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Yugipedia is a free repository on all aspects of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise that anyone can edit. We've been around since May 26, 2005 — and in that time we've assembled a lot of information about the cards and other aspects of the Yu-Gi-Oh! phenomenon. See the news section for dates of upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG and OCG product releases, as well as anime air dates and manga book release dates.


There are many characters in this long-running franchise. Here are some of the main characters from the latest anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.

Yuga Ohdo
Tatsuhisa Kamijo

Romin Kirishima
Gakuto Sogetsu
More characters from


  • Despite their English flavor text, the Japanese lores of "Kozaky" and "Woodborg Inpachi" do not reference "Dark World"; rather, they translate to "Demon World".
  • In the original manga and the few first arcs of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Fusion Monsters were not cards, but were simply two or more cards placed on top of one another that rendered a new holographic monster.


Wanna know more about the kinds of information you can find here? Here's a breakdown of the 45,684 cards we're cataloguing, stat fans:

You should also know that much of the information on this wiki initially came from other Yu-Gi-Oh! communities, and that many of these have since united at ygorganization.com.


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Latest set


Eternity Code is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the twelfth and final main set in the OCG's 10th series, following Ignition Assault. This set includes new members/support for the "@Ignister", "A.I.", "Ancient Warriors", "Code Talker", "Charmer", "Cyber", "Dragonmaid", "Evil Eye", "Evolution Pill", "Familiar-Possessed", "Generaider", "Gouki", "Hole", "Infernoid", "Infinitrack", "Invoked", "Madolche", "Marincess", "Megalith", "Mekk-Knight", "Orcust", "Polymerization", "Resonator", "roid", "Salamangreat", "Thunder Dragon", "Tindangle", "Traptrix", "Unchained", "Void", "Witchcrafter", "World Legacy" and "Xyz" archetypes as well as the "Cataclysmic", "Deep Sea", "Gizmek" and "Yo-kai Girl" series.

The TCG version also includes members/support for the "Machina", "Performapal", "Plunder Patroll", "Superheavy Samurai" and "Superheavy Samurai Soul" archetypes.

Latest episode



- "Rook, a Manly Battle" -

2 May 2020

The school's journalism club came to interview Yuga and his friends! Since Goha has been keeping an eye on the internet, perhaps he can spread Rush Duels without attracting their attention by using printed newspapers?! However, it turns out that the journalism club thinks Rush Duels are "shallow"! Trembling in anger at their insults, Rook decides to challenge them!

Latest chapter

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures

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- "Ageha's Abilities" -

21 February 2020

Ageha Yusa heads out to Adult's Night at the Satellite Shop, and runs into a familiar face while she's there.