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Equip Spell Card

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Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Sōbi Mahō Kādo

Japanese (translated)

Equip Magic Card


Equip Spell Card
Formerly: Equip Magic Card


Equip Spell Cards (Japanese: そうほうカード Sōbi Mahō Kādo) are a subcategory of Spell Cards that is always equipped as an Equip Card to a face-up monster on the field.


As a Spell Card, Equip Spell Cards can be activated or set from the hand in the player's own Main Phase, and can be activated in the same turn they are set. Equip Spell Cards feature the default Spell Card Spell Speed of Spell Speed 1. After activation and resolution, an Equip Spell Card remains face-up on the field.

Must target monsters[edit]

All Equip Spell Cards must target a face-up monster on the field at activation (even if they do not explicitly use the word "target"), and will then equip itself to the targeted monster as an Equip Card, following Equip Card rulings.

Some Equip Spell Cards target monsters that are not on the field at activation. However, they will always Special Summon the targeted monster onto the field at resolution. (e.g.: "Premature Burial", "Re-Fusion", "D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation")

Must remain on-field to resolve on-field effect[edit]

Like other Spell/Trap Cards that remain face-up on the field after activation, an Equip Spell Card must remain face-up on-field to resolve its activated on-field effect, unless said effect specifically moves the card to an off-field location as a cost.

If an Equip Spell Card is removed from the field after effect activation but before resolution, the activated effect will resolve without effect.