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Battle Phase



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Battle Phase

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The Battle Phase (Japanese: バトルフェイズ Batorufeizu) is the Phase in which battles are conducted. A Battle Phase can be conducted every turn (except the first turn of the Duel) after the turn player ends their Main Phase 1.[1]

"An Unfortunate Report", "Weather Report", and "Last Turn" are the only cards that can grant multiple Battle Phases in one turn.


The Battle Phase is split into four steps:

The Start Step, Battle Step, and End Step always occur during every Battle Phase, unless skipped due to a card effect. The Damage Step only occurs if a monster's attack is successful, up to the point where both players agree to leave the Battle Step. If a card effect ends the Battle Phase (such as "Battle Fader"), it immediately becomes the End Step[2], unless the card effect changes the phase directly (such as "Neko Mane King"), in which case it is no longer the Battle Phase.

Entering the Battle Phase[edit]

A player does not need to control any monsters in order to enter their Battle Phase.[3] Even if their opponent controls no valid attack targets (e.g. the opponent only controls 2 face-up copies of "Marauding Captain" and/or a face-up "Earthbound Immortal" monster), a player may still enter their Battle Phase.[4]

A player entering their Battle Phase is optional after their Main Phase 1 ends, except when card effects mandate it. For example, the turn player must enter their Battle Phase if a card effect is forcing a monster(s) they control to attack during that turn,[5] even if another card effect is currently preventing them from attacking, such as a face-up "Gravity Bind".[6] If the turn player does not choose to enter their Battle Phase after their Main Phase 1 ends, they must proceed immediately to the End Phase, without entering their Main Phase 2.[7]

If a card effect skips a player's Main Phase 1, such as that of "Timeater", that player does not have to enter their Battle Phase from their Standby Phase — they may choose to enter their End Phase instead.[8] However, if card effects skip the same player's Main Phase 1 and Battle Phase during the same turn, that player cannot enter their Main Phase 2 and must instead proceed immediately to their End Phase.[9]


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