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Thunder (いかずち Ikazuchi) monsters are generally LIGHT Attribute, although there are WIND, EARTH or WATER Attribute minorities. Thunder monsters usually represent beings with electrical powers. Many Thunder card effects and support cards focus upon destroying the opponent's monsters by effect. They are used by Thunder Spark and Getta Taira in the anime and manga.

Some of the more notable ones include "The Creator", "Mist Wurm", "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder", "Zaborg the Thunder Monarch", "Thunder King Rai-Oh", "Some Summer Summoner" and "Denko Sekka".

"Thunder Dragon" is also a well-known Thunder monster, for its Deck-thinning abilities and for its Fusion Monster counterpart, "Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon". This card was later developed into a fully supported archetype, which focuses on effects that activate in the hand, banishing themselves, and using more Fusion Monsters.

There is also a subset of Level 4 LIGHT Thunder monsters that are noteworthy for stalling or locking down both players from performing some action: "Denko Sekka" prevents Spell/Trap Cards from being set on the field, "Lightning Rod Lord" forbids both players from activating Spell Cards during the Main Phase 1, "Thunder King Rai-Oh", whose effect prevents cards from being searched from the Deck and "Zap Mustung", which locks both players from Special Summoning in a very peculiar manner.

Support cards include "Electro-Whip", "Judgment of Thunder", "Mountain", "Umi", and "Makiu, the Magical Mist". Most notably, the "hunders" include general support for LIGHT Thunder monsters, such as "Pahunder" and "Thunder Sea Horse", while the "Thunder Dragon" archetype also contains support for Thunder monsters in general, with "Thunder Dragonduo" and "Thunder Dragon Fusion" being able to search any Thunder monster.

Like Beast-Warriors, Thunder Gains advantages from the two field spell cards that Empowers the ATK/DEF of monster Types, which are "Mountain" and "Umi".