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Monster effect



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monster effect

Revival Jam
"Revival Jam" has an example of a Trigger Effect.

A monster effect is an effect produced by a monster. Under normal circumstances, only Effect Monsters can produce monster effects.

For activated effects, an effect is a monster effect if the card that produced the effect was a monster when the effect was activated. If a monster activates an effect, but due to leaving the field or moving to the Spell & Trap Zone it is no longer a monster at resolution, the effect is still a monster effect. Likewise, if a Monster Card that is treated as a Spell or Trap Card activates an effect, that effect is a Spell/Trap effect and not a monster effect, even if that card has left the field or is in a Monster Zone when that effect resolves.

Types of monster effects[edit]


In the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game, most monster effects can be classified as one of the following types of effects: Ignition, Trigger, Quick, or Continuous.

In addition to the above, some monster effects do not fit into any of the above classifications. On Yugipedia, such effects are described as Unclassified.

This classification is not provided in card text (except for Quick Effects in the TCG). Usually, this classification is specified in the card's ruling on the Japanese OCG's Official Card Database.

Rush Duel[edit]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel, all monster effects can be classified as one of three types of effects: Ignition, Continuous, or Multi-Choice.

The vast majority of monster effects in Rush Duel are Ignition Effects. Continuous and Multi-Choice Effects are specifically indicated by replacing the standard "Effect" header with "Continuous Effect" or "Multi-Choice Effect", respectively.