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Alignment is a card property used in some video games. Cards or particular Alignments have strengths and weaknesses against cards or other particular alignments.

Although not referred to as Alignments, their earliest mention is in the manga during Dark Yugi and Maximillion J. Pegasus' TV Duel. Alignments are used in some video games. The Bandai OCG adopted some the mentioned Alignments as Types. Konami's OCG and TCG have adopted some as Types and some as Attributes.

The Alignments are as follows:

Name Other names Strong against Weak against
Black Magic Shadow White Magic Illusion Magic
White Magic Light Demon Magic Black Magic
Demon Magic Fiend Illusion Magic White Magic
Illusion Magic Dreams Black Magic Demon Magic
Water Aqua Fire Thunder
Fire Pyro Forest Water
Forest Wood Wind Fire
Wind Earth Forest
Earth Thunder Wind
Thunder Water Earth
Divine Devine

In the manga, the four types of Magic users, Fire, Water, Thunder are mentioned. All of the above ones are used in video games. Some English video games refer to Black Magic, White Magic, Demon Magic, Illusion Magic, Water, Fire and Divine as Shadow, Light, Fiend, Dreams, Aqua, Pyro and Devine respectively. In the Bandai game, the four Magic users are used as Types. In the OCG and TCG, Water, Wind, Fire and Earth are used as Attributes, although Earth uses different kanji, Thunder and Demon have Type equivalents; Thunder and Fiend, while the other Magic users are classed as Spellcaster-Type.