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Toon monster

Toon monster


トゥーン(モンスター)[Notes 1]

Japanese (romanized)



1st and 3rd format: Toon (monster)
2nd format: Toon (Monster)

Appears in (anime)
Appears in (manga)



Toon monsters (トゥーンモンスター Tūn Monsutā) are Effect Monsters with the ability "Toon". They are all members of the "Toon" archetype, and are cartoonized counterparts of existing monsters. Their signature effect is the ability to attack directly, and not being able to attack the turn they are Summoned.


Shared effects[edit]

Most Toon monsters share the following two effects:

  • Cannot attack the turn it is Summoned.
  • While you control "Toon World" and your opponent controls no Toon monsters, this card can attack your opponent directly.

All Toon monsters are counterparts to other existing monsters, and typically also feature the effects of their original counterparts.

All Toon monsters belong to the "Toon" archetype; this includes "Manga Ryu-Ran", since its Japanese name contains 「トゥーン」. Because all Toon monsters are "Toon" archetypal cards, and all "Toon" Effect Monsters are Toon monsters, the characteristics that describe Toon monsters also describe "Toon" as an archetype.

In the manga[edit]

Originally, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, Toon monsters were not individual cards, and were instead created when other non-Toon monster cards came under the effect of Maximillion J. Pegasus' "Toon World", and were transformed into their Toon counterparts. In their Toon forms, monsters could dodge attacks and hide within the "Toon World" book, and avoid being destroyed by battle.

Although "Toon World" was used to transform "Dark Rabbit", "Dragon Capture Jar" and "Bickuribox", they were not given separate names while affected, and "Dragon Capture Jar" did not demonstrate the ability to dodge attacks.

In the anime[edit]


In the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, during the Duelist Kingdom tournament, Toon monsters functioned the same way that they did in the manga.

After Duelist Kingdom, Toon monsters were changed to more closely match their OCG/TCG selves, becoming individual cards separate from their original counterparts.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX[edit]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, a "Toon Ancient Gear Golem" appeared when Pegasus used "Comic Hand" on "Ancient Gear Golem".



  • Toon monsters were the first Effect Monsters with an ability to be introduced, debuting in Spell Ruler. While Flip monsters (as Flip Effect Monsters) were introduced earlier, they were not treated as having an ability until much later.


  1. The parentheses here specify what part is not shown on the cards' Type/Ability line.