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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel
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EnglishYu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel is a 4-player card battle Yu-Gi-Oh! video game for iOS and Android. A closed beta for it started on October 4, 2021, with 5000 participants.

Game Modes[edit]

  • Ranked Matches: A 4 Player Match Mode in which players can gain or lose Ranks based on their perfomance in Ranked Matches.
  • Raid Duel: A 4 Player Co-op Mode in which 4 players team up to defeat a Raid Boss.
  • Tag Duel: A Single Player Mode in which the player teams up with a Tag Partner to Duel another team of two Duelists from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.
  • Room Matches: A room in which players can chat or Duel with custom Duel settings.

Obtaining cards[edit]

The player begins the game with an Initial Deck of 20 cards and can obtain new cards from the Card Gacha. Duplicate cards are sent to the Vault, and can be used to trade cards in the Shop or be converted to Medals.

Card Gacha[edit]

The Card Gacha is the place where players can obtain new cards by spending Crystals, Gems, or tickets. The following Card Gachas are available:


The Shop has 3 sections:

  • Crystal Shop: Players can use real money to purchase Crystals.
  • Trade Cards: Players can obtain any card from the card catalog by trading 4 cards of the same rarity from the Vault.
  • Medal Shop: Players can use Medals to purchase Materials or accessories.


Cross Duel field
  • Cross Duels are specifically designed for 4 players to battle with unique rules.
    • Each player has three Monster Zones and three Trap Zones. Their Monster Zones are connected to one-another with Lanes which their monsters will traverse across. Each player's left and right Monster Zones has a lane that connects to the Monster Zones of one of their opponents whilst the Lanes of all players' center Monster Zones converge at the center of the field.
    • Each player must have exactly 20 cards in their Main Deck and they can only have a single copy of each card in that Deck.
    • There is no Extra Deck. Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Link Monsters are placed in the Main Deck, and can be Summoned from the hand by sending their listed Summon Materials from the player's field to the Graveyard.
      • Xyz Monsters do not have Xyz Materials attached to them; their Summon Materials will be sent from the field to the Graveyard like other monsters.
      • Link Monsters have DEF and can be placed in Defense Position like other monsters. When a Link Monster is Link Summoned, its Summon Materials are placed into its Link Arrows, and the Summoned monster gains DEF equal to the ATK of any Link Monsters in its materials that are co-linked with it.
    • Each player starts with 4000 LP instead of 8000. The maximum limit in which LP can be increased to is exactly 8000.
    • Each player begins the Duel with five cards in their hand, including a card that is designated as an Ace Card.
    • Spell Cards cannot be Set and can only be activated during the Battle Phase. Trap Cards can be Set during the Main Phase, and are activated automatically when their activation conditions are met (even during the same turn they were Set). Some Trap Cards can be Set at a Lane's Halfway Point.
  • The turn structure of Cross Duels functions differently from other formats. There is a set limit of eight turns and all players must take them at the same time.
    • At the start of each turn (including the first turn), players draw a card. At the start of the 7th and 8th turns, players draw 2 cards instead.
    • During the Main Phase, players can Set Trap Cards from their hand, change Defense Position monsters to Attack Position, or Summon monsters from their hand to their Monster Zones in either face-up Attack Position or face-up Defense Position. When all players have completed their Main Phase, they proceed to the Battle Phase.
    • Card effects that activate when a monster is Summoned will activate at the end of the Main Phase, after all players have completed their Main Phase. If a monster is Summoned outside of the Main Phase, its effects when Summoned cannot be activated.
    • From the start of the Battle Phase up until monsters begin movement, players can activate Spell Cards. Afterwards, monsters in Attack Position traverse across their designated Lanes by two spaces.
    • When two or more monsters meet on the same space, a battle takes place. When two monsters battle, their ATK if in Attack Position or their DEF if in Defense Position are decreased by the value of their opponent's battling monster. Then, if a value reaches zero, that monster is destroyed. If more than two monsters in different lanes meet on the same space, the monsters facing each other battle first and then the remaining monsters battle each other.
    • Players do not take battle damage when their monster battles another monster. The only way to inflict battle damage to a player is to attack directly with a monster that has fully traversed a Lane to an empty opponent's Monster Zone. When a player inflicts battle damage by a direct attack, they gain LP equal to the LP their opponent lost.
    • After an Attack Position monster destroys another Attack Position monster by battle, it can continue to move along its lane and battle other monsters or attack directly if it reaches the end of the lane. If a Defense Position monster is destroyed by battle, the attacking monster cannot attack directly in the same turn.
    • If a player has 0 LP, they cannot gain LP, but can still activate cards and their monsters will continue to move until the end of that turn.
    • At the end of the turn, if a player has 7 or more cards in their hand, they must discard until they have a hand size of 6.
    • At the end of the eighth turn, or if a player has no LP at the end of a turn, the Cross Duel ends with the player having the highest LP as the winner.
  • All monsters in the game, including monsters that begin the Duel in the Extra Deck in the TCG/OCG, are first acquired as Normal Monsters and can gain Skills via a Skill Tree system.
    • Monsters become Effect Monsters when equipped with any Skill. Pendulum Monsters will only become Pendulum Monsters if equipped with a Pendulum Skill. Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Link Monsters will only become their respective card types if equipped with a Special Skill or Master Skill, which may change their Summon Materials.


