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Hi! Are you looking for ways to help improve Yugipedia? Here are some things that need done.

General tasks[edit]

Temporary tasks[edit]

  • Ensure audio clips fall under fair use by replacing them with samples not longer than 30 seconds or 10% of the length of the original song, whichever is shorter.

Tasks for the OCG and TCG[edit]

  • Add missing names and lores:
Chinese French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Spanish
Names (0) Names (22) Names (1) Names (51) Names (0) Names (225) Names (34) Names (37)
Lores (0) Lores (23) Lores (1) Lores (53) Lores (62) Lores (237) Lores (35) Lores (38)

Tasks for the anime, manga, and video games[edit]

  • Complete the episode listings.
    • Add episode summaries to pages without any.
  • Add ruby text for Japanese names.
  • Find release dates of all video games.
  • Find the Japanese names for all cards.
  • Create a full listing of all manga with release dates and images.
  • Complete the video game pages.