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Psychic (Japanese: サイキック Saikikku) monsters had their debut in The Duelist Genesis, and they are used by Sayer in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Romin Kassidy and Gibumi Purisaki in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS; Vetrix also primarily used Psychic "Number" monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Psychics often resemble cyberpunk androids, cybernetically-enhanced humans, or strange mutants, and often feature elements of cyberspace, circuit board patterns, green coloring, and yellow electricity in their art. It is worth noting that many Psychic monsters resemble what in the past were Machine, Fiend, or Spellcaster monsters (such as "Mutant Mindmaster", "Cipher Soldier", "Mind on Air" and especially "Jinzo").

Up until Extreme Victory, the majority of their effects and Spell Cards involved paying Life Points to activate powerful effects, while the Synchro Monsters and Trap Cards focused heavily upon restoring Life Points. The tendency of a Psychic-user's Life Points to change rapidly during a Duel allows a cunning player to make the most of cards such as "Megamorph" and optional cards that require Life Point payment, like "Solemn Judgment".

From Extreme Victory onwards, Psychic monsters and their support cards switched focus to manipulating banishment, through banishing Psychic monsters to activate effects, Special Summoning banished Psychic monsters, and returning banished Psychic monsters to the hand or Graveyard.

Psychic monsters also support a heavy Synchro element with cards like "Emergency Teleport", "Mind Master" and "Overdrive Teleporter". They contain many notable Synchro Monsters, including "Thought Ruler Archfiend", "Magical Android", "Hyper Psychic Blaster", and "Overmind Archfiend". For a long while, there was no pure Psychic archetype, though half of the "Gusto", "Ritual Beast", and "Kozmo" archetypes were composed of Psychic monsters. The first pure Psychic archetype was released in Booster SP: Highspeed Riders; "PSY-Frame", followed by the "Metalfoes" in The Dark Illusion.

In Rush Duels, Psychic monsters return to utilize Life Points.

Prominent Psychic monsters include "Mind Master", "Psychic Commander", "Silent Psychic Wizard", "Thought Ruler Archfiend", "Serene Psychic Witch", "Overdrive Teleporter", "Esper Girl", "Hushed Psychic Cleric", "Psychic Jumper", "Psi-Blocker", and "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit".






  • Most universal Psychic monster features is usually composed of either mutants, energy burst in electricity form, advanced technologies, etc. However, despite being Psychic-based archetype, "Gusto" and "Ritual Beast" archetype features none of those characteristics (except the green color scheme associated to most Psychics).
    • However, the two aforementioned archetype's background revolves towards "communicating with nature/spirits", which associated to more "primal" aspect of Psychics, instead of more "futuristic" aspect featured in most non-archetypal Psychic cards.