Skills are effects that can be assigned to monsters. Each monster has a different Skill Tree in which they can unlock Skills. Monsters can have up to 5 Skills assigned to them, but the number of Skills that a monster can use during a Duel is determined by the format.

  • Standard Format: Ace Monsters can use up to 3 Skills, and other monsters can use 1 Skill. The Standard Format is used in Ranked Matches.
  • Unlimited Format: all monsters can use up to 5 Skills. The Unlimited Format is used in Raid Duels and Tag Duels.

During a Duel, when multiple effects are activated at the same time, they are activated in the following order.

  1. Skill Negation
  2. Status Change
  3. Skill Attribution
  4. Battle Position Change
  5. ATK/DEF Change
  6. Increase/Decrease LP
  7. Monster Movement / Special Summons
  8. Card Destruction / Return to Hand

Special Skills[edit]

SpecialSkill-Skill-CrossDuel.png These Skills are exclusive to SR and UR rarity monsters. Each SR and UR rarity monster has 1 exclusive Special Skill.

Master Skills[edit]

MasterSkill-Skill-CrossDuel.png These Skills are exclusive to UR rarity monsters. They are stronger versions of the monster's Special Skill, and can only be used by Ace Monsters. Each UR rarity monster has 1 exclusive Master Skill.

Common Skills[edit]

These Skills are generic Skills that are not exclusive to any monster.

Buff Skills[edit]

Icon Name Description
ATKBoost-Skill-CrossDuel.png ATK Boost <When Summoned>
Gains 200 ATK.
DEFBoost-Skill-CrossDuel.png DEF Boost <When Summoned>
Gains 200 DEF.
ATKSupport-Skill-CrossDuel.png ATK Support <When Summoned>
All of your other monsters gain 200 ATK.
DEFSupport-Skill-CrossDuel.png DEF Support <When Summoned>
All of your other monsters gain 200 DEF.
ATKBuff-Skill-CrossDuel.png ATK Buff <Upon Battling>
Gain 200 ATK if in Attack Position.
DEFBuff-Skill-CrossDuel.png DEF Buff <Upon Battling>
Gain 200 DEF if in Defense Position.
ATKSupplement-Skill-CrossDuel.png ATK Supplement <At the End of the Battle Phase>
Gain 400 ATK. (Applies to original ATK.)
DEFSupplement-Skill-CrossDuel.png DEF Supplement <At the End of the Battle Phase>
Gain 400 DEF. (Applies to original DEF.)
Wizardry-Skill-CrossDuel.png Wizardry <Activation Condition>
Gains 300 ATK/DEF if you activate a Spell Card.
Cohesion-Skill-CrossDuel.png Cohesion <Activation Condition>
Gains 200 ATK/DEF for each monster you Summon.
Inventor-Skill-CrossDuel.png Inventor <When Summoned>
Gains 1 Skill at random. 1 additional Skill is gained if your monsters have activated [Inventor] 4 or more times in the Duel.
Healer-Skill-CrossDuel.png Healer <When Summoned>
Gain 200 LP.
Focus-Skill-CrossDuel.png Focus <At the Start of the Battle Phase>
Gain 200 ATK.
ExtraAttack-Skill-CrossDuel.png Extra Attack <When Attacking Directly>
Gains 500 ATK.

Debuff Skills[edit]

Icon Name Description
ATKDebuff-Skill-CrossDuel.png ATK Debuff <Upon Battling>
When battling an opponent's Attack Position monster, it loses 300 ATK.
DEFDebuff-Skill-CrossDuel.png DEF Debuff <Upon Battling>
When battling an opponent's Defense Position monster, it loses 300 DEF.
Snipe-Skill-CrossDuel.png Snipe <When Summoned>
Inflict 200 damage to the player in the lane ahead.
Intimidate-Skill-CrossDuel.png Intimidate <Upon Battling>
When attacking an opponent's Attack Position monster, change it to Defense Position.
Provoke-Skill-CrossDuel.png Provoke <Upon Battling>
When attacking an opponent's Defense Position monster, change it to Attack Position.
Seal-Skill-CrossDuel.png Seal <Upon Battling>
"Negate" all Skills of the battling opponent's monster.
Curse-Skill-CrossDuel.png Curse <When Destroyed in Battle>
Until the end of the next turn, the monster that battled this monster gains [Immobile] and [Phantom].
Detonated-Skill-CrossDuel.png Detonated <When Destroyed in Battle>
The monster that battled this monster loses 500 ATK/DEF.
Crusher-Skill-CrossDuel.png Crusher <When Destroying an Opponent's Monster in Battle>
Inflict 300 damage to the player who controlled the monster.

