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Anesthrokket Dragon
  • ヴァレット
  • Varetto (romanized)
  • * vullet
  • varrett (translated)

  • Rokkette

  • Rakkete

  • Mizzile

  • 바렛

  • Foguette

  • Cohette


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"Rokket", known in the OCG as 「ヴァレット」(Varetto, either "Vullet" or "Varrett"[1]), is an archetype of DARK Dragon monsters used by Varis in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


"Rokket" is a play on the word "rocket". Its Japanese name, "Vullet", is a corruption of "bullet", playing on the tendency of Japanese to replace "V" sounds with "B" ones. It may also reference the archetype's user in the anime, Varis, who shares a similar gun and ammunition theme in his Japanese name of "Revolver" and the design of his mask. The "Borrel" archetype uses the same play with the word "barrel".

The Italian name, "Mizzile", is a cross between "Missile" and "Razzo" (rocket).

Playing style[edit]

All non-Tuner "Rokket" monsters have the following effects in common:

The Link-4 "Borrel" monsters and "Booster Dragon" have effects that allow their controller to target monsters they control; the effects of the "Borrel" monsters cannot be chained to, allowing the player to reliably trigger the effects of their "Rokket" monsters.

"Borreload Dragon" cannot be targeted by monster effects, which leaves it immune to the effect of "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK", unlike other Link Monsters. It can even give you control of a monster it attacks during the Damage Step, but it will be sent to the GY during the End Phase of the next turn. With "Supply Squad", "Borreload Dragon" becomes a powerful Draw Engine. "Borrelguard Dragon" cannot be destroyed by card effects, which allows a player to be more flexible with the effects of "Metalrokket Dragon" and "Shelrokket Dragon", and can target a monster to switch it to Defense Position. In addition, the high potential for "Rokkets" to be destroyed makes them prime targets for its revival effect. "Borrelsword Dragon" can target "Rokket" monsters and trigger their effects to activate its multiple attacking effect, making it easier to achieve an OTK. Note that even if the "Rokket" monster destroys itself with its effect, "Borrelsword" will still be able to attack twice.

"Twin Triangle Dragon" and "Rokket Synchron" can be used to bring back "Background Dragon", "Speedburst Dragon", "Schwarzschild Limit Dragon" and "Vice Dragon", the latter two of which while originally designed to help Xyz Summon and Synchro Summon, respectively, can still be utilized by the "Rokket" archetype as fodder for the Link-3 and Link-4 monsters, such as "Borreload Dragon" or "Triple Burst Dragon". While nowhere as strong as "Borreload Dragon", "Triple Burst Dragon" can come in handy if lacking the sufficient amount of Link Material, or at least prove to be a decent backup plan should all of your copies of "Borreload Dragon" and/or "Topologic Bomber Dragon" be used up without any options left to bring either back. When combined with "Sniffer Dragon", its third effect can amass the needed number of Effect Monsters to Link Summon the "Borrel" Link Monsters. With the addition of the in-theme "Rokket Synchron" and "Borreload Savage Dragon", the archetype also has Synchro Summoning capabilities.

The severe Deck thinning that comes with running a "Rokket" Deck makes "Blasting the Ruins" a viable Trap Card, especially with "Supply Squad". Due to the archetype's synergy with "Supply Squad", lack of searching cards, and focus on Special Summoning from the Deck, "Mistake" is a good addition to the Deck.

Since "Rokket" monsters are all DARK, "Flash Fusion" can be used to Fusion Summon "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" during the opponent's End Phase to wipe out all their Special Summoned monsters.

Recommended cards[edit]

Recommended cards

Official Decklists[edit]

V Jump Recommended "Rokket" Deck[2]
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