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Attack Power


ATK (Attack Points)

ATK, short for Attack Points[Notes 1] (Japanese: こうげきりょく Kōgekiryoku, lit. "Attack Power"),[Notes 2] are the points that determine a Monster Card's "strength" when attacking the opponent's Monster Cards.

In a battle between two Attack Position monsters:

  • If the ATK of the battling monsters are different: The controller of the monster with less ATK takes damage equal to the difference between ATK of the battling monsters, and the monster with lower ATK is destroyed.
  • If the ATK of the battling monsters are the same: Both monsters are destroyed and neither player takes damage, except for when both battling monsters have 0 ATK, in which case they are not destroyed.[1]

When attacking a Defense Position monster:

  • If the ATK and DEF are equal: No damage is inflicted, and no monster is destroyed.
  • If the ATK is higher than DEF: The attacked monster is destroyed, but no battle damage is inflicted, unless the attacking monster inflicts piercing battle damage.
  • If the ATK is lower than DEF: Neither monster is destroyed, but the attacking monster's controller takes damage equal to the difference between the ATK and DEF of the battling monsters.

If the opponent has no monsters on the field, damage is dealt to the opponent's Life Points equal to the total ATK value, if the attack is not blocked or disrupted. This is called a direct attack.

Currently the highest original ATK outside the anime or manga is 5000. There are various methods to increase a monster's attack power and so it's debatable over what monster has the potential for the highest ATK possible. Among these, the highest printed value of an ATK increase belongs to "Number iC1000: Numeronius Numeronia", which gains 100,000 ATK. On the other hand, the highest printed value of an ATK decrease belongs to "All For Naught - Bubble Burst", which has monsters lose 1 million ATK.


The following gauges are displayed to keep track of ATK in the anime.


  1. The full forms are used in the anime and mentioned in the official rulebooks as reference, but never in the actual TCG as proper terms.
  2. Abbreviated as こう in the card text of Trap Monsters and cards that Summon Tokens.


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