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- "The Man Who Washes Duels" -

19 September 2020

As they chase after the fake Kaizo, Yuga and co. arrive at the A.I. Restaurant! Thanks to Luke forgetting their goal and overeating, they now have to wash the dishes. Romin then falls into a trap set by Arata Arai, the leader of the Washing Club at Goha 3rd Elementary. If she loses to him in a Rush Duel, she must continue washing dishes for free...

Latest chapter

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures

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- "Gaia Knight VS Adamancipator" -

21 April 2020

Shoma has Des on the ropes, but she hasn't been defeated yet. Digging deep within herself and in her Deck, Des swears that she will win this Exhibition Duel no matter the cost!

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