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    • August 8: Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 10: "".


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- "Wonderful Jurassic" -

4 July 2020

There's a rumor that a dinosaur named "Gossie" has showed up in Goha City. This rumor excites Yuga and Luke's spirit of adventure. The two of them start searching for this dinosaur, and run into Kan Hakubutsu, a student from Goha 2nd Elementary School who thinks that Gossie is actually a Rush Duel Dinosaur. As Yuga and Luke search around the city together with Kan and his friends, they realize that Kan is looking for Gossie not just because of his interest in the dinosaur. He also has another goal in mind…

Latest chapter

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures

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- "Gaia Knight VS Adamancipator" -

21 April 2020

Shoma has Des on the ropes, but she hasn't been defeated yet. Digging deep within herself and in her Deck, Des swears that she will win this Exhibition Duel no matter the cost!

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Jul 27 2020 – Aug 05 2020
Duelist Road: Clash at Crash Town

Jul 28 2020 – Aug 06 2020
Mission Circuit

Jul 31 2020 – Aug 06 2020
Carly's Fortune-Telling

May 19 2020 – Sep 15 2020
KC Grand Tournament Celebration Campaign