Unique Skills[edit]

Icon Name Description
Reincarnation-Skill-CrossDuel.png Reincarnation <When Destroyed>
This monster is returned to your hand with all of its Skills negated.
Pierce-Skill-CrossDuel.png Pierce You will be able to attack your opponent even when you have attacked a Defense Position monster in their Monster Zone or Guardian Monster Zone.
Superspeed-Skill-CrossDuel.png Superspeed Boosts movement speed by 50%.
Hyperspeed-Skill-CrossDuel.png Hyperspeed Doubles movement speed.
Stealth-Skill-CrossDuel.png Stealth Can pass by without battling opponents' monsters.
DoubleMaterial-Skill-CrossDuel.png Double Material Can be treated as 2 Summon Materials when used for the Summon of a Normal, Effect, or Pendulum Monster.
SpeedySummon-Skill-CrossDuel.png Speedy Summon Can be Summoned with one less Summon Material, but it loses 1000 ATK/DEF.
<double>[Efficient Summon]
EfficientSummon-Skill-CrossDuel.png Efficient Summon Can be Summoned with one less Summon Material.
PendulumRed-Skill-CrossDuel.png Pendulum PendulumScaleRed-CrossDuel.png <When Summoned>
Gain "Pendulum Scale PendulumScaleRed-CrossDuel.png."
PendulumBlue-Skill-CrossDuel.png Pendulum PendulumScaleBlue-CrossDuel.png <When Summoned>
Gain "Pendulum Scale PendulumScaleBlue-CrossDuel.png."
LinkArrow-Skill-CrossDuel.png Link Arrow Can be treated as 2 Summon Materials when used for the Summon of a Link Monster.

Immunity Skills[edit]

Icon Name Description
ImmunityDestructionEffects-Skill-CrossDuel.png Immunity: Destruction Effects Immune to destruction effects.
ImmunityPositionChange-Skill-CrossDuel.png Immunity: Position Change Immune to effects that change battle position.
ImmunitySkillNegation-Skill-CrossDuel.png Immunity: Skill Negation Immune to effects that negate Skills.
ImmunityNegativeStatus-Skill-CrossDuel.png Immunity: Negative Status Immune to effects that give [Negative Skills].
ImmunityBounceTeleport-Skill-CrossDuel.png Immunity: Bounce/Teleport Immune to effects that would return this monster to the hand or force it to teleport.
ImmunityATKDEFReduction-Skill-CrossDuel.png Immunity: ATK/DEF Reduction Immune to losing ATK/DEF from effects.

Negative Skills[edit]

These Skills have effects that affect negatively a monster. They cannot be unlocked by any monster, and can only be attributed to a monster by other Skills.

Icon Name Description
Slowdown-Skill-CrossDuel.png Slowdown Halves movement speed.
Immobile-Skill-CrossDuel.png Immobile Unable to move.
Phantom-Skill-CrossDuel.png Phantom Cannot inflict battle damage to opponent players.
Fear-Skill-CrossDuel.png Fear Cannot change battle position during the Main Phase.
Collapse-Skill-CrossDuel.png Collapse <At the End of the Battle Phase>
Destroy this monster.

Raid Skills[edit]

These Skills can only be used during a Raid Duel.

Icon Name Description
AntiBoss-Skill-CrossDuel.png Anti-Boss <Upon Battling>
Gains 500 ATK when battling a Raid Boss.
AntiRaidMonster-Skill-CrossDuel.png Anti-Raid Monster <Upon Battling>
When this monster in Attack Position battles a Raid Monster, that monster loses 500 ATK/DEF.
BossBuster-Skill-CrossDuel.png Boss Buster <Upon Battling>
Gains 1000 ATK when attacking a Raid Boss's weak point.
AntiObject-Skill-CrossDuel.png Anti-Object Damage to objects increases by 1.
AntiShield-Skill-CrossDuel.png Anti-Shield Damage to shields increases by 1.
AssistBoost-Skill-CrossDuel.png Assist Boost LP gained from assist healing increases by 500.
SPBoost-Skill-CrossDuel.png SP Boost <When Summoned>
Gains 2000 ATK/DEF.
SPEfficientSummon-Skill-CrossDuel.png SP Efficient Summon This monster can be Summoned without Summon Materials.
SPHyperspeed-Skill-CrossDuel.png SP Hyperspeed All of your monsters gain [Hyperspeed].
SPReincarnation-Skill-CrossDuel.png SP Reincarnation <When Destroyed> or <When Assist Healing>
Return this monster to your hand.
SPSupport-Skill-CrossDuel.png SP Support <When Summoned>
All monsters controlled by you or an ally gain 1000 ATK/DEF.

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