timeless""No.60 타임리스의 듀가레스"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CP19-KR032"Number 76: Harmonizer Gradielle""No.76 해조광사 그라디엘"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CP19-KR033"Number 97: Draglubion""No.97 룡영신 드래글라비온"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CP19-KR034"Battlewasp - Pin the Bullseye""B・F비 포스-필중의 핀"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR035"Battlewasp - Dart the Hunter""B・F비 포스-추격의 다트"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR036"Battlewasp - Sting the Poison""B・F비 포스-독침의 니들"RareEffect Tuner monster
CP19-KR037"Battlewasp - Twinbow the Attacker""B・F비 포스-연격의 트윈보우"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR038"Battlewasp - Arbalest the Rapidfire""B・F비 포스-속사의 알바레스트"CommonEffect Monster
CP19-KR039"Battlewasp - Azusa the Ghost Bow""B・F비 포스-영궁의 아즈사"RareEffect Tuner Synchro Monster
CP19-KR040"Battlewasp - Halberd the Charge""B・F비 포스-돌격의 보우제"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
CP19-KR041"Battlewasp - Hama the Conquering Bow""B・F비 포스-항마궁의 하마"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CP19-KR042"Battlewasp - Ballista the Armageddon""B・F비 포스-결전의 빅 발리스타"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
CP19-KR043"Summoning Swarm""일제봉기"CommonNormal Spell
CP19-KR044"Revival Swarm""소생의 봉옥"RareNormal Spell
CP19-KR045"Battlewasp - Nest""비 포스 네스트"CommonContinuous Trap

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