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- "It's Tough Being an Adult" -

17 October 2020

Yoshio goes underground together with Yuga and his friends. Yoshio is having trouble figuring out what his dream should be, so to discover it through a Duel, he volunteers to fight against one of Nail's minions. As it turns out, he'll be Dueling against Mimi, one of Goha's executives! Yoshio begins the Duel, unaware that his opponent is his mother, and Mimi fights against her son for his sake. What will be the ultimate outcome of Bubble Era vs Post-Apocalypse!?

Latest chapter

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures

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- "Team Battle" -

21 May 2020

Shoma Yusa and Jukyu Goriki team up together to participate in a Team Battle Tournament. However, when their remaining trio of friends forms their own separate team, the Strong duo will have to find an unlikely third teammate.

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