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A non-Effect Monster is a Monster Card without a monster effect. This includes all Normal Monsters (including Normal Pendulum Monsters, Token Monsters and Gemini monsters while treated as Normal Monsters) and certain Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Link Monsters.


Non-Normal Monsters are non-Effect Monsters in the following cases:

Even if the only card text on an Effect Monster Card is a condition, such as "Cyber Harpie Lady" and "Exodia the Forbidden One", that monster is not treated as a non-Effect Monster.

Token Monsters are treated as non-Effect Monsters and will be affected by "Non-Spellcasting Area"; however, Tokens cannot be sent to the Graveyard as a cost, and thus will not work with "White Elephant's Gift".

List of non-Effect Monsters which are not Normal Monsters[edit]

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Amphibious BugrothすいりくりょうようバグロスFusion MonsterWATERAqua518501300
Aqua Dragonアクア・ドラゴンFusion MonsterWATERSea Serpent622501900
BaroxバロックスFusion MonsterDARKFiend513801530
Berserker of the TenyiてんじんLink MonsterDARKWyrm3000
Bickuriboxデビル・ボックスFusion MonsterDARKFiend723002000
Black Luster Soldierカオス・ソルジャーRitual MonsterEARTHWarrior830002500
Black Skull Dragonブラック・デーモンズ・ドラゴンFusion MonsterDARKDragon932002500
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon青眼の究極竜ブルーアイズ・アルティメットドラゴンFusion MonsterLIGHTDragon1245003800
Bracchio-raidusブラキオレイドスFusion MonsterWATERDinosaur622002000
ChakraチャクラRitual MonsterDARKFiend724502000
... further results (75 more)

Effects affecting non-Effect Monsters[edit]

Several cards specifically affect non-Effect Monsters; these are "Backup Soldier", "Cosmo Brain", "Daigusto Emeral", "Defender of the Labyrinth", "Draco Masters of the Tenyi", "Fists of the Unrivaled Tenyi", "Flawless Perfection of the Tenyi", "Gaia Drake, the Universal Force", "Heavenly Dragon Circle", "Metamorformation", "Non-Spellcasting Area", "Shaman of the Tenyi", "Tenyi Spirit - Adhara", "Tenyi Spirit - Ashuna", "Tenyi Spirit - Mapura", "Tenyi Spirit - Nahata", "Tenyi Spirit - Sahasrara", "Tenyi Spirit - Shthana", "Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda", "Tyrant Farm", "Vessel for the Dragon Cycle", "White Elephant's Gift".

Non-Effect Monsters being given effects[edit]

Some cards can give non-Effect Monsters an effect when used as a Material for their Summon, or as part of the requirement for their Ritual Summon. If a non-Effect Monster is given an effect this way, the monster becomes an Effect Monster, so can be affected by cards like "Effect Veiler" and "Skill Drain".[1]

Some cards, such as "Sword Hunter", can grant effects to Monster Cards they equip to themselves as Equip Spell Cards, even cards that are originally non-Effect Monsters.

List of cards which give non-Effect Monsters an effect[edit]

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
BachibachibachiバチバチバチEffect MonsterLIGHTInsect3800800
Beginning KnightかいびゃくEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior45002000
Chronomaly Tuspa Rocket先史遺産オーパーツトゥスパ・ロケットEffect MonsterEARTHRock410001000
D/D/D Eulogy King Vice Requiemディーディーディーおうおうバイス・レイクエムPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Digital Bug Centibit電子光虫デジタル・バグ-センチビットEffect MonsterLIGHTInsect31500500
Digital Bug Cocoondenser電子光虫デジタル・バグ-コクーンデンサEffect MonsterLIGHTInsect302000
Digital Bug LEDybug電子光虫デジタル・バグLEDレディバグEffect MonsterLIGHTInsect35000
Digital Bug Registrider電子光虫デジタル・バグ-レジストライダーEffect MonsterLIGHTInsect310001000
Digital Bug Websolder電子光虫デジタル・バグ-ウェブソルダーEffect MonsterLIGHTInsect35001500
Dragoncaller MagicianこうりゅうじゅつPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Evening Twilight KnightよいやみEffect MonsterDARKWarrior45002000
Express Train Trolley OlleyごうわんとっきゅうトロッコロッコEffect MonsterEARTHMachine418001000
Gagaga GirlガガガガールEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster31000800
Gagaga HeadガガガヘッドEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster621002000
Gogogo Aristera & DexiaゴゴゴアリステラアンドデクシアEffect MonsterEARTHRock402200
Hazy Flame Hydra陽炎獣ヘイズビースト ヒュドラーEffect MonsterFIREDinosaur62300200
Heroic Challenger - Extra Swordヒロイックチャレンジャー エクストラ・ソードEffect MonsterEARTHWarrior410001000
Left-Hand Sharkレフトハンド・シャークEffect MonsterWATERFish313001500
Lyrilusc - Cobalt SparrowLLリリカル・ルスキニア-コバルト・スパローEffect MonsterWINDWinged Beast10100
Lyrilusc - Sapphire SwallowLLリリカル・ルスキニア-サファイア・スワローEffect MonsterWINDWinged Beast11000
Mathmech DiameterザンダイアEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHTCyberse410001500
Noble Knight CustenninせいコルネウスEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior410002000
Old Entity CthuguaシンクトグアSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
The Phantom Knights of Ragged Gloves幻影騎士団ファントム・ナイツラギッドグローブEffect MonsterDARKWarrior31000500
Photon Vanisherフォトン・バニッシャーEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior420000
Raidraptor - Skull EagleRRレイド・ラプターズ-スカル・イーグルEffect MonsterDARKWinged Beast31000500
Right-Hand Sharkライトハンド・シャークEffect MonsterWATERFish415001300
Salamangreat Zebroid X転生炎獣サラマングレイトゼブロイドエックスEffect MonsterFIRECyberse415001000
Star Drawingアステル・ドローンEffect MonsterEARTHSpellcaster416001000
Star Seraph Scale光天使ホーリー・ライトニングスケールEffect MonsterLIGHTFairy41500900
Star Seraph Scepter光天使ホーリー・ライトニングセプターEffect MonsterLIGHTFairy41800400
Swordsman of Revealing LightふうけんけんEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior802400
Vendread Animaヴェンデット・アニマEffect MonsterDARKZombie100
Vendread Coreヴェンデット・コアEffect MonsterDARKZombie10500
Vendread Houndhordeヴェンデット・ヘルハウンドEffect MonsterDARKZombie302100
Vendread Revenantsヴェンデット・レヴナントEffect MonsterDARKZombie41800200
Vendread Strigesヴェンデット・ストリゲスEffect MonsterDARKZombie25002000
ZS - Arms SageZSゼアル・サーバス武装賢者アームズ・セージEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior4300900
ZS - Ascend SageZSゼアル・サーバス昇華賢者アセンド・セージEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior4900300


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