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- "Rebelli-Ant Is Mine" -

9 January 2021

Yuga and co. arrive at the location of the Trumpet Duet Tournament. However, what is going on there is a "Dark Rush Duel Tournament"! Luke, angered that the trumpet practice was for nothing, and Jango Arisugawa, the rebel of Goha 6th who is holding the tournament, end up Dueling!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures

- "Virtual World VS Eldlich" -

19 September 2020

Shoma Yusa's rematch against Saiko Tendo continues, and while Shoma's managed to find his nerve again, Tendo has once again brought out his secret weapon. For the sake of Team Structures, Shoma must once again try to push through "Maxx "C"".

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