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  • Vol.6
RōmajiBoryūmu Shikkusu
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
Part of seriesCore Booster
Number of cards52
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • November 18, 1999


Vol.6 or Volume 6 is a Japanese Core Booster in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.

Like other cards printed early on in the game, the cards have no printed set numbers, and lack the distinctive Eye of Anubis Hologram in the lower right-hand corner of each card.

This set and a few others had a later Studio Dice version, which featured the Series 2 copyright notice but still had no Eye of Anubis Hologram.

Of the 52 cards in Vol.6, all but 13—"Air Eater", "Bolt Escargot", "Cyber Commander", "Dice Armadillo", "Giant Scorpion of the Tundra", "Horn Imp", "Ice Water", "Kanikabuto", "Laughing Flower", "Lord of Zemia", "Sea King Dragon", "Tenderness", and "Torike"—have since been printed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

This pack introduced Counter Trap Cards to the OCG.


The set contains 52 cards, or 54 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:

Previously featured cards[edit]


34 Vol.6 cards have since been reprinted in Japan: five cards in Booster 6, 31 cards in Metal Raiders, and 3 cards in other sets later.

Booster 6
"Bladefly", "Hoshiningen", "Little Chimera", "Star Boy", "Witch's Apprentice"
Metal Raiders
"Baby Dragon", "Battle Steer", "Blackland Fire Dragon", "Bladefly", "Blue-Winged Crown", "Cannon Soldier", "Dragon Piper", "Flame Cerebrus", "Giga-Tech Wolf", "Giltia the D. Knight", "Great Moth", "Guardian of the Labyrinth", "Horn of Heaven", "Hoshiningen", "Lady of Faith", "Little Chimera", "Magic Jammer", "Milus Radiant", "Muka Muka", "Musician King", "Niwatori", "Protector of the Throne", "Punished Eagle", "Sangan", "Seven Tools of the Bandit", "Shadow Ghoul", "Solemn Judgment", "Star Boy", "Thousand Dragon", "Witch of the Black Forest", "Witch's Apprentice"
"Gokibore", "Griffore", "Polymerization (alternate password)"
Never reprinted in Japanese
"Air Eater", "Bolt Escargot", "Burglar", "Cyber Commander", "Dice Armadillo", "Giant Scorpion of the Tundra", "Horn Imp", "Ice Water", "Kanikabuto", "Laughing Flower", "Lord of Zemia", "Nekogal 2", "Prisman", "Sea King Dragon", "Shovel Crusher", "Tenderness", "Torike", "Violent Rain"



Unlimited Edition galleries
English nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
"Baby Dragon"「ベビードラゴン」Normal RareNormal Monster
"Blackland Fire Dragon"あんこく竜王ドラゴンCommonNormal Monster
"Battle Steer"ぎゅうじんCommonNormal Monster
"Horn Imp"「インプ」CommonNormal Monster
"Dragon Piper"つぼじんCommonFlip monster
"Griffore"「グリフォール」CommonNormal Monster
"Torike"「サイガー」CommonNormal Monster
"Sangan"「クリッター」CommonEffect Monster
"Gokibore"「ゴキボール」CommonNormal Monster
"Great Moth"「グレート・モス」Secret Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
"Thousand Dragon"千年竜サウザンド・ドラゴンSecret Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Fusion Monster
"Lord of Zemia"「ゼミアのかみCommonNormal Monster
"Guardian of the Labyrinth"めいかいばんにんCommonNormal Monster
"Protector of the Throne"おうしゅしゃCommonNormal Monster
"Shadow Ghoul"「シャドウ・グール」Super RareEffect Monster
"Giltia the D. Knight"どうギルティア」CommonFusion Monster
"Giga-Tech Wolf"「ギガテック・ウルフ」CommonNormal Monster
"Shovel Crusher"「シャベル・クラッシャー」CommonNormal Monster
"Cyber Commander"「コマンダー」CommonNormal Monster
"Dice Armadillo"「ダイス・アルマジロ」CommonNormal Monster
"Ice Water"こおりみずCommonNormal Monster
"Sea King Dragon"海の竜王シー・キング・ドラゴンCommonNormal Monster
"Kanikabuto"「カニカブト」CommonNormal Monster
"Bolt Escargot"「ボルト・エスカルゴ」CommonNormal Monster
"Punished Eagle"さばきのタカCommonFusion Monster
"Air Eater"「エア・イーター」CommonNormal Monster
"Burglar"「バーグラー」CommonNormal Monster
"Hoshiningen"「スーパースター」RareEffect Monster
"Musician King"音楽家の帝王ミュージシャン・キングCommonFusion Monster
"Prisman"「プリズマン」CommonNormal Monster
"Laughing Flower"わらハナCommonNormal Monster
"Cannon Soldier"「キャノン・ソルジャー」CommonEffect Monster
"Muka Muka"「ムカムカ」Super RareEffect Monster
"Star Boy"「スター・ボーイ」RareEffect Monster
"Milus Radiant"「ミリス・レディエント」Super RareEffect Monster
"Flame Cerebrus"「フレイム・ケルベロス」CommonNormal Monster
"Niwatori"「コケ」CommonNormal Monster
"Witch of the Black Forest"くろもりのウィッチ」CommonEffect Monster
"Giant Scorpion of the Tundra"「ツンドラのおおサソリCommonNormal Monster
"Little Chimera"「リトル・キメラ」RareEffect Monster
"Violent Rain"「スコール」CommonNormal Monster
"Tenderness"「テンダネス」CommonNormal Monster
"Bladefly"「ブレードフライ」RareEffect Monster
"Lady of Faith"「ハイ・プリーステス」CommonNormal Monster
"Nekogal #2"「キャット・レディ」CommonNormal Monster
"Witch's Apprentice"ならじょRareEffect Monster
"Blue-Winged Crown"かんむりいただあおつばさCommonNormal Monster
"Polymerization"ゆうごうCommonNormal Spell
"Solemn Judgment"かみせんこくUltra RareCounter Trap
"Magic Jammer"「マジック・ジャマー」Ultra RareCounter Trap
"Seven Tools of the Bandit"とうぞくななどうUltra RareCounter Trap
"Horn of Heaven"しょうてんつのぶえUltra RareCounter Trap