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Unlimited Edition[1][2] is the edition of cards that have no edition text in the TCG and the Korean and Asian-English OCG.

In the Japanese, Japanese-Asian, and Chinese OCG, cards are not printed with editions.

On Unlimited Edition cards, the Eye of Anubis Hologram is silver; on 1st Edition and Limited Edition cards, it is gold.[2]


Most retail sets are initially printed in 1st Edition for the first print run, while later print runs are printed as Unlimited Edition to distinguish them. On the secondary market, Unlimited Edition prints of cards are typically worth less than their equivalent 1st Edition print of the same rarity. While it is unusual for retail sets to be printed entirely as Limited Edition, when they are, later print runs are printed as Unlimited Edition (as happened with Hidden Arsenal). If a set contains both 1st Edition cards and Limited Edition promotional cards, the Limited Edition cards will remain Limited Edition in the Unlimited Edition reprint.

Non-retail booster packs (such as OTS Tournament Packs) are usually exclusively printed as Unlimited Edition.

Promotional cards, which usually only have a single print run, are often printed as either Limited Edition or Unlimited Edition.




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