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Defense Power


DEF (Defense Points)

DEF, short for Defense Points[Notes 2] (Japanese: しゅりょく Shubiryoku, lit. "Defense Power"),[Notes 3] are the points that determine a monster's defense when defending against other Monster Cards.

If a monster attacks a Defense Position monster, and the attacking monster's ATK is greater than the defending monster's DEF, the defending monster is destroyed, but the controller of the defending monster takes no battle damage unless the attacking monster has a "piercing" effect where the difference between ATK and DEF is dealt as battle damage.

If the same situation is reversed, where the attacking monster's ATK is lower than or equal to the defending monster's DEF, both monsters remain on the field, but the controller of the attacking monster takes battle damage equal to the difference between the ATK and DEF values.

Link Monsters, and Maximum Monsters in Maximum Mode, do not have DEF and thus cannot be changed to Defense Position.


The following gauges are displayed to keep track of ATK in the anime.


  1. On old Chinese-printed Japanese copies of "Dark Magician" and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
  2. The full forms are used in the anime and mentioned in the official rulebooks as reference, but never in the actual TCG as proper terms.
  3. Abbreviated as しゅ Shu in the card text of Trap Monsters and cards that Summon Tokens.