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Trap Card

Trap Icon
Trap Icon


トラップカード (symbol: トラップ)

Japanese (ruby)

トラップカード (symbol: トラップ)

Japanese (base text)

罠カード (symbol: 罠)

Japanese (romanized)

Torappu Kādo (symbol: Torappu)


Trap Card (symbol ruby: TRAP)


Trap Cards (Japanese: トラップカード Torappu Kādo) are a type of cards with purple-colored borders, characterized by their need to be Set for a turn before they can be activated.

Trap Cards must first be Set before they can be activated, and cannot be activated in the same turn they are Set. After activation and resolution, Trap Cards are sent to the Graveyard.

Trap Cards and their effects are Spell Speed 2, with the exception of Counter Trap Cards, which are Spell Speed 3 when activated on the field. As such, Trap Cards and their effects can be activated in any phase of either player's turn, and can be activated in response to other Spell Speed 1 or 2 cards and effects.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel, only Normal Trap Cards exist, and all Trap Cards can only be activated at a specific timing.


Trap Icon Characteristics
Normal N/A[a] N/A
(an infinity symbol)
Remains face-up on the field after activation.
(a curved arrow)
Are Spell Speed 3.

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  1. Some video games use an empty symbol in menus for filtering and sorting cards.