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Nine series of Core Boosters. Packs follow a color pattern.

A Core Booster[1] is a booster pack product line in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. They are the primary product for releasing new cards, with almost all included cards being printed for the first time.

Core Boosters can be bought at almost all stores where Yu-Gi-Oh! card game products are sold.


TCG Core Boosters contain 9 cards each.

Since Eternity Code (April 2020), Core Boosters have the following rarity distribution.

From Breakers of Shadow (January 2016) to Ignition Assault (January 2020), Core Boosters had the following rarity distribution. This is the same as the current distribution, but with a Rare instead of 1 of the Commons.

From the TCG's launch to Dimension of Chaos (November 2015), Core Boosters had the following rarity distribution.


OCG Booster Packs contain 5 cards each. OCG Booster Pack rarity ratios are currently undocumented.

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