Eye of Anubis Hologram

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Eye of Anubis Holograms: Gold (left) and silver (right)

The Eye of Anubis Hologram[citation needed] is a foil symbol placed at the bottom right of almost all Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game and Trading Card Game cards from Series 2 onward. It serves as a form of counterfeit protection. The hologram was first used in the OCG set Magic Ruler (the first Series 2 set), which was released on April 20, 2000.

All officially released TCG and OCG cards, except Series 1 cards (which were only released in the OCG) and the Duelin' Monsters Giveaway promotional card, have the Eye of Anubis Hologram. Cards sent to stores for demonstration purposes rather than public distribution (such as the Demo Speed Dueling kit) do not always include the hologram, as counterfeit protection is unnecessary for cards that are not intended to be in circulation. Official Proxy images of cards lack this hologram, either excluding it entirely or replacing it with a solid square.


An uncut sheet of Eye of Anubis Holograms from the UDE era.

The hologram consists of a solid-colored background, on which rows of Eyes of Wdjat and the text "YU-GI-OH!" are printed in holographic lettering; very small holographic stars are also evenly interspersed across the hologram. The Eyes and the text are visible from a range of lighting and viewing angles, but the stars are only visible from very specific angles.

It is printed directly on the card—contrary to its appearance, it is not a sticker.

The Eye of Anubis has a different color depending on the card's edition. Limited Edition and 1st Edition cards have a gold Eye of Anubis Hologram; Unlimited Edition cards and all Japanese and Chinese OCG cards have a silver Eye of Anubis Hologram. In the TCG, Ticket Cards have a gold Eye of Anubis Hologram despite not having a listed edition, even when printed in Unlimited Edition sets.